Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 147

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 147 His Pride

Shilah’s bleary eyes fluttered open, her head screaming tired, her joints feeling so weak.

But she could feel herself lying on something soft. Was that even possible? She was at the cave, right?

Her hand over her head, she opened the eyes properly and the first thing they could take in was the sight of the ceiling right above her head.

First, it wasn’t anywhere, close to a cave at all – she thought.

She turned on the bed and narrowed her eyes around to receive the shock of her life.

The room…. It was looking too familiar. Just too familiar.

Hah…! Her eyes grew widely open when it finally dawned on her. The room couldn’t just be a coincidence. Of course, not! No man in the Wind Walker Mountain should he able to afford such luxury room as it could only be the King!!

The King!

But it’s not possible! There’s just no way she could be in the King’s room.

She dragged her butts to the edge of the bed and stood up, her feet feeling so strange when they touched the floor. Goodness! It was indeed the King’s room! How did she get here??

The last she could remember, she had passed out in the cave. So, how was she waking up in the King’s room?? Or was she probably dreaming??

The King had sent her out of the Palace – angry. She shouldn’t be there! Or …. was someone trying to set her up again???

No, she needed to get out of there before she gets caught. She needed to leave immediately.

And scurrying towards the door, she tried opening it but discovered it was locked. What??

She thought and knocked,but got no reply. Could the guards be there?? What if this was really a set up? But how was she taken from the cave without her knowledge?? And if she was really taken, how did the so called person get her into the King’s room without being seen? What was happening??

She knocked again, and again, and was about going for the fourth round when the door finally went open. At last! Someone was opening the door.

Her heart skipped a bit as she stepped back and in a split second, the open-er’s face was revealed and who it was made Shilah grow real cold.

Her lungs seized breathing as she stood still, staring at the cold familiar face in front of her – unable to breath.

The face that melted her heart. That same face that had taken her away from her home, to be his wife. And that same face that had chased her away while she carried his child.

It was him, the King.

For the first few seconds, her brain had gone shut with goosebumps coming out of her skin. For the first few seconds, she had gotten lost staring at him and had nearly forgotten the fact that she was not wanted there. His missed aura had clouded her.

And quickly, she went on her knees.

“Pl…. Please” head bowed and her both palms together.

“I s…swear by the moon, I have no idea how I got here. I was just … I mean, I was …. I don’t even know what I’m doing here. I swear, I was far away, sleeping and suddenly woke up here. I do not know who brought me here. Please….”

Her voice wavered with fear. Her head was lowered to the floor as she pleaded for her life, and when the King said nothing, it got her more worried. Maybe she was in too much trouble already.

“I’m so sorry, My King” she pleaded. “I can take my leave right away”.

“Keep calm, Shilah. I brought you here” King Dakota finally said, adding to her shock.

Her white eyes dilated as she looked at him, wondering what it meant. There was no way he could be serious, right?? Why would he be the one to bring her there?? And how come she was in his room??

Taking a deep breath, King Dakota took her hand and lifted her off her knees – though, she was scared and reluctant. And the reason he had been quiet,was because he was finding it so hard to believe Shilah was actually the one being so scared of being in his room.

Sweats formed up on her forehead immediately as the King held her hand and led her towards the bed. What was happening?

He tried sitting her down, but she stepped back and wouldn’t let him.

“M…. My King?” She called with crinkled brows, her voice holding so much nervousness and confusion.

At that point, she was scared even the King’s att*itude might be a set up. A week ago, he chased her out of the Palace, few hours ago, she had nowhere to go and had passed out in the cave. And now, she was in his room? What was going on?

“Come on, Shilah, you should sit,” he tried again, but she withdrew her hand.

“I….I…I d… don’t understand” she stuttered helplessly, feeling so strange in front of the Powerful man she used to love.

And King Dakota, seeing her confusion, decided to make her understand.

He crossed his both hands at his back and lowered his head, feeling so much shame and guilt. And Shilah – she just stared into his face, searching for possible answers.

Sighing deeply, King Dakota freed his hands, wrapped them around her and pulled her into a tight hug.

Shilah flinched, let out a light gasp as she pressed against the King’s broad chest.

He was hugging her!! The King was hugging her for the first time! What was happening???!

Her feet wobbled and nearly became too weak to stand due to the shock running through her body. Or could she be dreaming?? Or perhaps, this wasn’t the King?

Why would the King hug her?? What was happening??

Her neck became stiff, feeling the King’s breath on them as he moved his hand upwards and stroke her hair. With how huge he was, she almost felt like she was in a safe place as they hugged. She felt she was in a big coverage where no harm could come to her. Almost.

“I’ve been waiting for so long, for you to come awake” his hoarse voice said, still hugging her tight. Shilah had been tongue-tied already.

“I’ve missed you” he added in a whisper, whispers that came with pains.

A little more time and he disengaged from the hug. But his hands rested on her shoulders.

“I don’t even know where to start from, Shilah” he looked down. “I don’t… I don’t even know the right words to start with. Maybe. .. from the fact that I was so blind and foolish not to see the truth. Or from the fact that I had nearly k*il*led you and chased you out, not knowing you were actually carrying my first son. And everything… had been a set up.”

Shilah’s eyes dimmed. Hold on…. Did he know the truth already???

No way!!

King Dakota read the confusion in her eyes and went on.

“Earlier today, at the banquet,” his hands left her shoulders and crossed to the back as he took two steps away. “The seer had come in and revealed everything. He explained how you had been set up, and how Nosheba was the one behind it all”.

More shock.

Queen Nosheba??! Shilah wasn’t so sure she could take it all at once.

“Nosheba planned it all, just so she could get you out of the way. And I… we all fell for it”.

He paused and looked at her.

“I sent you out there, exposing you to danger when you did nothing. And when you…. you were actually the one carrying my heir”. He shook his head regrettably.

“I honestly do not know the words to use, Shilah. I do not even know what point of apology I have to attain to earn your forgiveness. I should’ve… I should’ve given you an opportunity to explain yourself, to defend yourself. But, all I did was hurt you. Even my heart cannot forgive myself”. He sounded so pained.

Shilah could only watch mutely as every word was coming as a shock to her. And adding to her astonishment, the King’s knees hit the floor.


Her eyes dropped open as she watched the powerful man, lower his pride and kneel in front of her. The Alpha King – kneel in front of her.

This has never happened! How can he do such a thing!?

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