Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 135

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 135

Dyani paused and looked at her and for a second, the reply was tempting since she needed to rest and freshen up.

But, on the other hand, her instincts were not just accepting the offer as she didn’t want to leave her maid in the care of anyone at all.

“I really appreciate the offer, dear” she said.

“But unfortunately, I’m not sure I can take it. I just want to stay close or Anya for now”. Nivea didn’t like her response for sure.

“I…. I completely understand, My Queen. But you also need to think about your health” she insisted. I mean… you’ve been here the whole time and I don’t think it’s advisable you stress yourself this much. You really shouldn’t worry about it. Just get some rest while I….”

“I just told you, Nivea, you don’t have to worry about it either. You’re free to stay here with Anya for as long as you want, but I also want to be here as well. Thanks for the offer, by the way” Dyani interrupted her.

And with that said, she turned properly to face Anya, indicating she didn’t want to have any further conversation with her.


Nivea, feeling disappointed that her plan didn’t go through, had to return to the room to give feedback to her Queen.

Queen Nosheba was bre@stfeeding her little baby, thinking about so many things at a time. First, her little baby and how she would cope with bre@stfeeding when she puts to bed. Probably, she’d have to stop bre@stfeeding one and go on with one. Besides, her baby would’ve been over a year old by then.

Secondly, getting rid of Prince Raksha and his mother. What if they end up putting her in trouble since she was no longer working with them? What if they get so upset and want to set her up or something? The one person she knew that could get rid of them was Dagger: but unfortunately, she was now indebted to him and no longer in good terms. She needed to get someone else for the job. But who could it possibly be?

Trying to get p@ssthat angle, the door went open with her maid walking in, and discerning the look on her face, it was obvious she didn’t carry out the job.

“Don’t tell me you failed again, Nivea” she grouse, pulling her nipple out of her baby’s lips and pocketing it back into it’s position.

Nivea, walking in with sad steps, lowered her head to the floor.

“I’m really sorry, My Queen, but Queen Dyani was there as usual and refused stepping out for even a second. I… I had proposed keeping watch for her while she goes to freshen up, bit she wouldn’t listen and insisted on staying there in the room. I really don’t know what else to do , My Queen because it’s more like .. she’s also suspecting something and doesn’t want to leave the maid’s side” She explained morosely.

“Nonsense!” Nosheba snapped, dropping the baby on the bed and standing right immediately.

“That is just absolute Nonsense! We need to get rid of that lady before she wakes up”.

Nivea simply bent her head in contrition, praying inner-ly that her Queen doesn’t get completely mad at her.

“I’m trying to settle one, yet another keeps coming in. Why on earth did she have to eavesdrop? Why??” Her voice echoed with so much pain and anger, but at that moment, there was nothing she could do.




Hearing those words from the hunched man was the strangest thing Shilah had ever needed to hear.

Pregnant? No, she was sure she didn’t hear him correctly.

The hunched man on the other hand, had sincerely thought she was aware of her condition. Like…who wouldn’t know? But with the shocked look on her face, it changed his thoughts.

“Hold on, you actually don’t know?” He asked, stepping away from the bed. “Why? How possible you don’t know?”

It took Shilah sometime to blink back to reality.

“I…. I..d.. don’t think I…I know what you’re talking about” she stuttered with a hard gulp, trying so hard not to gulp down her lungs as well.

“It’s written all over you, pretty one. Why haven’t you noticed? You’re pregnant”. He took some more steps closer to yer, but Shilah ended up shaking her head vigorously.

“It’s ..n… not possible” she disagreed. “It’s not possible”.

“Really?” The hunched man arched his brow. “But I had examined you last night and am pretty sure you’re pregnant. I’m an expert at this”.

“No” she shook her head still. “Y…. You’re wrong. I can’t be pregnant, I know it”.

“Why? How are you so sure?” He was beginning to pick interest in it.

“Be…. Because…” She paused and narrowed her eyes to the floor, searching for a positive reason. “A…. A test was carried out some days ago and mine was negative”. She added, recalling the ugly incidence from the Palace. It nearly tore a tear from her eye.

“Hm. There must’ve been a mistake somewhere, then” he leaned backwards. “Because I’m telling you the truth, young lady, that you’re pregnant”. Shilah went d*um*b.

“Well, I think I should go get that soup ready” he shrugged and walked away.

And right there, alone in the room, Shilah placed her hand on her chest and let out the frustrating tears.

She couldn’t comprehend a thing from what was happening ’cause it wasn’t possible.

How was she pregnant when her result had been negative few days ago? How was she pregnant when she had been chased out of the Palace? And pregnant for who? The King? The same King that had developed so much hatred for her and was seeing her as nothing but a cheat? The same King that had thrown her out of the Palace after trying so hard not to k*il*l her? She was pregnant for him?

How possible?

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