Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 122

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 122

In the woods,

The middle-aged man stayed on his knees, weeping and sweating profusely as he watched his family’s life being threatened right in front of his very eyes.

He’s been a guard for over five years at the palace, but that very day, his skills were overpowered as a strange man and his companions had abducted him and his family. What could their offence be – he wondered dreadfully. All he’s ever done was serve and protect the Alpha King and his family. Why would anyone want to do this to him?

Footsteps were heard along with the ruffling sound of bushes and with a heavy leap of the heart, he lifted his gaze to behold the leader of it all walking towards him.

“Please, please” he panted, trying to shake off the hands that were tied at his back. “I haven’t done anything to anyone. Just let my family go”.

The leader who was adorned in too many rings than usual, stood before him and gave a glance at his men who were standing behind the man and his family. They were doing a great job – including tying them up with the poisonous ropes to prevent them from shifting.

“Your name is Arin, right?” He asked grumpily, staring directly at the man in front of him who nodded.

“Yes, I’m Arin” the guard nodded quickly, not wanting to think of how he’d gotten to know his name.

“That’s a nice name. And as for me, you can just call me Dagger”.

“What do you want with me and my family? Just let us go, I beg you”. Dagger scoffed and dropped to a crouch in front of him.

“You haven’t done anything to me” he whispered.

“And your family doesn’t need to get hurt as long as you follow my instructions”.

“Instructions?” The guard repeated, having a crumpled look on.

“Yes, instructions. I just need you to do a little something for me”.


“Here, take this” the Old Physician – Mato – said as he handed the small bowl to Shilah who was sitting on the bed.

Collecting it, she ignored the foul smell and took a little sip from it, and that was all she could take – a sip.

“Come on, Queen, you need to drink every drop of it. It’s very essential” Mato urged.

“But I don’t think I can! It’s tasting too bitter” Shilah bem*oa*ned.

“Yes, I know. And it’s not meant to be sweet. Just drink it up, please” supporting her hands, he pushed the bowl closer to her lips and having no option, she helplessly took more gulps.

Her face was all crinkled up by the time she was done and of course, she didn’t completely empty the entire bowl.

“Good one” Mato commended casually as he took the bowl from her.

“By morning, you should be getting better. And if you’re not, then I’d use something else on you. I’ll come around early”.

“Thank you so much” Shilah nodded, watching him get his things ready to leave.

She really hoped the drink would have some effect on her as she couldn’t wait to get all better and return to her normal life.

In less than a minute, Mato was done and left the room while Shilah laid on the bed and slept off.






Still feeling ill, Shilah found it so uncomfortable falling asleep and had kept turning and turning repeatedly.

At some point, she felt nauseous – yes, nauseous but still couldn’t throw up. What could be wrong with her? Why was the Physician’s herbs not working?

And for the Spirits sake, it was so late and night and she knew there was just no way she could go get the Physician for help. But how does she survive this till morning?

Still in the uncomforting process, a knock on the door suddenly made her freeze. What?

She stopped turning and just remained still, trying to see if the knock would come again and the previous one was just a mistake.

But it did – the knock came again!

It was so late, who would be knocking on her door in the middle of the night??

“Wh…. Who’s it?” She asked nervously, sitting up.

“It’s Arin – the King’s guard” the voice sounded familiar. But that wasn’t enough to give Shilah any conviction.

“And… And what do you want?” She asked,yet nervous.

“The King wants you in his chambers. Now”. Came the strict reply. Hold on, by this time???

Shilah scoffed, wondering why the King would want her at such late hour. Then suddenly,a memory flashed into her head.

There was a time the King had sent for her late in the middle of the night. And that was because he had needed a cup of her tea. Could it be possible he needed some tea since she hadn’t made one for him the previous night?

“It’s not advisable to keep the King waiting, My Queen” the voice urged.

And being convinced, Shilah stood up and went ahead to open the door…

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