Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 187

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 187 At The River

“Shilah! Shilah!” Shilah’s deep sleep was perturbed bye the hard voice of the King and the rough push of his hands against her shoulder.

Her brows arched as she squirmed on the floor and uncomfortably, finally f0rced her eyes open.

It had to take her some seconds to process her surroundings as the wave of dizziness hit hard at her. First, she noticed the rain had stopped, and she wasn’t on the w*et floor,but in the cave. Then, she noticed the King was kneeling bessie her, holding onto her hands and looking bothered.

“Shilah” He called again, looking relived she was awake. Though, she was still lying on the floor, seeming weak.

“I just …I just shifted and found you with me and decided to bring you into the cave” Dakota paused and touched her tummy. “Your tummy… it’s lesser. Wh… What happened to the baby?”

Shilah didn’t answer immediately as she was trying to regain her strength. The King…he had a trouser on. Where did he get it from?

“My King…” She smiled feebly, stretching to touch his cheek. “You’re safe”.

“You haven’t answered my question, Shilah. What happened to the baby? Why are you here?” King Dakota had never looked so worried in a while. He wasn’t caring about the pleasantries, just wanted to know the state of his prince.

“The baby’s fine…” Shilah said as she sat up, leaning her back against the wall and taking in deep breaths. “He’s at the Palace… with Ahiga”.

Now, it took Dakota some time to process that as he remained still and stared dreamily at her. And suddenly, let out a scoff.

“You…. delivered the baby successfully?” He asked, his eyes growing beamer. And Shilah bobbed with a smile.

“Oh! For Selene’s sake, Shilah. My… son is alive?”

“Yes, My King. The Spirits saved him” she chuckled ruefully, finding it amusing that the King’s eyes were glistening with tears for the first time ever! She hugged him.

“We made it, My King” she whimpered. “Your son made it, he’s alive!”

“Oh! I knew he would. He’s meant to be as strong as his father” He chuckled on her shoulders, still hugging. “Thank you so much, Shilah. Thank you for giving this gift to me”.

For a long time, thejry shaky voices echoed in the cave as they remained in the hug. And although, Shilah wasn’t looking, she could tell the King was shedding light tears. She could feel it.

“Wait .” Dakota suddenly sniffed and unlocked from the hug. “How… how come you’re here? I mean, shouldn’t you be with him? Resting?”

“I needed to find you, My King. I was so worried”.

“Oh! Come on, Shilah! That wasn’t necessary”.

“It was to me. I didn’t want you hurting someone and taking the blame afterwards.”

“Well… I think I did” Dakota paused and looked at his palms. “I can’t really remember, but I think I hurt someone”.

Shilah could notice the guilt enveloping the King already,but she didn’t want it.

“Uh… The most important thing is – you returned to the King when you did. At least, no one else was hurt”. She held his palms and cooed.

“I know, but …” He paused and sighed. “You shouldn’t be here, Shilah. No wonder you passed out! Someone who just put to bed shouldn’t be roaming around in the rain!”

“It doesn’t matter. I promised I’d be there for you, My King, and that’s exactly what I did”.

Dakota brushed his fingers into his hair.

“The baby… how is he? What does he look like?” Again, a smile was lingering on his lips.

“Ahiga said he’s as cute as his father”. Shilah replied and felt her heart melt when the King laughed.

“Of course, I knew he’d take after me” he inhaled deeply. “Come on, Shilah. We need to go now. Our son needs us around”.

“Of course” And sniffed and struggled to stand, with the aid of Dakota.

He noticed her legs were shaking, no doubt, she must still be hurting. And unexpectedly, he crouched in front of her.

“Come on, get on my back”.

“What?” Shilah scoffed. “Please, My King, don’t…”

“You just gave birth to my heir. I am not letting you walk back to the Palace, alright? Now,get on” He cut her off, and timidly, Shilah climbed on him, wondering if the weight wasn’t much. With her hand wrapped around his shoulders, he began walking out of the cave – his back so relaxing for Shilah. Her big bre@sts pressed against his back,and with his hands holding her thighs for support, they sent tingles down her system.

Her life was just about to become perfect – with the King’s affection, and her son’s presence at home.

Oh, goodness! She couldn’t wait to get home and hold her son. She couldn’t wait to be around him and watch him grow. Dear Spirits, how fun it would be!


Getting the baby out of the Palace was no big deal for Raksha as the entire Palace was disorganized with restless wolves reacting to the full moon. Most of the guards were affected by it too, and the few that was left were trying to control the others to ensure they didn’t hurt anyone. So, that night was just the perfect night to steal a baby – especially with the fact that the news of the Prince’s arrival wasn’t too known.

He had gotten a horse and ridden out of the Palace. And standing in front of the river with the calm baby in his arms, he couldn’t tell what to do.

His other hand held a knife, while his eyes stared at the waterbody, glittering in the dark. The full moon would be over soon, and the Mountain would be back to normal. He needed to act really fast.

He took in a deep breath and lifted the knife against the baby’s head. The baby needed to go – yes. His presence around would only be a threat to his plans. He needed to get rid of him.

He took in another deep breath and tried lowering the knife on him, but with shaky hands, the knife Fell off to the floor.

“Oh, no!!” He grunted. No way, he couldn’t do this to a little child! He just couldn’t.

He looked around and found a basket nearby – like it had been kept there for him. And with shaky feet, he reached for the basket and placed the baby in it.

The baby burped, and that alone cracked his heart as it suddenly reminded him of his child with Nosheba. He had been a terrible father to his own children, he couldn’t do same to another.

“I’m so sorry, little one” he touched the baby’s soft hair, tenderly. “I hope you’re safe”.

And without further hesitation, he pushed the basket to the river.

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