Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 177

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 177 Fire From Her Palms

“My King!” Chaska was shocked when she noticed him. When did he open the door without her noticing?

He didn’t…he didn’t hear what she said to Shilah, right?

King Dakota, with those cold eyes, glared at Chaska before directing his eyes to Shilah. And seeing the pains on her face, rushed to her immediately.

“Shilah, what’s the problem?” He demanded as he sat next to her on the bed and took her palms. “Is the palm hurting again?”

“Yes. But, I’m…. I’m feeling better now, My King” Shilah swallowed hard.

Chaska was still standing and watching, and her heart skipped when the King c*oc*ked his head to look at her – having those irritation in them.

“Did you really wish for the pains to come from her tummy and not her palms?” He growled icily. “Have you not learnt to have some iota of conscience in you, Chaska, that you’d wish such for an unborn child? My son?”

’My Son‘. Those words hit Chaska differently when the King said them. It pumped some sort of pain through her – like one she couldn’t comprehend.

“I’m…. I’m sorry, your Highness. It’s not what you think” She faltered.

“I know exactly what I think, Chaska. And I know what the truth is” he gave a head-to-toe glance before returning his attention to Shilah.

“You’ll be fine, alright? Just stay still” He cooed at her and began ma*s*saging the palms tenderly.

Shilah didn’t even have time to notice the displease on Chaska’s face as she was more focused on her own pains.

Hot tears threatened the first Queen’s eyes. And swiftly, she opened the door and flounced out of the room.




Lady Cami returned to her chambers, weak and bothered.

First, she was thankful to the goddess for saving her from getting caught. If she had been caught, definitely, she’d have be getting whipped already.

But she was still so worried. Who was in the coffin? Who was Ryder locking in there? She’s always known there was something fishy with the tunnel, she just never knew what it was exactly.

What does she do to confirm it? Definitely, the door would be locked and protected. She knows Ryder too well to leave important things carelessly. And she was equally scared of getting caught as that might cost her life.

So, what better way could she make use of?




Shilah laid snuggly beside the King, her hands spread around his chest, while the King gently rested his on her tummy.

For months, King Dakota had grown so fond of touching the bumb each time they were on the bed as he enjoyed feeling the baby’s kicks.

It was just both of them in the calm natured room, enjoying the cold breeze that wafted through the windows and creating a cozy room – just like Shilah liked.

“Oh! I could sleep all day in this weather” She smothered a yawn and adjuster her hands to wrap the King tight.

“I know it’s your favorite. You should try and enjoy it all you can, Shilah. I’ll be leaving soon” King Dakota reminded, making a frown creep into her face.

“I know. But you really don’t have to remind me.” The King chuckled and for the next few minutes, they were silent.

“My King” Shilah’s soothing voice broke the amorous silence.


“You know, recently, I’ve been fond of reminiscing over the past months and how drastically things have turned out between us. Like…. the first time we met, do you remember? It was during the lockdown order and… you had nearly k*il*led me that day”.

“How can I forget?” Dakota chuckled. “You scratched my arm with your declaw before running off. Goodness! I was as scared as death itself, My King!” She buried her face on his chest and flushed.

“You are so lucky I didn’t k*il*l you that day, Shilah. Your prayers to the Spirits had probably saved you”.

“Hm. I know” Shilah rolled her eyes.

“And when you came over to my house the next day, I thought that would be the end of me. Especially when we were all on our knees and you crouched in front of me, I felt like…. I was staring directly at the god of war”. She paused and laughed, while the King chuckled -again.

“You looked so scary, My King. Your face looked as though, a smile would never fit into it. And when you told me you’d be making me your fourth wife, oh…! I felt…”

“Doomed” The King completed it for her, arousing a laughter afterwards.

“I felt that was how I was going to die – getting married to the Powerful and cruel Alpha King”.

“Cruel?” Dakota arched his brows. “Am I really cruel?”

“Oh….Not anymore. I mean, that was what everyone thought about you. But getting to know you better, I discovered you’re way better. You were just a lonely King who needed someone to understand” She smiled and looked into his face.

“I really can’t believe I’m the one lying next to you, holding you this way while you hold our baby. It’s just like a miracle, My King”.

“A miracle, I know” King Dakota mumbled. “And I’ll always be grateful to the goddess, you know? For bringing you my way”.

A soft knock came on the door and the King knew instantly it was Pishan.

“Come in” He rejoinder, and the door gradually went open.

“Greetings, My…. King” Pishan was a little distracted by the romantic display in front of him – The King and his wife lying besides each other in such manner. They looked so good together, and the view tempting.

“Greetings, Pishan” Shilah warmed a smile.

“Is everything set?” Dakota asked instead.

“Yes, My King. Everyone’s waiting in the hall already.”

“Good. I’ll be there soon”.

For a second, Pishan wondered what it would feel like – being in such position with a woman… with someone like Sukie.

He sighed forlornly and with a bow, opened the door and left.

“I should get going, Shilah” King Dakota groaned as he made to leave the bed, but paused when the baby kicked against his hand.

He gasped, that kick…he’s been waiting for it all day.

“Looks like the baby wants you to stay” Shilah wheezed with a cogent smile, but in as much as the King loved it, he wasn’t ready to buy the idea.

“I won’t be long, Shilah. Don’t worry” He lowered his head to her tummy and kissed her navel. “I’ll be back and when I do, you’ll have that baby kick for me all night”.

“You know I do not have control over that”.

“You better learn to before I’m back”. He tightened his belt and left the room, taking his smiles with him.


Shilah’s face was all red as the King left. He had become so romantic to be with and she honestly wished nothing would break them apart.

She smiled and thought of going to sleep, but the room had become too cold for her. And she decided to cover one of the windows.

Suddenly, that familiar painful f0rce hit against her palms again. She yelped and swung her hand in the air, and her eyes dilated in shock when one of the window curtains caught fire. Whaaaat??

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