Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 83

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 83 The Inheritance of the Throne

“There is no redeeming yourself now Ada. If the Coven demands that you are to be flayed alive, then as far as I’m concerned, they can take their sweet time doing whatever it is that they want to with you. You’re a disappointment, a f*uc*king disgrace!” Narcissa hissed venomously as a malicious smile spread across her face. “What’s going on? Narcissa?”

Instantly, Narcissa’s face froze and after a moment’s hesitation she stood upright and smoothed her clothes down, before plastering a sickly sweet smile on her face and turning to face the unexpected visitor.

“Leopold, Darling, what a lovely surprise.” She purred, her voice like silk as she faced the confused expression of her husband.

“You didn’t have to come all the way here, my love. We were just about to head home.” Narcissa purred as she shimmied her way over to where Leopold stood uncertainly.

She ran her hands down his chest and looked up at him coyly, a flirtatious little smirk on her bright red lips, and instantly all of his uncertainty dissolved as he grinned benignly down at her.

Narcissa scoffed internally, this pathetic excuse for an Alpha King was no challenge for her anymore…it took all the fun out of it. She despised this man with everything that she had, but he had never been able to tell, she was simply too good at hiding it.

“My Queen… what were you shouting at Ada for? There’s no reason to be angry with her, is there?” Leopold asked gently as he wrapped his arms around his wife, and pulled her close against his chest.

Narcissa faltered for only a second before recovering quickly and raising herself on her tip-toes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“It was nothing dear. I used harsher words than I intended because of my frustration with the whole situation. Ada needs to learn to stand up for herself and not allow this sort of behavior.” Narcissa purred as she ran her fingers idly up and down his arm. i

“Stand up for herself? But Narcissa, she’s pregnant! She should be protected..” Leopold laughed in disbelief.

“Nonsense.” Narcissa said with a wave of her hand, “The world is a cruel and unforgiving place and Brad is hardly reliable anymore since Ann rejected him. His wolf has lost all protective instincts and I worry about his capability to protect not only our daughter but his pack too.”

Leopold frowned, seeing the wisdom in her words, and hummed thoughtfully.

“If she can’t protect herself, my love, then what chance does the poor unborn child have, hmm? She has no safety. .no protection.. .just imagine if Ann tries this again.. there’s no telling what might happen. God forbid she actually go after the baby once it’s born..” Narcissa added hurriedly, feigning anxious concern.

There was no changing the events of today so she was left with no choice but to go along with the stupid scheme that her moronic daughter had concocted, and try to make it believable.

Leopold laughed darkly.

“She wouldn’t dare…” He scoffed before stopping suddenly and remembering the run-in he had with her only a few hours ago.

She had changed. Adam Nocturne had destroyed his kind and gentle daughter, morphing her into someone he no longer recognized. There was no telling what she might do next. Unless…

“Narcissa, my Queen, don’t worry about it too much. I have already fired her from her position in the company, she can no longer set foot in our corporate headquarters, and in addition, I have contacted the Elders.” He stated proudly glancing across at Ada’s fragile figure on the bed and smiling rea*s*suringly.

Narcissa’s head whipped up as she panicked internally and she pushed away from him, taking a step back as she broke free from his embrace.

If the Elders launched an investigation, she was finished. She had laid low all these years successfully and no one had ever suspected a thing…

“The Elders? Surely there’s no need to get them involved?” Narcissa questioned, a little sharper than she intended. Thankfully Leopold hadn’t noticed and he smiled indulgently at her with that disgusting soft look that he gave her when he thought he was being the dutiful partner. It was sickening.

“You are too soft on my wayward daughter, my love. Although she is clearly influenced by that traitorous whelp that she has mated with, I cannot allow her to threaten the health and well being of both my family, and my kingdom.”

“What are you saying?” Narcissa asked, instantly curious as to what he intended to do. There was no talk of an investigation so that meant… no. Surely he couldn’t be so gullible as to..

“I intend to have them s*tri*p her of her title and transfer the inheritance of the throne to Ada. Ann has proven herself untrustworthy and I will not have the life of my firstborn grandchild put on the line.”

Narcissa was speechless. She blinked up at him in shock, too stunned to speak as her mind reeled.

Had her moronic daughter actually fast-tracked her original plan? They were actually going to gain control of the throne so easily?!

She wanted to laugh out loud and struggled to contain the gleeful smile that begged to spread across her lips.

Instead, she turned to face Ada and glared at her with a chilling stare.

Ada swallowed nervously as her heart seemed to stop as soon as their eyes locked on one another. Her mother’s eyes communicated everything that she could not say aloud right now.

Even though Ada’s hastily enacted plan to ruin Ann’s reputation had reaped rewards far greater than she had ever dared hope for, she knew from the murderous glare that her mother directed at her, that if she screwed things up again, there was a very high chance that she would pay the ultimate price at the hands of the coven. She had to play this perfectly. There was no more room for mistakes.

Her life and that of her unborn child depended on it.

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