Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 18

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 18

Sukie’s hands were grabbing the sheets tight as Kylie positioned in between her legs, s*cking up the plump pelvic.

“Oh….” She m*oa*ned in e*cstasy, her eyes closed and so much ple@sure coursing through her system. She felt herself vibrating.

Kylie was good at what she does. She bit the flesh a little, s*ckled and pulled it hard.

“Hah….!” Sukie let out a gasp.

She could feel herself release for the second time.

Kylie smiled as she watched the liquid gushing down; she inserted a finger into the tight hole, slid it in and out for about three times and finally ended the process with a kiss.

“I love it when you m*oa*n, you know?” She chuckled as she crawled up to lie beside Sukie on the bed.

Sukie couldn’t help but blush.

“Thank you” she uttered and Kylie kissed her lips, making her have a taste of herself in her own mouth.

They kissed for sometime and after which, Kylie exhaled deeply and laid flat on the bed, just beside Sukie.

“Supreme Sister” Sukie suddenly called after some minutes of silence.

“I heard your mother was a very Powerful Queen when she was alive. Could you tell me what happened to her?’

Kylie felt a twinge of pain at the mention of her mother. Oh; damn the pains!

“My mother’s name was Lura” she began, her eyes pinned on the ceiling.

“And she was one of the most Powerful witches of her time. They all had the same rules, just like we do, but one day, one of them broke the rule by falling in love with a vamp lord and getting pregnant for him.

“Her name was Ayita. Ayita was a very close friend to my mum, but their friendship got ruined when she became pregnant for a Vamp Lord. She broke the sacred rule and as a result, they had to sentence her to death.

“But, Ayita found a tricky way to escape. She escaped the coven and went on to a secret place where she nurtured and had her baby months later. During that time, my mother and the rest of the witches were still looking for her because she had to face the judgement.

“And one fateful day, she was found. But Ayita wouldn’t give up without a fight as she tried running away with the baby. My mother ran after her and caught up with her in the woods, but unfortunately….Ayita was too powerful and she… she ended up k*lling my mother”.

There was a pause as Kylie tried getting over the pains.

“For years” , she continued. “No one knew the reason behind my mother’s death. So, I had to make research – went from one seer to the other until I’d finally gotten the full story of how the pathetic betrayer of a witch k*lled my mother” she added the last part with a grit.

Sukie was d*um*bfounded.

Wow …So, that was the story behind the late Queen’s death? It was unbelievable.

“So… What happened to Ayita? And the baby?”she asked softly, staring directly at Kylie’s face.

“Well…Ayita should be dead. And the baby – it’s been 23 years already. And for her sake, I hope she’s dead as well; because the moment I get to set my eyes on her, I’ll make her wish she was dead already”. She answered coldly, bewildering Sukie a little.

“But, this baby” Sukie continued. “Does it mean … she’s also a witch like us?”

“Not just a witch” Kylie snapped.

“Her mother was a witch, and her father a Vampire; It means she’s a hybrid”.

Sukie’s brows arched.

“So…. she has both the powers of a Witch and the Powers of a Vampire? Doesn’t that make her…. very powerful?” She asked. And Kylie breathed out in anger.

“If she’s still alive…. She’s very powerful”. She replied.

As Dakota left the room, Pishan waited to get confirmation that her room was ready. And as soon as he got that, he ordered Shilah to go with him.

“Where are you taking me?” She was f0rced to ask at the door.

“To your room” Pishan answered grumpily.

He was walking behind her, while she followed after like some toddler. His shoulders were so broad and huge, she could barely see what was ahead of her.

There was a doorway outside the door and as they walked down on it and approached a corner, Shilah suddenly saw a woman standing from afar and staring keenly at her. Hold on; that was Queen Chaska! It was Chaska!

Her heart skipped instantly for no reason – probably because, it suddenly dawned on her that Queen Chaska was now her co-wife and she’s heard of how cunny and wicked she could be at times. She was there when she slapped Ina at the market place, despite the fact her carriage rider had been the one at fault.

She’s also heard about the second Queen, Queen Nosheba and how wicked she was as well. The only Queen she hasn’t seen or heard about was the third Queen – Queen Dyani.

Her heart was racing so fast in her chest. How was she going out cope with all these people and a Ruthless Alpha like Dakota? She didn’t want any of these. She’s always loved a life of simplicity; Why does this have to happen?

Chaska stood with her maid behind her and watched with blazing eyes as Shilah walked out of the room with Pishan.

The fool! How dare she look so beautiful even when she wasn’t putting on makeup? How dare she?

Definitely, she was going to put her in her place and kick her out even before the King touches her or thinks of getting her pregnant.


Shilah continued walking behind Pishan until they finally got to a door which he opened and led her in.

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