Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 91

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 91 Treason

“How Dare you!” Leopold roared, standing from his seat and turning to glare at the spot above him.

The same dark chuckle answered him, only increasing his fury.

“The a*s*sumptions about my wife and I are not even relevant to this trial and not up for discussion!” The King roared almost foaming at the mouth in his rage. “This is treason! How dare you speak up against your king!”

A chorus of t*itters arose from the council from multiple sources as he looked around him frantically, his paranoia beginning to get the better of him.

Ann watched with a mixture of horror and pity. She felt sorry for him because of the state that he had found himself in, but at the same time, she couldn’t help but feel a small spark of satisfaction, as the Elders spoke the words that she had been dying to say for years.

It was heartening to know that the Elder’s opinions, in this case, aligned with her own.

“We dare to speak against you when we disagree with your decisions because we are the only people that can.” The smooth female voice purred calmly.

“It is merely an observation and rooted in fact. As all of our observations are. There is no treasonous intent in this chamber, only the pursuit of the truth and justice for all. You are aware already, that the interference in a goddess-blessed bond is also a punishable crime… aren’t you… Alpha King?” The ancient voice continued.

Even Ann could hear the implication in his words and the hint of a smirk in his tone. This man clearly had an issue with her father’s past and was drawing parallels between Narcissa’s and Ada’s behavior quite rapidly.

“I am aware, yes.” Leopold ground out, his chest heaving as he stared fixedly at one spot in the darkness that shrouded the rows above them.

“Then you understand why these questions are asked, and why we must establish the facts, my king.” the female voice responded, a trace of irritation in her voice. “As much as it p@ins me to say this Leopold, but if your continued disruption of the proceedings continues, along with your wild accusations at esteemed and long¬¨standing council members, then we will have no choice but to have you forcibly removed from the chamber and we will conduct this without you.”

Leopold growled lowly in his chest and hesitated before he turned suddenly and stormed back to his seat angrily. A quick glance at Narcissa revealed that she had paled suddenly and her head was hung submissively, and Ada, was visibly trembling.

The only people that were seemingly unaffected by this were in fact Ann and Adam, who stared confidently ahead.

“Then let us continue. Narcissa, you were with Ada when you attended the hospital, were you not?”

Narcissa nodded mutely, without looking up. “And what was the outcome?”

“The doctors ran some tests and she was advised to rest following the incident.” She answered cagily.

“Advised to rest because of the injuries? What tests were run and what were the outcomes of these purported tests?” The female voice pressed, a little impatiently.

Narcissa hesitated momentarily before she answered. “Thankfully there was no lasting damage to either Ada or the unborn child,” she said finally.

A brief silence permeated the room before the Elders conferred amongst themselves briefly.

“Very well. Lady Narcissa, you may leave the chamber.” The female voice said authoritatively.

Narcissa’s head whipped up as she looked toward where the king sat with a look of uncertainty. The refusal of the Elders to use the title of ‘Queen’ when they addressed her had clearly infuriated her further.

She had already told Ann that she didn’t feel that anyone was above the royal family, and now Ann realized that her superiority complex even ran so far as to disregard the equality of the ruling Elder Council. “I would like to stay… if only to support my daughter…” She said suddenly, her voice showing only the faintest trace of a tremor as she struggled to remain calm.

“Request denied.” A male voice answered swiftly in a bored tone. “If she is indeed to inherit the throne, on the premise that Princess Ann may be s*tri*pped of her title, then she should be able to stand in front of the chamber alone and speak confidently.”

“But she’s pregnant!” the King protested loudly.

“We are very much aware of that fact, but being pregnant is not a disability. If your wish is for her to lead a kingdom, then how is she to do that if she cannot even stand in a place of safety in front of the council that she will rule alongside? What will happen if she is f0rced to defend her pups from a violent attack, hmm? Will she cower in place and request her hand to be held by those nearest to her?” A female voice snorted contemptuously.

“The heir to the throne should be able to lead efficiently and confidently and strike fear into their enemies upon the battlefield if necessary. If she is unable to answer questions here, then I doubt she will be able to live up to the expectations required of the heir to the Alpha’s throne.” Another voice agreed loudly.

Maeve snorted inside Ann’s head and Ann had to suppress the smirk that she felt sure would break out on her face. For the first time in her life, she felt that there was a sense of order in the way the kingdom was run. Justice really did exist.

It was a stark contrast to the chaos and bitterness that had surrounded her in her childhood at the palace.

Begrudgingly, Narcissa left the council chamber but not before shooting an icy glare toward Ann as she left.

“Now that Narcissa’s testimony has been heard, let us move on to Ada and hear from her perspective, the alleged events leading up to and including the actual alleged a*s*sault on herself and her unborn child.”

Ada stood and looked toward Leopold nervously as she approached the lectern. Her earlier impatience and bravado had all but disappeared now, and she stood there acting every inch the meek and innocent appearance that she wanted them to see.

After all, the a*s*sumed vulnerability that she presented herself with had always gotten her everything that she wanted in the past, so in her mind, there was no reason that it wouldn’t work with the council members… but her a*s*sumption was about to be proved very wrong indeed.

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