Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 181

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 181 The Soup

Ahiga strode across the room, grabbing the soy sauce and rushing to add it back to the soup on the table.

For the first time in a long time, she seemed really nervous and tired. The full moon was already taking it’s effects on her, and though, she was one of the old wolves, she still had issues controlling it on certain occasions. Squeezing the soy sauce into the soup, she heard a knock on her door.

“Who is it?” She sounded disturbed, not bothering to know who it was.

But, when the door went opened and she perceived that fragrance of royalty, she instantly turned to have a look.

“Queen Chaska?” She called in surprise, awed at the presence of the sophisticated – looking Queen. “Wh…. What brings you here?”

Ahiga couldn’t recall the last time the Queen had come to her room, thus, her presence there only made her wonder if there was a problem.

Taking a deep breath, Chaska supported the hem of her dress from touching the floor and walked into the small, stuffy room. What would one expect from the room of a mid-wife?

But of course, there was something more interesting on the table which was a tray of meals – just like she had expected.

“Good morning, Ahiga” she looked up at the woman and said, making her more muddled.

‘The Queen doesn’t just greet anyone’ Ahiga thought to herself.

“Uhm….good morning, My Queen” she lowered her head. “I must say I’m a bit surprised to find you here. Is…is there a problem?”

“It depends, Ahiga. Can I sit?”

“Uh…” Ahiga paused and glanced at the tray on the table. “I really do not know if this is a good time, My Queen as I am on my way to serve lunch to Queen Shilah. She is very hungry and asked….”

“I won’t take long, I promise” Chaska interrupted with a sigh and led herself to one of the creaky seats afterwards.

“I have just been very worried, Ahiga – worried about my inability to get pregnant again”

The topic made the midwife raise an eyebrow at her.

“I know I already have two children, but they are girls, Ahiga and you and I know they’re not enough. I really want to try again – try to get pregnant for the King and see If I can bare a son, but for years now since I had Mavy, it’s been impossible taking in again and it’s getting me all worried, Ahiga. What do you suggest I do?”

The midwife was d*um*bstruck for some seconds as she tried taking in the request. So, the Queen still wanted to bare a son so badly, even when it was obvious Queen Shilah was carrying the King’s heir already?

“Uhm…” She cleared her throat. “I… I understand your plight, My Queen. It’s obvious you’re having fertility issues and it’s possible they might have come from the encounter you had giving birth to Mavy. You still remember what happened, right?”

Chaska nodded morosely, her eyes dimming.

“So, do not worry, I will speak to Mato later today and get back to you. Alright?”

Chaska exhaled lightly and smiled. “Thank you so much, Ahiga. Your words bring me hope”.

“I’m glad they do” The woman beamed. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d…” She was cut short when Chaska suddenly started coughing.

“My .. my Queen, are you alright?” She asked perturbed, going to hold her back.

“Water… please” Chaska struggled to say, stretching out her hand. And quickly, the midwife rushed into the other room to get her some.

Still coughing, Chaska stood up and hurried to the tray, brought out the small bottle from beneath her dress and added three drops of it’s contents into the soup. It was colorless and quickly blended well with the color of the soup.

And swiftly, she hid the bottle back into her dress and returned to her seat.

“Here – have some water please” Ahiga came rushing in with the cup of water.

Supportively, she helped Chaska gulp it down who stopped coughing afterwards.

“Oh! Blessed Selene, what happened to me?” She winced, touching her neck. “I…. I felt like I was going to die”.

“I’m so sorry, My Queen. It’s probably from the moon or something. You’ll be fine” Ahiga a*s*sured. And with a deep breath, Chaska stood up.

“Thank you so much, Ahiga. I’ve delayed you enough. I should get going now”.

“Okay, My Queen. I’ll come to your chambers the moment I get feedback from Mato”.

“Fair enough. Bye”. She turned and walked out the door.

Getting to the hallway, Chaska couldn’t help but let out that victorious smile. At last, it was all going to be over. In a very short time from then, Shilah would go into labour – only to have a still birth.


Shilah laid on the bed with her head on the King’s chest, trying to keep calm to the gentle strokes he gave her hair.

Not that the King was complaining, but she had been acting infantile since the break of dawn that he was beginning to think if it was the effect of the full moon.

Ignoring his own demons, he had taken up the job of petting her the whole time.

“Why is she taking so long?” She mumbled, her voice so calm and little.

King Dakota glanced at the door like he could see through it. “Keep calm, Shilah, I’m sure she’s on her way”.

Silence dropped in until shortly, the door went open with the midwife coming in, holding the long tray with her.

“Oh! I’m so sorry it took so long, Queen Shilah. Something came up!” She apologized on her way to the bed, but Shilah didn’t care much about the apologies, just the meal in front of her.

She sat up from the King’s chest as she watched the midwife set it down.

“Next time, make her your priority, Ahiga” Dakota spoke sternly, making the elderly woman shiver a little as she nods.

“Come here, which would you like to try first?” Dakota cooed, referring to Shilah who was already staring hungrily at the four dishes in front of her. Her eyes looked unusually dull, same way she felt. And she really couldn’t tell why she felt that way.

“I… I think I want the soup” She muttered.

“Alright” And tenderly, Dakota began feeding her.

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