Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 137

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 137

The sun rays glinted on the window and flashed slightly on Shilah’s face as she sat on the bed, back leaned on the wall.

Her arms and legs were huddled together while her head got bent over like one in deep thoughts. Well, maybe she really was in deep thoughts.

Sitting in the quiet room was all her strength could help her do. And as she sat on the soft bed, she kept thinking of all the circumstances that surrounded her.

Her baby.

Going p@ssthe last three days, she had gotten to confirm just what the hunched man had said to her about being pregnant and it was still like a shock to her, knowing she was carrying a life inside of her. And not just any life, but the King’s child.

Her first s*eed unfortunately had to come in such manner where it’s own father wouldn’t accept it anymore. Where would she go from there? How does she fend for herself and that of her child? How does she become a mother without the support of anyone at all?? Just how?

She sniffled and adjusted her head on her knees. Doom had been lurking all around her for the past few days and she really couldn’t tell why, couldn’t tell why she had to be punished that way for a crime she didn’t commit. Why did the Spirits forsake her this time around??

And to think the banquet was happening the following day…. That alone was always melting her heart each time she thought of it. It hurt her to know the King had moved on from her like she never existed. Why did she have to be so unfortunate?

The sound of the door opening broke into her thoughts and without lifting her head, she could tell it was the hunched man. Well, it smelt just like him. But she could feel someone else with him, especially when she heard a second footstep.

“Oh, dear. You’re still seated here” he exclaimed as he closed the door while Shilah lifted her head to have a look and realized the second person was his son, holding a tray of food. “I thought you must’ve taken your bath already by now. You shouldn’t be seated here, dear. The sun ray’s actually not good for you”. He rushed over to the window to close it up.

And as he did, Shilah made some eye contacts with the son who was trying to drop the tray on the edge of the bed.

As far as she knows, his name was Aiken and though, they’ve hardly spoken to each other, he always the one bringing the meals to her.

He had a long-colored hair and looked just like his father, especially with those brown eyes of his.

“Thank you, Aiken” the hunched man said to him and he left afterwards.

“So, tell me dear, how do you feel today?” He moved towards Shilah and asked.

“I’m fine” came the muttered reply as she lowered her head to her knees again.

“That’s what you keep telling me every morning. Yet, you never act differently”. He spoke disappointedly and shook his head.

“Anyway, you need to eat up” he sighed. “Eat enough and get some rest. The baby needs it”.

*Baby* Shilah thought.

That word was always causing so much fear each time it was being used on her as it reminded her of the fact that she was pregnant. Pregnant for a King who wouldn’t want to set eyes on her anymore.

Soberly, she glanced at the man’s face before returning her gaze to her knees.

“Thank you” she muttered again. And bobbing his head, he stood up and went over to his concoction table.

“You know” he said. “Just incase you need someone to tell about it, someone to rely on and ask for advice, I’m always here for that”.

Shilah lifted her head again to look at him and found him mixing some drinks on the table.

“I noticed you’ve been concealing your ident*ity and background, especially the reason you’re pregnant. But I want you to know I’m always here for you, dear. You might need more time, but I’ll be here. Okay?” He turned to look at her, holding the bottle of mixed concoction in his hand. And the feebled Shilah simply nodded.

And next, he walked towards her with the bottle of concoction.

“Here, you should take this when you’re done eating. It’ll help you relax”.

“Thank you” Shilah answered as she collected the bottle from him. And after which, he left.


Seated in the moving carriage was Queen Nosheba, her face wearing a smile as bright as the sun, and her eyes beaming so happily.

It was a good day for her, not just a good day, but a good period where she was on the verge of having everything she’s always wanted. Yes! That spectacular dream.

Even the earth could feel the overwhelming happiness in her chest as she rode through the streets, staring through the windows and smiling at the people she came across. Many of them who spotted her in the carriage were able to bow and wave happily, while the others realized too late when the carriage had already gone far. But all in all, Nosheba was happy. Yes, she was. Remembering her time with the King made her that way.

Oh! She could recall how sweet it had been to talk him out of his shell. Even if he didn’t look completely happy, she was still happy she had been able to get him to bath, drink something and even take a walk! Yes! They both took a walk round the palace for some fresh air. Although, he was hardly saying a thing, she still felt glad a lot of people had seen them.

Preparations for the banquet was ongoing and she badly couldn’t wait to have it already since the King was now in a better condition.

If only she knew what was coming for her…

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