Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 154

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 154 The Fallen Queen

Walking alone, Shilah kept thinking of every painful experience she had to p@ssthrough for the past week. And thinking she was about meeting with the woman who was responsible for it all…

Her heart began to feel heavy as she got closer to the cell. And dragging her feet along, she finally did.

Though, she had been a prisoner before, but she could hardly recognize the lady sitting in front of her.

Dressed in torn fabrics and having the remains sprewn all over the floor, the woman she used to know as a Queen sat right there, snuggled all next to the wall like she wanted to penetrate right into it. Her hair looked so rough and dirty and flopped across her face and she had her hands wrapped around her shoulders, giving her this slavery look.

For a while, Shilah could only stare unbelievably at the fallen Queen. Knowing her for her elegance and a woman that was always looking so expensively beautiful, she could hardly stomach in the new look in front of her. She didn’t just look physically hurt, but mentally affected too.

Was that Karma paying her for the evil she had done? She seemed terrible.

Nosheba was aware there was someone in front of her dungeon, but guessing she couldn’t have any well – wishers, she didn’t bother to check.

Shilah, gaining her stance,took a step closer to her.

“What did I ever do to deserve it?” She asked coldly, her voice sounding so different in the ears of Nosheba. But she knew it was Shilah.

Going on, Shilah gulped. “What did I ever do to deserve the ill treatment I had gotten from you?

“I was asleep that night, when your messenger knocked on the door and deceived me into opening it. He sedated me and made me look like a w*ho*re in front of the King. Because of you, I had to p@ssthrough so much pain, humiliation, hurt. I nearly lost my life. And an innocent guard DIED because of you!

“Why? Is it because I was pregnant? But you’ve been pregnant before. Queen Chaska has been pregnant. Even Queen Dyani has a child. And you – you are currently even if the King is not responsible. So, why does mine have to be different? Why did my own turn have to create so much anger in you to the extent you risked my own life and made everyone see me as a w*ho*re? How could you be so cruel, Queen Nosheba? What did I do to deserve your hatred?”

She sniffled and tried so much not to sob. And just when she tried walking away, she heard the hoarse voice.

“You’re talking about hatred?” She asked, still timidly next to the wall. “You are really talking about cruelty? What about me? I’ve been locked here for a day, ridiculed and mocked. Do I deserve it?”

“Of course, you do” Shilah scoffed. “You set me up, Queen Nosheba, and you k*il*led an innocent man after setting him up”.

“And that makes you think I deserve it?” She turned her face from the wall.

“I was only fighting for my rights. You, Shilah, you are nothing but an intruder. Do you even know what I went through trying to be the King’s wife? I fought tooth and nail with Chaska and thankfully, she was unable to give him the one thing he needed the most – which was a male child. I tried my best to work mine, but couldn’t and I stoop so low to lay with another. Then, out of nowhere, you just came out and tried digging out what you never sowed. You started stealing the King’s attention, doing things he has been unable to do for years. And you expected me to just sit and watch?”

Shilah couldn’t believe her words.

“I didn’t ask to be married to the King” she arched her brows

“From the onset, I didn’t even want to marry him. You are good at having connections, you should have known the story behind our marriage. The King married me to punish me because I vi*olated his rule. I didn’t ask for it”.

“Oh! Spare me the pettiness” Nosheba hissed.

“Who even knows if you had broken his rule because you wanted to get his attention? You were like a snake, Shilah, and I wanted you out of the way! Tell you what – I wish you never returned. Yes, I I wish you had died at whatever place you had been. I HATE YOU, SHILAH and I wish you were out of the way! I wish you never existed!,” Her voice echoed with so much pain and anger as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I know you are here to make mockery of me like the others. Probably to spit in my face before the King k*il*ls me tomorrow. Well, you’ve won! You’ve won already. So, just get out and stay away from my dungeon!! Go!! I do not ever want to see you again!! Everyone should just stay away from me!!! You! Chaska! Jadis and Raksha!! Everyone of you should stay away!!!! I hate you all!! I hate all of you!! Just go!!” She yelled hysterically and bursted into tears, her heavy heart pouring out.

Shilah stared pathetically at her. And unable to withhold it anymore, turned and ran away.

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