Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 183

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 183 The Cry of A Prince

“My Queen, what’s happening? It’s raining” Gina asked worriedly as she barged into the room, standing behind Chaska who was still facing the window.

She and Chaska were among the few people that had been trained and we’re unaffected by the full moon.

“I have no idea, Gina” Chaska mumbled, her eyes dimming.

“Oh, no, could this mean… something terrible is about happening? It’s so disorganized out there. It’s more like… the pain of every wolf is doubled. Having rainfall on a full moon has never been heard of, My Queen, and not even possible. I’m so scared!”

For a while, Chaska was silent and just continued staring out the window.

“I wish I had an idea, Gina, but I don’t” she sighed and turned to look at her. “Anyway, the most important thing to me right now is that child. I need you to go and know what’s happening. I can’t let this night be ruined, Gina, please”.

There was so much desperation in her eyes as she spoke, Gina felt her hands being tied.

“Al… Alright” She heaved and left the room.

Just then, the door re-opened with her frightened daughters – Urika and Mavy – running in.

“Mother!” Mavy called as she ran into her arms. Huh? Chaska wasn’t expecting to see them.

“H… Hey, are you alright?” She stuttered, another thunder quaking in the sky.

“We are so scared, Mother” Urika further said, equally hugging her. “We’re so scared”.

Chaska concluded it was prolly the full moon rain. Though, her children had never been scared on a full moon before, but that night was just different.


“Come on, Shilah, you have to give it one more try!” Ahiga urged as she stared through the hole of her vàgina. The baby’s head was not even showing forth.

“I can’t!” Shilah cried out, finding the whole experience too strange and painful. It felt just like a bulb blocking her pelvic and pushing against it, she feared it would tear her into two.

“Please dear, you need to try. The baby’s life could be in danger” Ahiga panted and shutting her eyes again, she let out another deep scream, her hands getting weak from dragging the sheets too long.

“Oh, please! Make it stop! Why is it taking too long?” Shilah whimpered, tears strolling down to her neck.

“I honestly have no idea, dear” Ahiga shuddered with fear, touching her pelvic. Why wasn’t she seeing the baby’s head yet? She’s been pushing for quite sometime already.

“To be honest with you, I don’t know what’s happening, Shilah” She looked into her face and said, frustrated. “First, you got into labour when you shouldn’t and now, the baby wouldn’t push out. I’m so scared”.

“Please! You have to save him! Please!” She cried and threw her head back on the pillow with her eyes going shut in tears.

“Please, save him. Help me. Please, I ask of you, Blessed Spirits” She muttered in tears. And without being urged by Ahiga, she grabbed the sheets and let out another deep yell, pushing the bulb with all her might.

“Oh, my! That’s…. that’s the baby’s head! That’s his head!” Ahiga gasped, observing the vàgina.

“Come on, Shilah, we’re so close already! We’re so close! Just…one more time!” She set her hands at the entrance and with a deeper yell, Shilah pooped out the baby while Ahiga carefully pulled it out from the head.

“Yes!” She exclaimed with laughter as she held the baby in her arms, her eyes glistening with tears of excitement.

Stained with blood all round, the shrilling cry of the baby was the cutest thing Ahiga had seen in a long while.

“Is it done? Is he out?” Shilah asked in deep breaths, ignoring the extreme pains she was still feeling all over.

“Yes, dear! Yes! Our Prince is out!” Ahiga laughed ruefully, taking the child to her.

His cry filled the entire room, lightening some hope and the thunder quakes seemed to increase.

“Oh! For Athena’s sake!” Shilah found herself being suspended as the baby was placed in her arms. That very instance, she felt some kind of shivers she had never felt before – felt some kind of relief she had never imagined before.

The little child right in her arms, so small, blind and helpless – was hers. He was her son… the very child she carried for nine months, The King’s first son.

She felt a different heartbeat in her chest, a smaller heartbeat – one she couldn’t explain. She was a mother.

“He is my son, Ahiga” she chuckled tearfully, suddenly forgetting the pains she was feeling a while ago. “Goodness, he is so cute”.

“Yes! Just like his father” Ahiga laughed, a tear finally slipping her eye. It was just like a dream – that after all hope was lost, the cry of a Prince was finally heard in the Wind Walker Mountain.

“Oh! Dear Spirits, I don’t even want to let go of him” Shilah wavered with tears as carefully, she held the baby to her chest. He had stopped crying and was only whimpering irregularly. “I don’t want to let go of my son, I just want to hold him this way”.

“You don’t have to, sweetheart, he’s all yours from now till forever”. Ahiga cooed.

“Oh, yes. I am now a mother” she chuckled and kissed his w*et hair.

Holding him there, he provided her with a kind of warmth she had never felt. And that very instance, she got to understand what the Mother-and-child bond felt like.


Gina stood behind the door, finding it so difficult believing her ears. Was that the cry of the prince?? The baby survived???




I noticed a lot of you had been complaining of the book I recommended some weeks ago (the Alpha Called Death) Well, sorry, but the author didn’t mean to ditch the story, she was only having issues with her editor back then.

But not to worry, she has resumed posting the story now under a different account. Just search for “The Alpha Called Death” and you’ll find it with more updated chapters. It’s a very nice story ���.

Love ❣️ you guys.

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