Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 170

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 170 The Daughter Of The Fallen Witch

Shilah munched on the eggs so hungrily – the whole time, thanking and praising Ahiga for going the extra mile to get them for her.

They were about four more in the plates, and the sight of it alone gave her so much delight. Ah! If only she could have more.

“I hope you like them, dear?” Ahiga asked with that tender of smile of hers.

“You don’t even need to ask, for they’re my favorites right now” Shilah beamed.

“Ah! That is so good to hear! Please, make sure you get some sleep as soon as you’re done eating, alright? With the herbs Mato had just given, you are sure to feel stronger”

“Sure, I will!” Replied Shilah ecstatically as she ate with delight.

King Dakota was there as well – just watching and wondering where the midwife could have possibly gotten the eggs from. In the first place, those didn’t like the eagle eggs he knew.

“Uhm..” he cleared his throat. “Can I see you outside for a second, Ahiga?”

Smartly, the midwife already knew his intentions.

“Of course, My King” She bowed and walked out of the room with him.

“First, are those eagle eggs?” Dakota asked the moment they were out of the room.

“Of course, not, My King” The woman held a small smile on her face as she said. “There is just no way I’d be able to get such eggs at a time like this”

She watched the King’s eyes furrow in confusion.

“So… what are those you gave to her?” He asked curiously, and again, Ahiga smiled.

“Those are just guinea eggs, My King. Since she said she had never tasted eagle eggs before, I figured she must’ve never tasted guinea’s as well and decided to seize that opportunity to get something else for her. I knew…as long as the eggs were different from the eggs and knew, it’d definitely be impossible knowing it’s originally” she explained.

“Wow” the King was almost f0rced to chuckle – Ahiga could see the dip of his eyes crack up. “That is one…. great idea”.

“Thank you, My King” She lowered her head in satisfaction.

“You know, I’ve been in this job since I was seventeen, I’ve handled a lot of pregnant women and know exactly how they behave. When she stresses you, My King, you shouldn’t get angry for it is not her fault. Right now, all she needs is love and attention until the baby is born”.

“I understand, Ahiga” Dakota bobbed his head.

“Thank you, by the way. You did a great job. You should go and get some rest, now”

“It is an honor, My King” The elated woman bowed her head as the King walked away, returning to the room.

“Where’s she? She left already?” Shilah asked when the King returned to the room alone.

She was already munching on the fifth egg and had just two more to go.

“Yes, she had to leave” Dakota answered calmly as he strolled towards her, his eyes on her innocent face.

“Hm. These eggs are the best things I’ve tasted in a long time, My King! I never knew eagle eggs tasted this great!” She licked off some yolk from her finger.

“I’d have loved to given you for a taste, but …” She paused and glanced into her plate.

“I have just two left”

King Dakota had to chuckle this time around, for he could not believe the level of her greed.

“Do not worry about me, Shilah. I am fine on my own” He answered and instantly, noticed Shilah’s eyes dim.

“Oh! You’re such a great man” she giggled and continued eating.

Her innocence was everything to King Dakota as he watched her eat. He had never seen a lady so pure in his whole life. Or perhaps, it was only because she was the first lady he was letting into his dark life after the death of his mother.

He lifted his hand to her head and began stroking her hair tenderly. As he stared at her, he could feel that intense feeling to protect her, that intense feeling to love and keep her no matter the circumstance. This was the exact feeling he had for his mother.

Her naiveness cracks him up, her smiles gladdened his heart. Each time he watches her speak, he feel something driving through his chest. Could this be it? Could he really be in love with Shilah?




“NO!!” Kylie screamed out as she drew another table from its position, and crashed it against the wall.

“How dare She??? How dare that DEMON look me in the face and say such nonsense to me??? Just how???!”

Stretching her hand towards the bed, she capsided it.

Sukie and Remata were both behind her, worried by her actions and thinking of the best way to stop her.

“Please, Supreme Sister, you need to calm down” Remata pitched in, but shook a little when Kylie turned with fiery eyes.

