Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 10

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 10 Shilah and King Dakota

Shilah walked into the room with the little plate in her hand. The sweet aroma occupied the steams escaping from the sumptuous sauce.

Pia, her mother and Ina were in the room, her mother trying so hard to pet her since she was in her recovery state.

“Hope it’s hot enough?” Ina asked as she collected the plate from Shilah who simply nodded.

“I don’t think I want to eat the sauce anymore, mum” Pia said with pouted lips, her head resting on her mother’s chest.

“Don’t say that, Pia. You need enough of this sauce; you have to eat. Come on” Mrs Walter said as she collected the plate from Ina.

Feeling her work there was done, Shilah turned around to leave.

“Wait up and go with this” Ina stopped her as she lifted a plate from the floor to hand to her.

It was a plate containing some left overs.

Shilah stretched out her hand to receive it, but in the process, she missed and part of the content ended up spilling on Mrs Walter’s legs.

“For Selene’s sake!!”

“Hah….” Shilah gasped lightly and recoiled in fear.

“You clumsy thing! Are you blind?!” Mrs Walter snapped angrily.

“I’m…. I’m so sorry, mother. I’m so sorry. It wasn’t….”

“Oh! Just shut up, will you? You’re always clumsy. And will you stop calling me your mother? Your mother is DEAD”.

It was a sharp stab to Shilah’s chest. Her jaws dropped as she stared at her in the face. Really?

“And what’re you doing looking at?” Ina snapped, crossing her arms.

“Will you just get what you want and get out of here??”

With a sniffle, Shilah picked the rest of the plate from the floor and turned towards the door to leave, but just then, the door went open with Evo running in, panting heavily like a wild animal had attacked him.

“Evo!” Mrs Walter called in fright.

“What’s the problem? Why are you….”

“Mother, we have a problem; a really big one” he said admist breaths.

. Shilah had also stopped to hear what was going on. Afterall, he had blocked the door.

“Wh… What is it? What’s the problem? Please talk to me….”

And Evo had to gulp hard before proceeding.

“Some…. Some men on horses are riding straight here! And the horses … they look like .. royal Horses…”

He was practically panting.


Mrs Walter sprang on her feet immediately. Shilah had almost let the plates slip from her hands.

“Royal Horses?? Royal Horses from where???” Mrs Walter yelled.

“Where else could Royal horses come from, mother?!” Evo cried out.

“Evo, have you gone nuts?” Ina rasped. “How can you say such nonsense?? Why would anyone from the Palace show up here?”

“I’m not lying!! I know what I saw…!”

Before Evo could finish up his statement, the glasses from the window came crashing with a hard sound on the floor, and that was when they realized an arrow had been shot at them..

“Mother!!”the sick Pia cried out in fear as she left the bed and sought for her mother’s bossom to hide. .


They heard a deep roar from outside that imbued them with so much fear.

“Oh, no. It’s true….” Ina eyes dilated in trepidation.

They heard another glasscrashing from the next room and figured they had shot at it as well.

“Mother!! What do we do???!” Evo yelled.

Shilah had already let go of the plates as they all lowered their heads. Her mind was beating rapidly, she didn’t want to think of it. No; she didn’t want to. It’s not possible.

“GET OUT HERE!!! ALL OF YOU!?” The deep roar came again and almost immediately, they heard running footsteps in the house.

“Mother! We need to go! We need to go!” Ina flinched.

But before they could make a move, men with swords already barged into the room.

“Argh!!!!” The sick Pia cried out as they looked so frightening, she hugged her mother tight.

“You want death?! You want death??” The guards yelled at them.

“Come out!! Now!!”.

They grabbed them roughly by the arms and started dragging them out of the room.

Shilah was behind.

She wanted everything to be a terrible dream. The Alpha King was there??? The King never visits anyone – never. Unless he was going to k*ll.

They grabbed them out of the room where they met rest of their family already being dragged out.

“Please…My daughter’s sick. Please…” Mrs Walter cried as she watched them drag Pia roughly.

What have they done to deserve this? What have they done to warrant the King’s wrath!?

Mr Walter and Vanessa werr the first to be dragged outside and pushed roughly to fall on their knees.

He could see the King – King Dakota – seated on his white horse, looking like an unshakeable mountain.

“Please, we haven’t done anything wrong. Spare my household”. Mr Walter pleaded on his knees, but the King didn’t even blink an eye.

He was seated with such a rigid look, one that meant he could k*ll the entire house hold without feeling a thing.

Shilah and the rest were brought out as well not long after and as soon as Shilah’s eyes found the King, that was the moment she’ knew she was doomed; the moment she realized the King had come to punish her.

The scratch on her arm….

King Dakota, seeing the lady he came for, climbed down from his horse immediately and marched towards her; his boots shaking the ground.

His sword sheath was in his left hand, while his right itched to hit someone.

The terrified Shilah couldn’t take her eyes off him as he walked towards her and stood in front of her. And at that moment, she felt her heart stop beating.

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