Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 139

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 139

By the time Nosheba returned to the Palace, she was surprised to find some Alphas and VampLords already arriving the Palace. Considering the distance, they prolly had to ride off in time so they could arrive the Palace a day before the main feast. This was really happening – she thought.

Her heart gladdened some more, imagining how beautiful it would be. So many Alphas, VampLords and great men of importance – all gathered in her name. She really couldn’t wait for the feast any longer.

Using a seperate route where she doesn’t have to get seen by the invited guests, she hurried to her room and began preparations for the big feast the next day.



It was getting dark.

Shilah was tired of sitting on the bed, alone in the room and no one to talk to, nothing to do.

She had eaten twice for the day already and taken enough rest. But the loneliness was something she couldn’t work on. Well, the hunched man was always out in the mornings to sell some of his herbs like he had explained. And his son was equally out on most occasions – leaving Shilah all alone in the house to think of her miserable past.

Deciding to go for a change, she stood up from the bed and dragged her feet around the room, searching for something interesting she could do or read. And luckily, she was able to find a book.

She took it up and flipping through it’s pages, discovered it was a herbal book. Oh!

She sat on the edge of the bed and flipping the first pages of the book, she discovered it wasn’t just a herbal book, but a book that had to do with spells…. witchcraft.

Oh. Why does the hunched man have it? Or was it somehow, aiding his herbal study?

She decided to have a glimpse at it’s content and as she did, it reminded her of the times she had helped the King out in writing and editing messages. A sad smile touched her lips.

Images of his exquisite room flashed into her head as she thought of his King-sized bed and how she had mostly occupied it, under his arms, m*oa*ning with painful e*cstasy.

And his study table whew she’d sit across and help him out with some writing tasks. It used to be so beautiful…. the moments, their fun times together. Oh! Why did this have to happen? Her heart was feeling so weak without the King.

She lifted her right hand to touch her tummy and realized she had been weeping when a tear slipped down on it. Goodness.

The door went open immediately, snapping her out of her thoughts as she quickly tried to pull herself together and get rid of the tears.

And turning to have a look, she discovered it was the son of the hunched man – Aiken.

Her heart skipped for a moment as she wondered why he was in her room. He was never there unless he was coming over to serve her meal. And as far as she knew, it wasn’t time for dinner yet.

His face looking a bit straight, he paused at the door and stared at her, dressed in a knitted gown.

“Hey” came the grumpy reply. “Why do you look so surprised to see me?”

Shilah swallowed hard.

“H… Hi” she stuttered a little, holding the book on her thighs.

“Yes, hi” he replied, closing the door finally and walking further into the room. He walked p@ssher to his father’s table of herbs and noticed the book in her hand.

“You have interest in herbs or what?” He asked with a crinkled chin.

“Uhm….” Shilah paused and stared down at the book. “I actually do have some knowledge about them. And maybe some interest as well”.

“Hm. I see” Aiken nodded and turned to his father’s table.

“Do you even have a name?” He asked with a scoff, while backing her and that was when Shilah realized she hadn’t told the hunched man her name.

And obviously, she couldn’t.

“Of… Of course, I do” she answered politely, hoping he doesn’t directly ask her for a name. But why does she feel so uncomfortable around this guy?

“And you prefer keeping it to yourself?” That question from him sounded really disturbing to Shilah.

“My father says you’re pregnant” he turned to look at her.

“And since then…. I’ve been wondering who could be responsible. Why were you unconscious in the woods that night? Why do you always look sad? What happened to you?” He paused and leaned on the table.

“Do you want to talk about it?” But Shilah shook her head sideways. “Why? Is it that important?”

“I just… don’t want to talk about it” she muttered with her eyes being lowered to the floor, hoping he doesn’t get to press more on the topic.

But he did. Taking a shot beside him on the table, he gulped it down in one swig and turned again to face Shilah.

“Everyone has bad days – I know” he took some steps towards her.

“And I actually don’t want to imagine how yours is going right now. But, just so you know, I can be the friend you never had, be the partner you wish for, be the father of your child…” He paused and stared down at her tummy.

“If you let me …” Be added in a whisper.

For a second, Shilah’s heart twitched as she stared suspiciously at him. And her suspicions were soon confirmed when he came too close to her.

Was he probably drunk or something? Why was he speaking this way? He wrapped his hand around her shoulder and sat next to her, making her cringe.

“You don’t have to feel uncomfortable, you know?” He scoffed. “Afterall, my father and I has been feeding you for some days now”.

“Y….Yes, I know. But” Shilah paused and stood up, going off the edge when he touched her back. “I’m sorry, I think I need some air”.

Turning towards the direction of the door, she tried going out but felt a hand pull back her wrist.

“Why so in a hurry?” Aiken asked. “We have all the time to ourselves before father comes home”.

*What’s he talking about?* Shilah pondered. Now, the whole thing was beginning to get really creepy.

“M…. Maybe we should just talk out….”

“No, I want it done here”. Cutting her off, he pushed her to the bed while she flinched.

Oh, no,

“Wh… What’re you doing here?” She asked in deep breaths as she laid on her butts, her heart beating rapidly.

“Just keep calm, beautiful. Will you? Like I said, I can be the partner you need” Aiken chuckled and joined her on the bed, spreading her legs apart.

“No!! Let me go!!” She cried out, struggling to free from his grip, but that wasn’t possible as he seemed stronger.

“Keep calm, beautiful. This won’t be hard at all. I’m sure you’ve experienced it already” he snorted and made to rip her shirt apart.

Shilah screamed and struggled to make use of her hands, but couldn’t. And in a swift move, she used her knee against his in-between and that was how he rolled off from her.

“Urgh!” Came his painful grunt.

And quickly seizing the opportunity, Shilah pushed him off her chest and jumped out of the bed.

She didn’t stop to look back at him, didn’t stop to glance back at anything as quickly, she opened the door and ran out of the room.

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