“Calm down?” She gritted.

“You expect me to calm down when a stupid lady just prophesied my doom to me???”

“That wasn’t a prophecy” Sukie said. “She’s probably just a seer who….”

“It doesn’t matter, Sukie! It doesn’t matter!!” She yelled out and broke something else in the room.

Oh, no – Sukie was worried by the things she was destroying as she feared the hotel owner might cause some trouble.

Although, she knew it’d be impossible for them to confront Kylie, she just didn’t want an innocent man getting hurt over his own property.

“The daughter of the fallen witch” she mumbled in a low growl as she marched back and forth the room. “Those were her words – the daughter of the Fallen witch”

Sukie and Remata just watched quietly.

“The Oceanic witches has only had one fallen Sister, and that is the condemned Ayita” She stopped walking abruptly as she gasped and looked at the two ladies.

“Does this mean… Ayita’s daughter is still alive?” She asked, beady-eyed. Even Sukie and Remata were shocked at the discovery.

“I…I think so” Remata confirmed.

“She is …still alive” Kylie scoffed and resumed pacing back and forth.

“So, the daughters of that treacherous woman that k*il*led my mother is still alive????” She suddenly had an outburst again – yelling at the top of her voice.

“The daughter of that traitor!!! And to think that is the very lady that is out it challenge me?” She paused and chortled.

“Oh! I will crush her with my bare hands even before she thinks of it!! I will crush that forbidden creation and send her to wherever her foolish mother must be!!

“Both of them were sentenced to death! Her mother was sentenced to death for breaking the sacred law, and she herself was sentenced to death for being a forbidden child. So, as far as I know, this traitorous daughter – wherever she might be – has a death sentence awaiting her already! And the moment I set my eyes on her, that would be the very first thing I’d do” she paused and turned to the two Sisters.

“Coming here was a big mistake. Get our things ready” she stated spitefully and stormed out of the room.




Alone with the only mate she could talk to, Nosheba was having a mild conversation with the woman – Ayita – when she heard some footsteps.

And turning to have a look, she discovered it was the hunters.

Oh, no.

Her heart summersaulted in her chest immediately, wondering if they were there for her, or the other woman.

They were about three in all – two men and the Superior lady. And with the way they walked, she suspected they were there for a specific purpose.

“Looks like you’ve made yourself a friend, Nosheba” The Superior said with a grim as they stood in front of her cell. Oh, no, they weren’t there for her, were they?

“Hmm. Everyone ends up liking the witch all the time,, right? She’s such an easy-going person” She teased while giving Ayita a stare.

The two men behind her chuckled.

“Well, unfortunately, I have to bring an end to this wonderful friendship, women, as I have finally gotten a use for you” Nosheba’s heart skipped a beat

Was she the one being referred to???

And snapping her fingers, the two men unlocked he gate and dragged her out of the cell.

“No! Let me go” she tried struggling with them, but of course, it was futile.

“Take her away” the superior ordered and quickly, the men began dragging her out of the dungeon.

“No!! Let me go, please!” She cried helplessly.

And for the last time, she turned to look at Ayita who was having a pitiful look on her face.


The men dragged her outside to where some horses had been kept – three horses.

“Make sure you tell Otto to pay the money in full” the Superior lady instructed from behind.

Otto? Nosheba thought fearfully.

“Who was Otto? And what money was she talking about??”

Her fear increased when the men started tieing her hands to one of the horses.

“Please, you don’t have to do this” she pleaded.

“I’ll do anything you want. Just me go, please”

To her disappointment, The Superior lady laughed so heartily and stood in front of her.

“All I want, is to see everyone of you burn to the ground” she said with a grin.

“Do not worry, your new owner would be merciful to you. Although, he hates wolves just as much as I do” She smirked and retreated.

Oh, no .. Nosheba thought in fear.

She was being sold out??? She would become a slave??? No!!

In no time, the horses were riding out of the gate.




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