Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 119

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 119

“Shilah!” King Dakota called out and in quick step, he caught her by the waist just before she’d reach the floor.

“Hey! What is wrong with you?” He jolted her shoulder.

And immediately, she turned her face to the other side and threw up, a little of it touching the King’s hand.

“Oh…” She g*agged, feeling troubled it had touched the King’s hand and at the same time, trying to get a grip of herself.

The guard at the entrance came running in immediately. “My King…! Is there something I can….”

“Get me some water. Quick!” Dakota cut him off and quickly, he turned around and ran off. He looked back at Shilah who was still leaning on his hand.

“Come on, Shilah, just calm down, alright? Calm down….” Patting her back soothingly, he helped her to a nearby seat where they sat next to each other, the King’s hand over her shoulder and pulling her close to his chest.

“I’m sorry… ” She whimpered. “So sorry”. Feebly, she lifted the hem of her dress and tried wiping the King’s hand with it.

“Hey, stop it, Shilah” he pushed the hand away. “Don’t worry about it”.

She let out another whimper, resting her tired head on the King’s chest where she was able to find some comfort. And with the King’s hand around her shoulder,he could feel the temperature from her neck.

“Your temperature is so high, Shilah” he said with a displeased look.

“Have you gone to see the Physician like I said?”

And guiltily, Shilah shook her head negatively.

“Why is that? Why taking something so unseriously, Shilah? It’s not right”. He scolded and just then, the guard returned with a bowl of water.

“Here it is” he handed it over to the King who collected it immediately.

“Come on, Shilah” he moved her away from his chest and gently, began washing her face with the water.

Shilah couldn’t tell which made her feel better – the cold water being poured on her face, or the fact that it was being poured by the King.



Nosheba walked into her chambers, feeling both happy and nervous.

She was happy she finally had a plan that was already in motion, but was also nervous it was risky and if anything was to go wrong, she’d definitely be in trouble.

But, nothing can go wrong, right? Dagger was very reliable with missions and shouldn’t fail on this. Oh! She couldn’t wait for it to happen so she could finally be the only favourite in the King’s eyes.

Getting to her chambers, she found Nivea feeding some pap to her baby, but as soon as she saw her, she sprang on her feet.

“My Queen!” She exclaimed, her eyes holding a lot of curiosity. “You’re back!”

“Yes, Nivea, I’m back. And how’s the baby doing?” Nosheba beamed as she went closer and touched the baby’s soft hair. “She’s doing just fine, My Queen. And…. how’s the baby inside of you? You need a lot of rest. What should I get you?”

“Oh! You don’t need to stress yourself, dear. I’ll be fine” she took in a deep breath and went over to stand in front of the window – her favorite spot.

She’s always loved it as it gave her a clear view of the environment.

“Uhm…. My Queen, how did it go?” Nivea asked from behind, and just then, a knock was heard on the door. Nosheba turned quickly.

“Go check it out, Nivea. And if it’s Raksha, you tell him I’m not around” she instructed whisperingly.

And with a bow, Nivea dropped the baby on the bed and went for the door.

On opening it, it turned out to be really Raksha.

“My Prince, greetings” she bowed, standing in between the door.

“Yes, Greetings to you too. Step away, I need to see Queen Nosheba” he spoke huskily and tried making his way through the door.

“I’m sorry, My Prince, but the Queen is not around”. Nivea answered, her head bowed.

“Not around? And where did she go?” Raksha’s brows furrowed.

“I…. I have no idea. But I’m sure she’ll be back soon. And as soon as she is, I’ll let her know you came looking”

Raksha stared unsatisfied at her and tried peeping into the room, but he couldn’t get a grip of anything as she stood in the way of the door.

“Fine” he muttered.

“Just make sure you let her know I was here”.

“Definitely, My Prince”.

And he left.

Nivea, feeling fulfilled, shut the door and returned to Nosheba at the window.

“He’s left” she reported.

“I know. You did a great job” Nosheba sighed and turned back to the window.

She couldn’t digest meeting with that fool ever again. She was done with him and needed him to stay as far away as possible. Perhaps, when she’s done with Shilah, she’d move next to Raksha and his mother. Yes, so her secret can stay safe.

“My Queen”, Nivea called again.

“Have you gotten a plan?”

“Yes. And it’s taking place tomorrow morning”. Nosheba answered and turned to look at her.

“Here is the plan….”

It took her some minutes to narrate every bit of it, and by the time she was done, Nivea had a perplexed look on.

“Oh, my…” She gasped. “That’s the plan?”

Nosheba nodded and took some steps away.

“But .. My Queen, don’t you think that is too risky? I mean…. it’s too dangerous. What if the King gets so angry and hurts Queen Shilah? He might end up k*il*ling her!”

“Well, that wouldn’t be my problem. At least, I wouldn’t be the one to hold his hand while he does it”. Nosheba hissed, the anxiety she had felt a while ago, getting doubled.

“I…. I know, but…. I thought we were going to do this in a way the baby only gets k*il*led, and not the mother?”

“That was also what I wanted, Nivea. I never wanted to get my hands stained with blood. But I’m running out of time and this is unfortunately the the only option I have now. So, it has to be done!” She sighed and paced around.

“It’d happen so fast, and in less than no time, the guilt will be gone, alright? Dagger’s sorry working and before nightfall, he should’ve gotten the guard”. She added.

“But…. what if you get caught? The King will never forgive you for this, and he might end up taking your life in the most cruel way. I fear for you, My Queen” Nivea lamented.

“Well …How do you think he’d find out?” Nosheba glared at her.

“That can only happen if one of you betrays me. Dagger cannot betray me. And you, Nivea, I can trust you, right?”

“Yes! Yes, of course. You know I’ll always be here for you, My Queen. I just don’t want anything bad to befall you”.

“Get rid of your fears Nivea, ’cause no evil can ever befall me. I’m in total control” Nosheba grinned.

“By the way, I need to go see the King” she started towards the door.

“I… I don’t think he’s in his room” Nivea halted her. “I had seen him going to the field with Shilah”.

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