Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 85

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 85 Not a Crybaby

Ann allowed herself to cry for only a few moments. Ultimately, her father didn’t deserve her tears. She grieved for her mother and the life that she had never had with her, and the happy childhood that was wrenched from her so p@infully.

There was no doubt in Ann’s mind that she would eventually avenge her mother’s death, but eventually wasn’t now, and she was impatient for justice.

Narcissa and Ada deserved to answer for the crimes that they were suspected of, but she needed solid proof, and as hard as Lexi and her father were searching for answers, so far their search had reached dead ends.

Reluctantly, she removed herself from the comforting safety of Adam’s arms and wondered briefly when she had become so reliant on him in her life.

His eyes desperately tried to search hers as she pulled away, but she averted her gaze. The disappointment and hurt on his face was simply too much for Ann to bear.

She knew that she should have been stronger, she shouldn’t have cried over the events that were unfolding, after all, she had already seen this coming.

The last thing she wanted was for Adam to be disappointed in her… especially after he had been so thoughtful in securing a workspace for her…

‘Don’t be ridiculous. He’s not mad at you, Ann. Why the hell would he be mad?!’ Maeve snorted incredulously. ‘Because crying is a weakness that a Luna cannot afford.’ Ann whined miserably.

‘Oh shut up, Ann. Stop wallowing in self-pity. Crying makes you human and as much as your softheartedness pisses me off at times, you are the perfect other half of my soul. Together, we make a perfectly rounded whole.’ Maeve snapped half-heartedly before sighing deeply.

‘Look, I’m probably going to regret saying this but… you are the perfect squishiness, to my bolshy aggressiveness Ann… we complement each other.’ Maeve mumbled reluctantly, i

Ann was lost for words momentarily and she could feel Maeve’s regret instantly as soon as she had said it. Ann suppressed a giggle as she tried to process Maeve’s attempt at revealing a less crude side to her personality. ‘Did… did you just call me squishy?’ Ann snorted gleefully, her low mood dissipating quickly.

‘Oh f*uc*k off, Ann. I was trying to console you… I feel your p@in too you know and its f*uc*king uncomfortable. If you’d prefer the glorious original version of myself then you shall have it gladly…’ Maeve grumbled as she cleared her throat.

‘Are you ready?’ Maeve snorted.

‘I’m all ears…’ Ann quipped.

‘Okay… fine… you had your chance to back out.’ Maeve sighed, taking a deep breath. ‘Stop whining like a little baby, Ann, nobody likes a crybaby. Adam isn’t angry or disappointed or any of those petty emotions you think about relentlessly. He’s angry at himself because he can’t fix it for you. Alpha’s don’t like being helpless.’ Maeve answered snarkily.

‘Ouch… I’m not a crybaby…’

‘You were warned. Now… woman up and sort yourself out. You’re making me queasy. Let Adam get all handsy again to take your mind off it or something…’ Maeve muttered as she slunk away moodily.

‘That’s the last time I try to play nicely… ungrateful human…’ she muttered angrily to herself before curling up in the corner sulkily.

“Ann, look at me, please..”

She was snapped out of her inner dialogue with Maeve by Adam’s gentle voice, and she smiled up at him softly, reaching a hand out to run her fingers through his hair. “Sorry… Maeve was… telling me off. I thought you were disappointed with me for giving in to my emotions…” “What? No! I would never…” Adam protested loudly with an indignant look of horror on his face.

“I know… don’t worry. I guess I got wrapped up in my emotions too deeply. Maeve pulled me out pretty quickly though. I’m sorry about that.” Ann apologized quickly.

Even though she knew that she didn’t have to apologize, she knew that she would feel better if she did. Adam deserved better than all of this drama, yet he still stood by her unfalteringly.

“I overheard most of the conversation, Ann, I didn’t mean to but your father isn’t well known for his quiet manner of speaking, and…well…it seems that he has only gotten worse with age.” Adam chuckled humourlessly before exhaling heavily.

“So, we managed to avoid one treacherous Elder Council at my pack, only to wind up in front of another at your father’s behest. How do you want to play this?”

Ann pursed her lips grimly as she debated her options. “I mean, Maeve’s go-to option for ripping them to pieces won’t go down too well with the public I think…” Ann answered finally with the barest hint of a smile on her lips as Adam chuckled darkly.

“I’m all for that you know. Together, we could be the kingdom’s most hated Alpha and Luna.”

“I mean… you already have that title, Mr.Ruthless.” Ann teased.

“Hey… how else was I supposed to survive as a young Alpha at the head of the Pack? It would have been taken from me in seconds if I dared to show mercy to those that would happily rip me apart and leave me for the crows.”

Ann rolled her eyes at his sullen face.

“I was teasing…” she said before she was rudely interrupted by him suddenly grabbing hold of her firmly and slamming her back against the wall.

Ann’s breath caught in her throat at the smoldering heat in his eyes as he leaned over her and the playful smirk on his face as he lowered his head and hovered his lips millimeters away from hers.

She felt his hand find its way under her shirt and travel slowly upwards as his teasing grin widened.

This man was going to be the death of her. Every move that he made sent her heart into a frenzy and the slightest touch of his skin against hers had the fire in her belly ignited and her whole body ready to beg for his attention.

“And so was I… I am ruthless… and you love it when I am, Ann… don’t pretend that you don’t…” he murmured softly as his fingers found her n*pple and he squeezed it gently, drawing a whimper from her lips.

“I can feel your desire in your gaze and I can smell your l*st when I take command of a situation… is that what you want? Is that what turns you on?” He murmured softly.

For the second time that day, as Ann felt herself teetering on the edge of giving in to what they clearly both wanted, her phone rang.

“Are you f*uc*king kidding me?” Adam growled, his eyes flashing in irritation as Ann reached for her phone sheepishly.

Adam exhaled loudly and stepped away from her, hastily readjusting himself as he did so.

“c*oc*k blocked by that damn phone again…” he grumbled angrily under his breath as he side-eyed Ann a little resentfully.

“I can’t not take this Adam, I’m sorry… it’s Eva.” Ann apologized quickly as she picked up the call.

“Oh my goddess, FINALLY!” Eva exclaimed on the other end of the phone.

“What’s wrong Is everything okay?”

“It’s more than Okay, Ann. You’re not going to believe this… I found something that can prove definitively that you didn’t attack Ada.”

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