Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 133

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 133

Sitting restlessly on the bed was Nosheba.

Adorned in her big dress, she sat with her arms wrapped around her tummy and cogitated.

Originally, she had been pacing round the room, but decided to have a seat when she became tired. No doubt, she’d been stressing this baby a lot.

But well, it wasn’t her fault. There were so many things she needed to put into place and it’s so annoying to know more trouble was coming up which was likely to threaten her plans. What does she do?

The door finally went open with Nivea walking in and Nosheba couldn’t help but sprang on her feet. Oh! She’s been awaiting her arrival for how long now.

“Yes? How did it go?” She asked curiously, opening both palms. But Nivea hinted her with a disappointed look.

“She’s still alive, My Queen” came the mumbled reply with a frown. Nosheba’s jaws dropped immediately.

“Although, she’s still unconscious and the Physician said she might take time to heal, but she might wake up at any moment”.

“Oh! For Selene’s sake!” Nosheba grumbled and plonked on the bed. “This is not good news, Nivea. That lady knows my secret and is likely to expose me when she wakes up. We… We need to do something”.

A brief silence stepped in. “Why don’t we…. get to Rancho to help us out? Because he’s been working with his father” Nivea suggested.

“Oh! Please, you should know I can’t involve Rancho. The last time Rancho worked for us, Queen Jadis was the one that had gotten through to him. I have no ground here and don’t think I can get through to that boy on my own” Nosheba replied.

“And now … you’ve gone loggerheads with Prince Raksha. He’d have been the perfect one to help”.

Nosheba bit her lower lip, realizing that was true. Indeed, Raksha and his mother would’ve been the perfect ones to get through to Raksha. But unfortunately, she’s side-lined them.

Or…. should she just go to them for help?

“No” she stood up. “We can do this on our own, Nivea. We dont need anybody’s help”.

Nivea listened attentively.

“You must find the slightest opportunity to get to that lady. And as soon as you do, end her”. Nosheba added, but for a second, Nivea was confused.

“O . Kay. But what if I get caught, My Queen?” She asked worriedly.

“Oh! Don’t sound so lame, Nivea. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have someone guarding her the whole time. She’s just a maid. So, when she’s alone, make sure you get to her and end her before she wakes up and spills everything. Do you understand?” She looked at her and asked and Nivea responded with a repeated bob.

“Good. I leave that to your care” said Nosheba. “And for now, I have a very important business to attend to. I need to go see the King”.

She started walking towards her mirror table.

“O….Okay, My Queen. But, I’m not so sure you’d be able to see the King. I’ heard he’s been rejecting a lot of visitors” Nivea said, but that didn’t stop Nosheba from brushing her hair.

“Well … that might be possible” she shrugged. “But I just have to give it a try”.

And done with her hair, she turned around and left the room.


She tried to put on a bright smile as she walked down the hallway, giving everyone she came across the impression that she was doing just fine and was still the one leading. Of course, she couldn’t let them know she was having such a huge problem on ground .

First, there was Dagger. And now, Dyani’s maid.

And as for Dagger, she really needed a way to get rid of that guy as well. Although, the agreement was to have sèx with him when the job was done. But now the job was finally done, she really couldn’t see herself opening her legs for someone as disgusting as he is. So dirty, and irritating. Goodness! She had so many things to take care of.

Getting to the King’s room, she found the usual guards who wouldn’t let her go in.

“I’m really sorry, Queen. But we’re working with orders. The King has locked the door from the other side and specifically instructed us not to let anyone in. I hope you can understand”. Said the first guard.

“But I’m sure I can get through to him, if you just give me a chance”. Nosheba insisted.

“We would love to, but unfortunately, we can’t risk that now, My Queen. We’re really sorry”.

Nosheba felt so disappointed. She stared at the King’s door and wished there was a way she could get in. Why would he isolate himself from everyone including her for Selene’s sake? Or was he forgetting she is carrying his heir? She deserves to be treated differently.

Goodness! She didn’t get rid of Shilah just so she could be treated this way by the King. She wasn’t ready to.

Realizing she had lost the battle, she turned around to leave and surprisingly found out Chaska at the entrance of the hallway.

For a second, she paused and stared at her, then continued walking.

Queen Chaska stood there in the middle, having that gloomy cranky smile on her face that increased as Nosheba got near. She wasn’t having all those heavy jeweleries and makeup on- Nosheba noticed.

“It’s disappointing, isn’t it?” Chaska smirked. “Unable to see the man you thought you’ve won his heart”.

Nosheba clicked her tongue as she stood in front of her.

“The King, the father of my son is just having a bad day, Chaska, and needs some rest. I don’t see why that should be of concern to you. Unless you also have a son to tell him about”. She said .

“Oh! Please, Nosheba” Chaska scoffed.

“Do you think it’s all about having a son? You might bare the King’s son, but it doesn’t mean you’ve gotten the key to his heart already. The King only has interest in having an heir, he never said anything about the mother”.

“Really?” Nosheba laughed grimly.

“Yet, you were so bent on having a son for him. Why is that, Chaska?”

She paused and took some steps closer.

“Don’t think you can get into my head, dear Queen Chaska. You and I both know having a son for the King is as important as being the Luna and you simply can’t digest the fact that Luna is going to be me and my son would rule you one day”. She made sure their eyes were being locked.

“Like I said, the King is only having a bad day. And the moment this is over, we’ll be as happy as we should”. And with a smirk, she started walking away.

“Oh! And by the way” she suddenly turned and looked at her.

“I hope you’re getting ready for my banquet coming up in a few days time? I would want you to look good, Chaska, so I can introduce you to my friends and family. Goodluck”. She chuckled and finally left while Chaska remained there in anger.


Shilah dragged her feet through the woods, walking towards a direction she knew nothing about.

The sky was getting darker and looked like it might rain soon. Where does she go from there? How does she get something to eat?

Her head was hot and spinning heavily with her lower abdomen hurting a lot.

Still running a high temperature, she could tell she needed some rest as her body was yet to heal from how sick she was. Whatever was wrong with her, she really needed the Spirits to help her.

Tired and completely drained, she slided to the floor with her back leaning against a tree. She couldn’t go any further, couldn’t move her feet anymore.

And in that sober mood, she passed out on the floor.

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