Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 186

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 186 The Child

“Please, bring him to me” for the fifth time, Shilah muttered wearily as her eyes drifted close in dizziness, her feebled body shaking and shivering in the cold rain. She felt it would be the last of her – the very last of her. Perhaps, this was how she was meant to die.

But her baby… she just gave birth to a son and now, she was going to die? Why? Just why and how?? Where could the King be? What could he be doing at the moment? She’s been praying to the Spirits to bring him to her, but it was obvious they weren’t listening! Why was a lot of things happening that night?? Just why??

She didn’t want to leave that way – she wanted to make sure the king was safe so they could both return home to their little boy. She just wanted to make sure the King embraces his new boy without any regrets from the Full Moon. So, why was everything going against her?


Few minutes later and her breath was slowly leaving her, but not until she heard the slow galloping of a wolf’s feet.

Her eyes were too weak to open, but she felt it coming closer while making some whimpering sounds. For a moment, she feared it was an angry wolf that was likely to hurt her. But when it got so close and nuzzled her, she recognized it’s scent immediately – that particular scent.

Fluttering-ly, she f0rced her eyes open to behold the white wolf in front of her – his paws covered in blood. Those familiar red eyes were staring right at her while running it’s paws on her hand.

She gasped weakly – finding it hard to believe it was the King! It was him! The Spirits… they answered her.

Her heart skipped heavily when she noticed the bloodstain on its paws. Dear shouldn’t be what she was thinking.

She sniffled ruefully and wished she could touch him, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t even say a word.

And whimperingly, the wolf laid down beside her.




Ahiga crooned a lullaby as she dressed the baby up – fully protecting him from the cold. Her heart felt so peaceful as she watched how calm he was, perhaps, enjoying the song.

He had thick clothes over his body already and was definitely impenetrable by the cold. Oh, she couldn’t wait for Shilah and the King to come home and meet their beloved product. How happy the King would be?

“You know, dear” she sighed as she carried him up in her arms. “You’re just one lucky child. Your father waited years for you to arrive. He waited for… over ten years. And now you’re finally here, you’re just like a miracle – a miracle to the Mountain”.

The baby moved his fingers.

“I can imagine you using swords at the age of five already” Ahiga laughed. “The seven mountains has been waiting for you, dear boy, and now – you’re just like the most important child in the whole planet”.

A sudden knock on the door shuddered her a little, she had to close her eyes to catch her breath.

“Wh… Who is it?” She asked aloud, but no reply came.

Carefully, she placed the baby on tbe bed and stood up, but of course, she wasn’t going to open the door – not without knowing who it was.

“I asked a question. Who is there?” She asked again, taking some steps closer.

“It’s me, Pishan! The King is back!” The raucous voice answered. And on hearing the mention of the King, Ahiga gasped in excitement and opened the door. But the figure that stood in front of her was never a figure she had expected.

“Ah…” She tried screaming, but was knocked down by the strange man in black whoose face was hidden.


Knocking down the midwife, Raksha walked into the room with deep breaths and found the baby on the bed – looking so quiet and calm.

For the first time in a very long time, he felt his heart split right in front of him and for a second, he asked himself.

“What has he become?” But the crave for power and possession wouldn’t let him give an answer. Thus, taking a deep breath, he reached for the bed and took the child.



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