Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 107

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 107

It was almost evening.

Shilah walked towards the King’s chambers, adhering to his call. She had been catching some sleep in Dyani’s room when one of his guards showed up and informed her the King was calling.

For the first time in a very long time, she felt so nervous going to the King’s room, and that was obviously because of the recent happenings.

The thought of being pregnant for the King kept replaying in her head and building so much anxiety in her. And that was the reason she felt really shy, facing the King alone.

Unavoidably, she finally got to his door and after the usual confirmation, the guards let her in.

King Dakota had been indoors since the last meeting with his wives. His mind could barely be at peace, also thinking of the situation on ground. It gave him so much joy that one of his wives carried a male child, but also, it gave him a scare that he didn’t know who it was and she might possibly be in danger.

Coupled with the Seer’s words:

“One of your wives, has been a green snake in a green field all the while, and now, the Spirits think it’s time to expose her.”

Which wife could it be? And could it possibly mean one of his wives has been a traitor?

This was so complicated. Chaska has been extremely sweet to him, she was his first choice.

Nosheba has been good as well. Though, he’s always known her to be at loggerheads with Chaska, but she was sweet. Dyani has been quiet and kind as well. And Shilah… there was nothing negative to talk about that one.

Few minutes later, the door went open with Shilah walking in, and somehow, the King felt so relived seeing her face.

“Greetings, My King” she bowed, her both hands clasped in front of her thighs.

King Dakota leaned back on his chair and stared at her in an observant manner. If he wasn’t mistaken, her brèasts were seeming bigger.

“How’re you doing?” He asked in his usual cold tone, giving her a head to toe stare and trying to see if he could notice any other unusual feature.

“I’m doing great, My King. Thank you” she bowed courteously again.

“And how’s your health?” Shilah was taken abacked by the question.

Normally, it should be a harmless question, but at that moment, she couldn’t help seeing it as an ironic one.

“I’m…. I’m getting better, My King. Thank you’ she lied.

Yes, she lied ’cause she wasn’t getting any better. She had actually thrown up before making it to his room and she still felt really really sick.

The King went silent for a few seconds, then he sighed and stood up.

“Come with me, Shilah. I need us to go for a walk”. He started towards the door.

And nervously, Shilah followed him behind.


The Physician’s son – Rancho – walked into the Queen’s chambers and found her sitting on her favourite chair, back leaned on it and holding a cup of white wine, while a maid worked on her feet.

That would be the second time Rancho would be stepping foot in the Queen’s magnificent chamber. The first had been when she was pregnant and he’d accompanied his father to come tend to her.

And this second time, he completely had no idea why the Almighty Queen Jadis had sent specially for him. If she was sick, she’d have sent for his Father instead, not him.

Queen Jadis stared at him from the edges of her cup as he ambled towards her, looking carefully around. She took time to study his face, trying to see if he was someone that could easily be bent or not. Hopefully, he should.

“Greetings, My Queen” Rancho bowed when he stood close enough.

The maid working on the Queen’s feet didn’t stop for a second.

“Rancho” Queen Jadis admired his tall fine height. “How’re you doing?”

“I’m doing just fine, My Queen. Thank you”. He bowed again. She swigged from her cup and cleaned the edges with her finger.

“Leave us” she finally said, referring to the maid in front of her. And with a bow, the lady stood up and left.

Now alone with the Queen, Rancho didn’t like the idea.

“Please, take a seat, Rancho” she pointed out to the seat adjacent to hers. And Rancho sat thankfully. “Would you… like to take something?” She asked.

“Uhm…Not at all, My Queen. As a matter of fact, My Father has a lot to do, and I need to be there to help him. He might get angry of I stay away for too long” he answered respectfully.

Queen Jadis smiled and sipped from her cup again.

“Since that’s the case” she muttered. “I guess I’ll go straight to the point, then”.

Rancho’s interest was heightened. He just couldn’t wait to hear what the Queen had to say. “I’m sure you must be aware of the new development in the Palace” she continued.

“One of the King’s wives is pregnant with a son. Your father collected little drops of blood from each Queen and took them for tests. Now, what I demand of you, is very simple, dear son” she paused and dropped the cup on the table beside her, bringing out a tiny bottle from her dress.

The bottle contained what looked like blood as well and had the letter ‘S’ on it.

“Dear, I want you to take this bottle and put it in place of Queen Shilah’s bottle. You’re to take the previous bottle away, and keep this instead.”

Now, that was the moment fear propelled through Rancho. What is she talking about?




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