Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 153

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 153 Shilah’s Vision

Alone with the King, Shilah turned away from the mirror to look at him, her heart beating a little heavily. Why was he staring at her like that? She didn’t do anything wrong, did she?

Calmly, King Dakota walked towards her, his unreadable gaze still fixed on her.

She looked beautiful – he thought. Looked more matured and beautiful. Obviously, she was getting fat.

He had wanted to concentrate on her beautiful face, but inasmuch as he tried, the words of the Seer wouldn’t stop replaying in his head, those baffling words of his.

*She looks innocent, King Dakota, but each time the Spirits reveal her to me, I only see a powerful woman, who is going to bring many to their knees. She’s going to be a light, Dakota, to the darkeness that has been for years. She is light and darkeness itself*.

How would someone like Shilah become light…and darkness? How would she be able to k*il*l and bring many to their knees?? He really couldn’t understand it.

As far as he was concerned, Shilah was one of the purest ladies he’s ever met. She couldn’t even hurt a fly. So, how was it going to happen? Was something going to change her?? Or was she going to….

He couldn’t even tell.

Shilah’s eyes got locked in his as she suddenly found them beautiful. Of course, they’ve always been so beautiful. But she was still worried.

“M…. My King. Is there a problem?” She asked, her voice sounding so calm and soothing to the ears.

King Dakota remained still for some time, and exhaling deeply, he lifted his palm to her smooth hair, stroking it.

“You look beautiful” he muttered, having his eyes locked into hers. His words sent some shivers down Shilah’s spine. She just wasn’t used to compliments.

“Thank you” her timid voice muttered as she lowered her gaze to the floor.

And at that point, she suddenly thought of what her future with the King would be from that point. Being pregnant with his son, she was beginning to wonder the kind of parent they were both going to be. Would she have to face so much difficulties like the other Queens?

His hands moved down to her shoulders and relaxed on them.

“The banquet is already getting started. I’ll get ready now” he told her and left.




The party drums were rolling – somewhere around the banquet hall – but not in the hall itself.

It was looking more glorious and sophisticated than it had looked on ‘Nosheba’s day’ and most prosperous people felt that way because the reason and happiness was genuine.

Shilah felt so nervous as she held the King’s hand, walking majestically through the entrance with so many eyes staring at them. Eyes she never thought she could meet again.

Her dress was nearly too big for her and she had to struggle to walk elegantly in it – though it wasn’t easy.

She felt so big, too matured and was beginning to wonder if the feeling was normal with pregnancy, or it was due to the fact that she was meeting with a lot of prominent people. Well, she didn’t want to get too fat.

Most of the guests were smiling so warmly at them as they walked in – although, they were some who had too many strict looks on. For instance, Queen Chaska.

She stood with a burning expression as she glared at them – obviously looking so mad that the King was giving such honor to her.

Shilah also noticed some of the VampLords equally had straight faces – like Lord Ryder.

She’s always been so suspicious of that man – she doesn’t know why. But from the very first day she met him at the general meeting, she felt something weird about him.

Deciding to ignore the negative stares, Shilah took her eyes to the smiling faces and tried to reciprocate the smiles as brightly as possible. She got to her seat with the King and drinks were quickly served for the toast.

“TODAY is indeed a blessed day for the Wind Walker Mountain” The announcer began.

“For we are gathered here to celebrate the genuine conception of the King’s first son – our first Prince. Although, we had a shameful disaster just yesterday, but it’s obvious it is for the better as it had helped us in discovering the true Queen. A big congratulations to the Alpha King and Queen Shilah”

There was an applaud.

“Today, we make a toast – celebrating this new life that is still cooking up. We make a toast to give thanks to Selene and pray for more protection on the life of our precious prince. A toast, everyone, to Selene’s protection”.

And with everyone’s cup lifted up already, they chorused:

“A toast!”

And the next few seconds was occupied with them swigging from their cups of wine. Shilah’s lips had a huge smile on as she returned her cup from her lips. And suddenly, she felt a new energy surge through her. Was the prayers already working or something – she thought jokingly.

She glanced at the King beside her and noticed him returning his cup as well. The King caught her glance and chuckled lightly when he noticed how quickly she took her gaze away.

“And now….!” The announcer resumed. “Let the feast begin!!”


The party had been an amazing one for Shilah. Just too amazing.

First, because she had a lot to eat and drink. And secondly,the King had introduced her to a lot of people.

Though, she felt anxious at first, but when they had gotten to the third person, she began to feel at ease.

She got to meet and greet with the other Alphas and VampLords – including Lord Ryder.

It was so obvious Lord Ryder was the most powerful VampLord, and his mistress – Lady Cami – looked really pretty and calm. But when Shilah had gotten to know she was Queen Chaska’s sister, she quickly had a change of heart.

But how was Cami Queen Chaska’s sister when she was a Vampire? Shilah thought. Perhaps, she’d ask the King for an explanation later on.

She met with the wives of the other Alphas who had come to her room with gifts. And since they weren’t meeting for the first time, it was easier for Shilah.

And so did the banquet go on in a blissful manner – much more than Shilah had expected.


Still in her big dress, and feeling exhausted already, Shilah walked towards the dungeon area with Dyani and a maid behind them.

It was getting dark in there, and the entire place was so cold and quiet. Indeed, the prisoners were given no comfort at all. She’s been there before, so she knew exactly how it felt.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Shilah? I do not see any reason why you would want to speak with that evil witch” Dyani grumbled as they got closer.

Shilah took in a deep breath, her cleavages exposed and getting some hot air from the dungeon.

“I just need to speak with her, Dyani. I have…. I have certain things to ask her about” She answered tiredly.

“Whatever it is – I really do not like this idea. That woman doesn’t even deserve your attention. What if she tries to hurt you or something?” Dyani complained still.

“And how will she possibly do that when she’s locked up in a cell?” Shilah cut her eyes half way to the sky.

“Do not worry, Dyani, for I will be fine. It’s a promise”

They got to the entrance of the dungeon and gained permission from the guard on duty.

“You should wait here. I wish to go in alone” Shilah said to Dyani’s discomfort.

“What! Are you….”

“Please Dyani, trust me” she chipped in. And reluctantly, Dyani agreed to stay back. And with that achieved, Shilah walked in to see Nosheba alone.

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