Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 141

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 141

The perfect day had finally arrived.

With the sun beaming so bright in the sky, it complimented the light and happiness in Nosheba’s heart as she felt extremely happy – happier than she had ever been in her entire life.

She had woken up so early that morning as longer sleep was far from her eyes. She took several walks around – checked the kitchen to be sure everything was going smoothly and the number of workers and devotions she had seen over there had given her so much guarantee.

She checked the large banquet hall and was overwhelmed by the decorations taking place. The long dining tables were already arranged with red cover clothes and some bottles of wine on them already. Really expensive wines. Well,it wasn’t so easy getting such wines in their time.

She could spot the special dining table at the center of it all – the one she’d be sharing with the King. It was differently decorated and Nosheba couldn’t wait to sit right in front of it with the King.

She checked the other things that needed to be checked and did all these with her maid beside her.

“My Queen, I think you need to rest. Stressing yourself this way isn’t too good for you and the baby. I believe the planning committee are taking care of everything that needs to be taken care of” Nivea complained politely as they walked down the corridor where Nosheba was going to check up on the flowers.

“Don’t fret on my behalf, dear Nivea” she chuckled.

“This banquet is so important and means a lot to me and I need to make sure everything goes as planned. I wouldn’t want the other Queens having a reason to sit and dine with my name on their lips. I’m a mother of two. So, you need not to worry ’cause I’ll be fine”.

Her smile was so sweet and genuine as she spoke.

“That reminds me” she chipped in, lowering the tone of her voice.

“Make sure you do not forget our plan, alright? As soon as Dyani is out of that room, you take care of the maid”.

“I do remember, My Queen” Nivea bowed. “But what if …she does not come out? What do I do, then?”

“Dyani wouldn’t dare miss the banquet” Nosheba snapped.

“She’s been stupid enough to stay glued to that room for three days now, but it’s her end already. Definitely, she’d have to attend the banquet and make sure you stay at alert to seize that opportunity, Nivea. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Definitely, My Queen. I’ll get it done”. Nivea bowed in delight.

And just then, they bumped into Prince Raksha.

Nosheba’s bright smile was quickly seized as she didn’t like the fact that she had finally met with the same person she’s been trying so hard to avoid for the past four days. What an ill-luck on a good day like that.

Making an attempt, she tried to ignore him by walking away, but of course, he blocked her path. Afterall, they were the only ones on the corridor.

“You’re just going to walk by without saying a word?” He scoffed as he stood in front of her.

“Good morning, My Prince” Nivea genuflected, but Raksha ignored her and had his whole gaze focused on Nosheba.

“My mistake, Raksha” Nosheba smiled.

“Good morning. Is that what you’re so eager to hear? Can I go now?” But Raksha huffed.

“I still find it so hard to believe that you, Nosheba, could ever think of betraying me”.

“And I equally wish I had a zilch of what you talking about” she replied.

“Can’t you see that I’m doing all these for our sake?”

“Oh! Please” he cut her off.

“You’re only doing this for your selfishness, Nosheba, and believe me when I say it’s never going to end well”.

“Then, let me be the one to dance to the drums when it’s time and stop ranting like a woman” she rasped and walked p@sshim.

“Don’t forget you have my s*eed growing inside of you” Raksha said from behind, making her halt but didn’t turn to look at him.

“It’s a secret that can take your life”.

And with a smirk, Nosheba turned to look at him.

“And it’s a secret that can equally take yours” she added and finally walked away, not wanting him to ruin her joy for the day.


In the cold dimmed – light chambers.

King Dakota tried taking down the herbal drink Pishan had brought for him to aid him getting hungry. Tasting sour, the saddened King tried to f0rce it down even if he knew it wouldn’t work. He couldn’t count the cups of herbal drinks he had taken in total just to fight his curse, but neither of them was working.

Over the years, just one person had been able to achieve that. But unfortunately, she wasn’t there anymore.

Pishan stood by the door like a watch-keeper, keenly staring at the King as he gulped down the bitter liquid. His whole life, he’s never seen the King that sad and angry like he’s been for the past days. Anyone getting in his bad books at that moment was simply joking with his life.

Done with the drink, King Dakota exhaled deeply and took up a book from his table which he commenced reading. First time he was getting to read since the incidence occured.

“The banquet is in a very short time from now, My King” Pishan said. “I should get your dress ready”.

He bowed, took the empty cup from the table and turned to leave.

“Any word from Dagger?” King Dakota’s cold voice stopped him and stopping a little nervously, he turned to face the King.

“Y… Yes, but it’s all the same,” he gave a two seconds pause.

“He said he still can’t have a trace of her as she’s not in her father’s house”. He added

King Dakota’s had never left the book in his hand, but of course, Pishan could notice the change in their expression.

Was it strange that the King had been trying to know Shilah’s location for some days now? He thought.

With the wave of the hand, he dismissed him and Pishan bobbed his head and left.

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