Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 86

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 86 Security Dome

“Wait, what? Hold on Eva, what do you mean?”

Ann shook her head in disbelief as she pushed away from the glasspanel that Adam had pressed her against only moments earlier.

“Well, I knew that something wasn’t right as soon as it all kicked off. They had no business being there at all. So after everyone had left and we set about cleaning up, the guards that Alpha Nocturne left here for you, they offered to help me clean up. Matteus is lovely by the way, you know, the big sulky furball?”

Ann chuckled at Adam’s incredulous look as he mouthed silently back to her the words ‘Big, sulky, furball?! Accompanied by an elaborate hand gesture.

“Yes, go on,” Ann answered patiently.

She was used to Eva’s elaborate way of retelling events and actually found it quite endearing. It was a nice change sometimes from the rigid work environment, just to sit with a coffee and catch up on tales from her social life.

“Okay, well, there was a little patch of blood left on the carpet where Ada had curled up, and as gross as it sounds, Matteus was disgustingly interested in it. Even his colleague called him out on it, I was honestly a little too shocked to say anything, but I probably would have done it eventually. Anyway, it turned out, that the blood wasn’t actually blood!” She whispered in a shocked voice. “Yeah, I’m aware that it wasn’t real blood…” Ann replied a little more harshly than she had intended, but it didn’t faze Eva in the slightest.

“Of course, because you already know you didn’t attack her, but the rest of the staff here didn’t know what to believe, especially with it being leaked to the press already..”

“Wait, it’s already been leaked?!” Ann exclaimed as her face darkened with fury.

Of course, it had been leaked, she thought bitterly to herself. Ada wanted maximum damage, and with the news that she was to be instated as next in line to the throne, she wanted to make sure that Ann would never be able to return to that position.

It was turning into a perfectly orchestrated smear campaign, thanks to her father’s stupidity.

“Yeah… um… I’m not sure what to do about it actually. That’s why I was calling. Matteus was adamant that we find more evidence so that we can clear your name, so we continued hunting for something, anything that might vindicate you.”

Eva took a deep breath as Ann paced impatiently backward and forwards. The suspense was k*il*ling her.

“So, after a little hunting, I suddenly remembered about the security dome we installed a few months ago. You know, the little camera that’s hidden inside the paperweight on your desk that you found after someone had deliberately wiped your files when you first took over. Do you remember?” Eva chattered excitedly.

Ann froze as her heart soared.

Of course! Before she had weeded out the people in the small team that were working against her back then, she had encountered no end of “glitches” that hampered her efforts to make a success of the company.

In order to catch the culprit, she had found the most innocuous item that she could think of and had a specialist install two tiny spycams inside of it to capture the images of the culprits when they entered the office, when they accessed her computer, and when they left the office.

Back then it had provided irrefutable proof of their sabotage and firing them had been easy.

Yet, because it had occurred years ago and the paperwieight ‘security dome’ as they had jokingly termed it, had been a part of the decor for years, she had completely forgotten about it. 0

“Are the servers still active for it?” Ann breathed, a little awestruck at Eva for having thought of this.

“Yeah, it’s absolutely rammed though and super SUPER slow, so I’m going to have to spend some time going through it properly, but today’s date has a perfectly clear recording of Ada going absolutely banana’s in your office while you stood there… well… not doing much really.”

Ann laughed out loud and turned to Adam with a triumphant smile on her face.

“Perfect. Oh my goddess, Eva… you’re amazing…” Ann cackled loudly, the expression of confusion on Adam’s face just making her laugh more.

“Yay! I’m so pleased you’re happy about it. Not that I didn’t think you wouldn’t be… but… you know…” She trailed off uncertainly.

“Eva, do you have a copy of it?” Ann asked urgently.

The last thing she wanted was for this to disappear overnight.

“Oh! Yes, of course! I downloaded a copy onto two separate USB sticks. Matteus has one, and I have the other. I thought it would be best if we were smart about it, you know?”

“Excellent. Where are you now?”

“Me? Oh, I’m with Matteus, we were going to head over to Alpha Nocturne’s office, but I wanted to call you and find out what you wanted us to do with it, I know how bolshy Alpha’s are, and Adam seems pretty relentless when he’s pissed. Did you want us to release it as a counter to the slanderous accusations?”

Ann paused for a while, mulling over her options as a vindictive smirk spread across her face.

“No. Don’t release it just yet. I’ll get Adam to send Matteus our address and you can meet us here, he’s not at his office.” “Oh! Okay, no problem. I’ll see you soon then!” Eva said cheerily as she hung up the phone.

Ann yelled loudly and flung her arms around Adam’s neck excitedly.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” Adam chuckled a little suspiciously.

“Well, it turns out that Ada isn’t quite as clever as she thought.” Ann grinned widely, unable to suppress the ecstatic feeling that had almost had her floating.

By the time Ann had enacted the plan that she had formulated in the last few minutes, Ada and her mother would regret even daring to think that they could get away with their crimes.

This was just the beginning of their downfall, and Ann would relish every moment of seeing justice served quickly, with nothing more than the truth.

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