Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 146

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 146 Awake

“Your son…!” Mato’s heart had already skipped some beats as the lady panted heavily. His son?

“Wh…. What happened?” He asked, bewildered.

And in that muddled state, the lady turned around and started running away, while he followed.

With his herbal bag crossed over his shoulder, he ran as fast as he could until the lady had gotten to her destination – somewhere at a lonely part of the Palace where a lot of people gathered.

Mato’s brows were already furrowed aw he slackened his pace and walked towards the crowd – only to find his son right there in the middle – dead.

“No!!” His light voice cried out as his bag dropped from his shoulder and his knees gave out to the floor, right beside the corpse. The crowd had willingly gave way to him, all wearing pathetic faces.

“No! Rancho!” He touched him in disbelief, his heart tearing apart.

His both eyes were open and had some claw marks on his chest – making it so obvious he had been k*il*led by another wolf.

“Who did this?” Mato cried out. “Who did this to him??”

But the crowd could give no reply as none had seen the k*il*ler.

“Rancho…” He lifted his head to touch his chest as he sob – even if it was so difficult getting a tear out of his eyes.

That was just the kind of person he was. But his agony could be seen and discerned all around him.

“Who did this to you?” He whimpered, wondering why anyone would want to take the only family he had left, the only friend he had, his only son. Just why?!



I have been placed in the dirtiest of all dungeons – Nosheba thought grimly as she crawled uncomfortably on the floors of her new room.

Being hot and going insane from having to be in a dungeon for the first time ever, she had to tear off the extra length of her dress as it had become too heavy for her.

She was meant to be having her banquet by now. She was meant to be jubilating. She didn’t invite all those people – the Alphas, VampLords, even her father! She didn’t invite them to come watch her humiliation!! No, she didn’t!! Why does this have to happen to her??? Whoever blessed the seers??

She itched her hair and took off her jeweleries, the dungeon being too uncomfortable for her to even walk in. How does she get out of here? Where was Nivea? Could she be planning something out for her??

Urgh! Or maybe she could use Raksha. Yes! Raksha and his mother!

She still had their secrets and could perhaps, coerce them into cooperating with her and getting her out of there. She just needed a way out!!

“Curse the seers!!” She cried out and kicked the bars. “Oh! Curse them!”

She threw herself back on the floor and began whimpering.


King Dakota didn’t want to be disturbed.

The only person allowed to see him was Pishan, but Pishan had been really busy and wasn’t disturbing either.

He didn’t want anyone delivering messages to him, didn’t want to know what his subjects were saying concerning the awful event that’d taken place at the banquet. Oh! They could think whatever they want to, it was none of his concern. The only concern he had was Shilah opening her eyes.

He wasn’t even aware of the death of Rancho.

He sat there on the edge of the bed, staring into her pale face and wishing her eyes would just go open at any moment. Where would he even start from when that happens? How does he begin to explain and apologize to her?

Was she ever going to trust him again? But it wasn’t his fault either. He had been…. He had been working with what he saw.

Oh! Nosheba, he was going to make sure that lady paid dearly for what she did. To think ye had believed her and was beginning to place importance on her. To think he had fallen for her tricks…. she had been sleeping around and pinned another man’s products on him? How could she??

He sighed and shook his head. Nothing would save her from his judgement.




Shilah was alone in the room when her eyes fluttered open.

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