Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 11

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 11 The Alpha’s fourth wife

“You” his voice was deep and hoarse; his deep blue eyes staring into hers.

“YOU. and your family disobeyed me”.

Shilah’s family had turned to look at her, wondering what was going on.

The poor Shilah was soaked in fear, she’d suddenly lost her tongue. If this was a nightmare, she really wanted to escape it.

Sweats dripped from her forehead despite the cold weather.

The worst thing she’s ever had to face was the cruelty from her family; But this… this man standing in front of her with the cruelest face she’s ever seen…was worst than a nightmare.

With his right hand, King Dakota drew out his sword from his sheath and Vanessa gave a scream.

“Please….! We didn’t do anything wrong!” She cried out and swiftly, Dakota whipped his head to her direction .

Her breath became still as he left Shilah and walked towards her.

“You didn’t do anything wrong?” He asked gruffly, marching towards her.

Vanessa could feel her heart in her throat and couldn’t breathe anymore. No! What has she done? What did she’say??

Before she could say a plea, Dakota lifted the sword and sliced her arm, creating a deep cut on it.



Painful screams filled the air.

“Your family disobeyed my orders!!” Dakota roared. .

“I gave a simple instruction, requesting everyone to stay indoors. But your worthless family disobeyed me by stepping out;!”

His eyes returned to Shilah and he marched towards her.

“You thought I was gonna forget?” He gritted. “I wasn’t joking when I gave my orders. And I’m here to make you and your family pay!”

“Not us!” Mr Walter finally said in fear, making the King’s direction turn towards him.

“Please, My King; we didn’t do anything wrong. We… we had no idea she left the house yesterday. She did even tell us any of this”.

Shilah’s heart skipped as her lips parted open in shock.

“She’s the daughter of my late wife and has been very stubborn. Please, Great King, I’m not a fool to disobey your orders; and neither will I have any of my household do same. What this lady has done out there, we have no knowledge about it. I beg you, don’t punish us for our own sins” he placed his palms together.

Shilah couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Father …”

“Don’t get us into more trouble, Shilah” Mr Walter cut her off from speaking.

“I’ve always warned you to be calm and avoid walking about, but you wouldn’t listen. Now, see where it’s landed us”

He turned to the King.

“Please, My King, you can take her away and punish her because she’s responsible for it. But spare my family. Please, I beg you”.

A tear was already rolling down Shilah’s cheek. Her own father..? It can’t be happening.

King Dakota turned to look at her, his eyes dimming.

Few seconds, and he dropped to a crouch in front of her, so his face level becomes even with hers and he can stare into her eyes.

“M… My King…” Shilah’s lips were shaking.

She didn’t even know what to say to defend herself.

“You know what?” King Dakota suddenly smirked; his eyes not leaving hers.

“I’m not going to k*ll you; cause I have a better idea.

“I’m going to make sure you never have to enjoy companionship for the rest of your life. You – Shilah, for disobeying me; you’re going to be my fourth wife”.

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