Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 104

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 104

The seer paused and looked at the King’s face – that face that held so much stupefaction.

It was pale and blank, the lines on his forehead getting deep. He couldn’t say a word, couldn’t even think of it.

“She’s currently pregnant, but doesn’t know yet” The seer added.

“Hold on” King Dakota finally scoffed, waving a hand.

“I…. I…I don’t think I understand, Thaddeus” for the first time in a long time, he stuttered.

“I mean…. I think there should be a mi…mistake somewhere. What do you mean, carries my male child?” His eyes were already looking all red.

“Luck has finally shone on you, King Dakota” the seer looked at him, Not his eyes, but just his face. “Your prayer to have a son has finally been answered by the spirits. She’s currently pregnant now, but like I said, doesn’t even know it yet”.

King Dakota jumped on his feet immediately, his heart racing heavily.

“I…. I’ll be having a son?? I’ll have a son??? One of my wives, is pregnant with my son???!”

The seer, despite how cold he was, could see the unfeigned happiness on the King’s face as he expressed his joy. If it wasn’t for how strong a King he was, he’d have bursted into hysterical tears.

“I’ll be a father to a son soon?” He went on, his eyes fully red with joy now. “How did this happen?? How is it possible? Why did I find favour in the eyes of the goddess?”

“Not the goddess, King Dakota, but the spirits” the seer corrected him and that got the King halted for a minute.

The spirits? He’s never prayed to the spirits before. He brushed his fingers into his hair, all the jewelries on his hands winking as he did.

“Th… Thaddeus, who is it?” He asked, his eyes gushing with curiousity.

“Which of my wives…is pregnant?”

“I was not told, and have no idea” came the blunt reply which seized the King’s joy for a minute.

“I…. I don’t understand” he scoffed.

“But you said she doesn’t know yet. And you know I can’t have any patience. How do I figure her out?”

“Listen to me carefully, King Dakota” the seer hit his staff once on the floor, eyes staring into space.

“I have a very important message from the spirits and no mistake must be made”.

King Dakota’s interest got prickled.

“The Spirits did not reveal the one who is pregnant, but they are always wise. One of your wives, has been a green snake in a green field all the while, and now, the Spirits think it’s time to expose her.

“You’re to call everyone of your wives into your room together with your Physician and let them know a prophecy came to you, that one of them is indeed pregnant with your son. Right in their presence, you shall instruct the Physician to take their blood and run a test on them to know which is pregnant. The test results shall take a couple of days. And during the time of wait, the evil wife shall come up with a plan – a plan that would later on, turn against her. It shall bring her downfall, and make her fall into her own trap”. He concluded.

To say King Dakota was confused would’ve been an understatement. No, he was d*um*bfounded. His brows were furrowed as he stared into the Physician’s face, wondering what he was talking about.

A green snake in a green field? An evil wife? A plan? What was he really talking about??

“I know you’re confused, King Dakota” he continued. “A lot has been going on behind your back – from the people you trust the most. Follow the instructions of the Spirits, and watch half of it unfold. And lastly, King Dakota, watch your anger.

“I’ve delivered the message I was sent to. And now, I beg to take my leave”. Turning around, he started towards the door.

“Tha… Thaddeus” King Dakota called, and when the seer turned to look at him, he could see the pain in his eyes – not just pains, but fear, eagerness and excitement.

“The…The one who is pregnant, will she be fine…? And my son?” He asked, his words holding so much eagerness and want for protection.

The seer was silent for a few seconds, then let out a nod.

“Your wife and son will be fine. Just watch your anger,” he answered yet in another puzzle, and finally left the room.

King Dakota couldn’t keep up with the emotions anymore. His heart feeling so heavy, he had to hold on to the table for support.

One of his wives was pregnant for him? He was going to father a son soon enough?? He was going to…


How does he know them? How does he figure them out so he can protect them with his whole life?? Just how???

“Darci!” He called out, his voice echoing with so much impatience.

And quickly, the door went open with one of the guards rushing in.

“My King..!”

“Send a message to all the Queens. Tell them I need them here in my room immediately! And send for the Physician as well”.



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