Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 17

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 17


Vanessa paced tho and fro in the room, looking so restless. While the rest of her family sat like some ghosts.

“Will you just sit, Vanessa? Or are you forgetting your arm is injured?” Her father asked.

“My arm is fine” she grumbled, not stopping for a second.

Anyway, they’ve treated it already, so she didn’t know why they were still being worried.

“But sit, will…..”

“How can we sit comfortably when Shilah’s in the hands of the King? Who knows what he’s going to do to her??” She snapped, pointing a finger towards the door.

“He’s getting married to her; that’s what he’s going to do to her” her mother rasped.

“And you think that’s a good thing?” Vanessa scoffed.

“We all know King Dakota, we all know how ruthless he can be. He hardly shows love to the wives he married willingly. What makes you think he’d treat Shilah any better? Especially with the fact he married her out of revenge?? This is just unbelievable!”

“So, what do you expect us to do, Vanessa? You can go to the King’s palace and get her back if you so wish” Evo said.

“Well, we could’ve done something before now! We shouldn’t have implicated her by lying to the King that she left the house on her own accord! You know we’re the reason she went out there; we f0rced her! And it’s not just right to kick her out like some garbage! We abandoned her!!”.

“Just shut up, Vanessa! Shut up!” Her mother growled and she stopped walking immediately.

“I need some silence.

Ina was seated quiet the whole time, having a more important thought going through her mind.

Shilah. She was unbelievably the King’s wife. But thinking about it also means she’d become a co-wife to Queen Chaska – that filthy Queen that had the guts to hit her in public.

Hmmm…A smile suddenly lingered on her lips. Could it be what she’s thinking? Could she actually use Shilah in getting her revenge against the damned Queen?


Shilah gulped hard and f0rced her gaze to the floor, unable to look into the King’s eyes any longer as she felt his cold gaze might just end up consuming her.

King Dakota let out a smirk when he noticed – a really cold smirk that looked deadly.

“Get on with it, Mato” he said again.

“As you wish, My Lord” The old man bowed and took out the things he needed.


Shilah was almost whimpering, her heart beating so heavily. So, this was it? Just how her life was going to end?

Although, she’s been through thick and torn in the hands of her family, she just never thought getting married to the cruel Alpha King would be among. And, not just getting married, but getting married in the most demeaning way possible. She had no idea how he was getting it done, but she knew it wasn’t good.

A tear came dropping from her left eye, but she wiped it off immediately.

Some hours ago, she had been at home, happy despite the fact she wasn’t having the best treatment at home. But now, here she was – getting married to a King she just met today.

Why has life chosen to be so unfair to her? First, she was born powerless, and now, her life will be doomed for all enternity.

Can it ever get better?

The priest walked up to them and put a ribbon round Shilah’s neck.

He had a chalk with him and drew some lines on Shilah’s face – lines she didn’t find pleasing at all.

He also drew some on the King’s hand and afterwards,took up a red staff.

“The crowd means nothing, when the little minds have agreed” He began.

Shilah looked up at the King, wishing she could get the words out of his mouth. How does she tell him she doesn’t want to do this? She doesn’t want to be here?

Her lips shook to produce the words, but as she stared at his cold face, she suddenly felt it was going to be an offense that could get her punished. So, she decided to keep ahit about it.

“Shilah, do you accept to be the wife of the man standing in front of you?” The priest suddenly asked, making Shilah shiver a little.

She swallowed hard and stared at the floor. She didn’t want this; didn’t want this life. No lady that knows the King so well would want this.

She was silent for a while, trying so hard to control the tears that built up in her eyes, having no idea she was keeping them waiting. But, not until the King suddenly grabbed her wrist roughly, making her wince and quickly look up at him.

What’s he doing???

“You have no choice” King Dakota gruffed.

“Answer the priest,or I’ll make sure you don’t have to answer anyone ever again”.

Shilah was stunned. Does he have to be so hard? He should know this isn’t easy for her.

She looked at the priest who was staring keenly at him. And with a heavy heart, finally muttered:

“I accept”.

There was a brief pause, then:

“King Dakota, do you accept to be the husband of the woman standing in front of you?” The priest asked, and in that usual cold tone of his, he replied:

“I accept”.

“Under the Rule 6 of the sacred book”, the priest continued.

“The one that gives every Mountain Lion the permission to reproduce and expand the worshipers of the moon goddess, I hereby pronounce Shilah and King Dakota, husband and wife. Power, wisdom and protection be bestowed upon you two. As it is written.

“Congratulations, My King. It is done” the priest said in conclusion and walked away, going to fix up his bag.

Hold on; whaaaat??!

That is just it??? It is done??? She was married in less than 5 minutes???

Good saviors! Is this even possible?? Oh, no!

Another tear came slipping from her eye as she looked up at the King again – the King with the usual unreadable face.

So, finally it was done?? This ruthless man in front of her was now her husband?? How did it ever get to this point, huh? Why did it have to??

“Pishan!” Dakota called and his gamma came rushing to him afterwards.

“My King..!”

“Take the new Queen to her room. And let the news spread” He commanded with his gaze on the pathetic Shilah.

“As you wish, My King” Pishan bowed.

And afterwards, the King left the room.

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