Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 95

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 95 A Home Movie

The atmosphere in the chamber weighed heavily on her as she waited with bated breath for the Elder’s return.

The chamber remained deathly silent, apart from her father’s heavy breathing as he struggled with his anger whilst his eyes seemed to bore into her very soul.

Ann didn’t fear her father, but the intense hatred that was being directed at her was more than a little disconcerting. She was fairly sure that if she had been here alone without Adam at her side, then her discomfort would have been obvious.

Ann glanced over at where Ada stood, still frozen in an elaborate pose and rooted to the spot between the two burly golems.

‘I have to say that’s quite an improvement on her normal behavior,’ Maeve sniggered before adding thoughtfully, ‘I wonder if the Elders would teach us how to do that too? It could be quite useful…’

‘Doesn’t it look familiar to you though Maeve? It’s incredibly similar to what Ada must have used on us.’ Ann mused, ‘Do you think that she has an Elder helping her?’

Maeve guffawed loudly.

‘I doubt it. Even if she did, it’s more likely to be a lower-ranked Elder. There’s no way the older and infinitely more intelligent ones would align themselves with her or Narcissa. They are both too volatile, and unlikely to bow to any demands they might have. You really should try to contact Lexi and see if she’s managed to dig any information up yet.’

Ann hummed her agreement before Maeve sniggered loudly in her head.

‘You know, I just thought of something… you’re quite sure that the only video on that USB stick is of Ada’s botched set-up…right?’

‘Yes, I watched it myself and there weren’t any other files on it, but there will be on the server. Why? What are you thinking?’

Maeve smirked wickedly with a perverted glint in her eye.

‘Well, I was just thinking, if you ever fancy reminiscing about anything… then I suppose Eva will be the one to ask for copies. We have the rejection of Brad and his attack on you when I was f0rced to take over to save you… and don’t forget your spicy session with our chosen mate…’ Maeve purred happily,

The color drained from Ann’s face as the brief memories flooded back and she realized exactly what Maeve was referring to.

“Oh f*uc*k…” she breathed out loud in horror.

“What’s wrong? Is everything okay?” Adam asked looking down at her as he rubbed her arm rea*s*suringly.

Maeve sniggered loudly.

‘You should tell lover boy that you have a home movie he might enjoy watching… and specifically… re┬Čenacting…’

Ann blushed furiously as the sound of a door opening quietly and movement within the chamber echoed around the room again.

She looked up quickly at Adam and smiled apologetically.

“It’s nothing urgent. I just remembered something that I may need to take care of after this. I’ll tell you afterward.” Ann promised earnestly.

Adam pursed his lips but didn’t object. There wasn’t much he could say at this point anyway.

The noise of the movement above them died down and Ann took a deep breath, steeling herself for the judgment of the Elders. If they refused to admit it as evidence, then things might be a little difficult, but now that they had seen footage of the event with their own eyes then surely they would have seen everything that they needed to in order to see through the lies.

The silence continued for a little while longer, the tension in the room so thick that you could almost cut it with a knife and then, the door Ann’s right creaked open and Narcissa re-entered.

Leopold glanced between his wife and the seating area where the elders sat with a look of mild confusion on his face.

Narcissa stalked forward imperiously, her eyes fixed firmly ahead of her, until she was close enough to see her daughter being guarded by the golems.

Her eyes widened and she visibly paled as she glanced uncertainly across at her husband, her steps becoming a little more hesitant and less sure of herself as she arrived at her seat and slowly sat down.

“There’s no need for you to sit, Lady Narcissa. Please stand.” A stern voice barked out, the sound harsh against the silence.

“What is the m meaning of this?!” Leopold roared angrily upwards, clearly unsettled by this swift change of events.

“Silence.” The stern voice commanded f0rcefully, stunning Leopold entirely as his mouth hung open slightly.

“You have been granted readmittance to these sacred chambers, Lady Narcissa, because the council feels that the two of you as parents, and as Alpha King and his consort, need to see the evidence presented. We feel that it should prove most..enlightening…” The same voice continued, with no humor present at all in his tone.

If anything his tone suggested that he was furious beyond all measure.

“Please… can you at least release my daughter from the petrification?” Narcissa blurted out suddenly, her expression p@ined.

A dark chuckle rose up from a few members of the council and another voice rose to reply.

“I see no reason why not. To be quite frank, I think we should employ the same measures that your daughter employed during the a*s*sault…”

Leopold’s face creased into a frown of confusion as Narcissa struggled to mask the utter dismay and terror that she was feeling currently..

“I don’t understand…” Leopold stammered, suddenly unsure of himself.

“Then you should watch what we are about to show you, along with your wife and your daughters, and perhaps, for once in your life, you will find yourself enlightened.” A disdainful female voice answered.

In the next second, a holographic depiction of the recording that Ann had handed over to them began to play in the centre of the room.

Leopold’s face morphed through a variety of emotions as he watched the sickening performance of a lifetime from the daughter that he had heavily favoured all this time.

Narcissa’s horrified expression and guilty look on her face was quickly schooled into one of disbelief as her eyes burned furiously with a murderous rage as she flicked them briefly towards where Ann stood.

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