Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 110

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 110

Nosheba’s jaws dropped immediately as her heart skipped twice.

With widened eyes, she looked at the Physician, her heart beating heavily. What is he…What is he talking about?

King Dakota’s expression became stunned, and so did the rest of the wives – including Shilah. Even the Physician – Mato – could notice the surprise on every one of their faces.

“Nosheba?” King Dakota arched his brows. “Just her?”

“Y…Yes, Alpha King” Mato bowed.

“She’s the only one with a positive result. Congratulations, My King, and Congratulations Queen Nosheba. At long last, it’s a good thing the Spirits decided to use you to bring light to the King’s darkeness,” Nosheba gulped hard.

“I’m…. I’m pregnant?” Hand on her chest, she asked fearfully in an unbelieving tone. “I’m pregnant?”

“Yes, My Queen” Mato smiled. “You’re indeed, the one”.

She gasped and covered both hands on her lips, looking around in shock. This was just so unbelievable. But, how? Could it be possible Rancho made a mistake? Or was she really pregnant??

Chaska’s face had gotten swollen with disappointment and rage, tears were literally hanging around her eyes.

Dyani was confused and gave same look to Shilah who was also looking displeased. She wasn’t looking displeased because Nosheba was pregnant, she was only looking displeased because her own results were negative. She…She had really felt pregnant.

“Congratulations once more, Alpha King” Mato bowed.

“I pray this joy lasts and the baby comes out healthy. Please, you should do all you can to take care of the Queen as she needs enough rest and attention. You should know this is only possible by a miracle, so we need to handle it with care. Is there any other thing you’d want me to do for you?”

For a long time, the King was silent, having that puzzlement look on his face. Shilah wasn’t pregnant? He thought. It disturbed him ’cause she had really looked pregnant. Or was it because…he had been expecting her to be the Pregnant one?

‘Come on, Dakota, You’ve gotten your pregnant wife. Why are you not showing the excitement?’ A tiny voice spoke into his subconsciousness. And with a sigh, he stood up and turned to Nosheba.

Nosheba couldn’t help sticking her eyes to the floor when she noticed the King had turned to her direction. Her curiosity was still overwhelming her and preventing her from carrying out a full celebration. Was she really pregnant? Or Rancho made a mistake.

“Thank you, Nosheba” her legs wobbled when she heard the King’s voice.

“Thank you for giving me this gift”.

And for the first time in years, he pulled her in a hug. Chaska’s hands fisted beside her as her as her heart twitched in her chest. The sight was just too heavy for her eyes to bear. She gritted her teeth and stared away.

Nosheba, on the other hand, felt so much cold as the King’s hands wrapped around her and his broad chest touched hers. She couldn’t even recall when last the King had done this to her. She just couldn’t remember. Tears of excitement were almost blinding her eyes. For Selene’s sake, how did this happen??

“Darci!” King Dakota called when he unlocked from the hug and the door opened swiftly with the guard rushing in.

“My King…!” He bowed.

“Please, take Queen Nosheba to her room and make sure she’s properly bathed and changed into something new. I’d want you to return in a few hours time” he said the last line looking at Nosheba who was beaming shyly.

“Words fail me to express how I feel right now, Alpha King” she lowered her head timidly.

“I…I can’t even believe this. Although….my monthly flow is late, I just never thought I’d be the one to carry your son, My King, amongst your other wives” she lifted her head partially to glance at Chaska.

A vein emanated from Chaska’s forehead, indicating how angry she was.

“I’m really so honored, My King. T… Thank you so much. But of course, all thanks should be to the Moon goddess who made me the lucky one”. She concluded with a bow.

A line from the Seer replayed in Dakota’s head immediately, *Not the goddess, Dakota, but the Spirits*.

He waved it off. “Darci, please take her away”.

The guard bowed and leading the way, he helped the Queen out of the room.

Shilah’s heart was beating so fast. She stared at the King, but unfortunately, he wasn’t staring back at her as it was more like he was avoiding her gaze. King Dakota turned away from the women.

“Thank you, Mato” he said without looking at the man. “I’ll send one of my guards to you later in the day”.

“As my Alpha wishes” Mato bowed, grinning happily. He bowed and left the room, and so did Chaska who felt her time there was over.

Dyani looked at Shilah and signaled her to take the door as well, but Shilah was hesitant.

“C…Congratulations, My King” her soothing voice cracked the King’s heart.

He turned around from the table and right there – he could see the disappointment in her eyes. But with a nod, he replied.

“Thank you too. You should go get some rest”. Shilah bowed and turned towards the door with Dyani.

“And Shilah,” Dakota called, just when she had opened the door.

Her heart gave that mighty leap, rhyming with how she had turned to look at him. A spark occured in both eyes.

For a while, nothing was said. Then, “Perhaps, you should go see the Physician later in the day to prescribe some herbs for you. I think you need it to get rid of the illness”. The King offered.

The words alone struck Shilah’s heart. Normally, they should be words of genuine advice, but at that moment, she couldn’t help but read a different meaning to it.

So, she’s been naturally sick the whole time? Yet, there she was – thinking she was actually pregnant.

“Thank you” she muttered, bowed and finally left the room.

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