Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 144

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 144 The Pains of What He Did

“You fools? Let me go!!! Let me go!!” Nosheba yelled at the top of her voice as two guards dragged her to the dungeon.

They held her by both hands, dragging her backwards and making her expensive dress sweep the floor.

“I will make you pay for this! For this…. humiliation! When I get vindicated and become the Luna, I will make you PAY!!” Sounding just like an insane person, she attracted the eyes of others.

And finally, when they got to the dungeon, they threw her in like a bag of flour and locked the gate.

“No!” She crawled to the gate.

“I do not deserve to be treated this way!! Let me out! Let me out!!” She banged angrily on it but was ignored.



The Palace had never been so disorganized the way it was that very day.

Maids could be seen in groups, talking and whispering about it, guards were doing same. And the noble guests were finding the whole situation so embarra*s*sing.

Prince Raksha and his mother were so restless as they paced around the room, trying to find a way out of the problem they had fixed themselves.

“This is not good, Mother” Raksha panicked.

“This is not good. We are going to get big mess soon enough. Maybe, we should run away while we still have the chance to.”

“Stop chickening out, Raksha, and let’s come up with a solution”. Queen Jadis replied him, narrowing her eyes on the floor like one in deep thoughts.

“Chickening out?” Raksha scoffed.

“You call my reactions chickening out?? Nosheba has just been discovered, mother! And what makes you think she would want to go down alone?? Definitely, when Dakota is back and starts torturing her, she is sure to mention names. And ours is definitely going to be the first on her lips. We’re doomed!” He yelled angrily, panting.

And for the next few seconds, there was silence.

“Queen Jadis never backs out” she suddenly said.

“You do not have to worry, Raksha, for I will take care of Nosheba and make sure she doesn’t call names. And as for you, there is perhaps, one thing you should do”.

Raksha had stopped walking as he paused to look at her.

“What do you plan on doing with Nosheba? And what do you want me to do?” He asked, beady-eyed.

“Leave Nosheba to me. And as for you, I need you to take care of Rancho. Remember he was the one who helped us with the test results. And now Nosheba has been exposed, he knows we’re equally behind everything. So, we need to keep him shut – forever”. Queen Jadis replied.

“Hold on, mother. Are you asking me to k*il*l him?” Raksha scoffed.

“Yes, Raksha! We have to k*il*l everyone who needs to die in order to protect us. And we need to act fast! Now, go! While a think of a way to handle Nosheba”. She urged him

And reluctantly, Raksha left the room.


King Dakota’s heart was twitching in it’s bossom as he rode speedily to the cave, the thought of Shilah over-crowding his head.

Pishan and two other guards were behind him, but no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t meet up with his pace as he was riding extremely fast.

How could he be so clueless – he thought regrettably.

Shilah had been the one pregnant for him, carrying his heir. Yet, he chased her away! Sent her away in shame and rejection! How could he be so blind to the truth? To see how innocent she was?? And to think he had almost k*il*led her?!

Oh! Even Selene knows he was never going to forgive himself if anything happens to her. He was never going to survive it.


Getting to the cave was the most relieving thing for him as he jumped down his horse and ran in without glancing at Pishan and the guards who were closing up already.

All that mattered to him was Shias oh and nothing more.

He ran p@ssthe dark entrance and getting in, scoured his eyes around for her. Where was she?

Finally, his eyes rested on a body, w*et and cuddled up there on the floor like one that had no life.

Though, he couldn’t see the face since it was hidden towards the floor, but it could tell it was her. It was his Shilah.

His heart cracked up as he ambled towards her, his bones growing weaker at the sight in front of him. She had been abandoned – he thought.

She had no one to go to.

Getting to where she was in his coral regalia, he dropped on his knees and slowly touched her hair. And that was when Pishan and the other guards arrived.

She was asleep. No, not asleep, but unconscious.

Her hair was w*et and accumulated dirt, and so did her dress.

How could he have done this to her? Let her p@ssthrough such pains and humiliation? Just how?

For the first time since the death of his mother, he had the urge to cry but f0rced himself not to.

“My King, I can take her to the horse” Pishan proposed.

“No” The King exhaled.

“I’ll do that myself”.

And without further hesitancy, he lifted her from the floor, carried her in his arms and walked out of the cave, feeling the pains of everything he had just done.

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