Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 82

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 82 The Baby is in Perfect Health


“Well?” Narcissa demanded imperiously as she stood in the corridor outside of her daughter’s private room.

The consultant in charge of her daughter’s care narrowed his eyes lightly and cleared his throat before he spoke. No wonder the midwives didn’t want to deal with her, her arrogance was almost suffocating.

“Everything seems fine with the baby, your highness. We can’t pinpoint where the blood originated from though, there was certainly no sign of any bleeding internally at least.” The doctor said flatly, glancing suspiciously over Narcissa’s shoulder and into the room where Ada reclined lazily on the bed.

He frowned slightly as he watched Ada flicking through the phone as if nothing had happened, an odd grin on her face as she covered her mouth with her hand and laughed.

“Are you quite sure? Are there no more tests that you can run to make sure?”

“I can a*s*sure you, your highness, that the pictures obtained on the ultrasound were perfectly clear. The baby, and your daughter, it seems, are in perfect health. Aside from the small cut on her head.” He replied, trying desperately not to clench his jaw in frustration.

This woman made his skin crawl. Now that they were certain that the baby and her daughter were fine, the sooner they were both out of his ward and the hospital, the better.

Narcissa flicked her hand at him dismissively, waving him away rudely and though he was annoyed at her arrogance, he turned and left, his fingers gripping the electronic register in his hand tightly.

Narcissa closed her eyes and exhaled deeply, counting to ten slowly in her head as she thought of all the ways that her daughter had sabotaged her carefully laid plans. Her reputation within the coven was ruined beyond repair and if she didn’t fix it soon, she could very well end up paying with her life.

This peace offering had been a last-ditch attempt at trying to get Ann at least to a point where she wouldn’t be prying into her father’s business too deeply.

If she caught even the slightest whiff of what Narcissa had done all those years ago, and continued to do daily, she knew that Ann would stop at nothing until she was f0rced out of the palace.

It had been a delicate balance that she struggled with daily as she tried to balance her own daughter’s failings against Ann’s conscientious nature. Ada was a disappointment in every way.

Narcissa had often bitterly thought to herself about how much easier her life would have been if Ada had shared at least a few similarities with Ann.

Every single day had been an excruciating struggle just to keep her daughter in line. Every argument and drama she came whining to her with was so… pathetic and irrelevant to the bigger picture, that Narcissa had wanted to throttle her on numerous occasions.

But she had been f0rced to restrain herself. It would have ruined her plans completely if she gave in to her sadistic and vengeful urges.

Ada should have been married off to Alpha Nocturne when she came of age, securing the strength of not only the royal lineage and the military power they commanded through Narcissa’s marriage but also the f0rces of Alpha Nocturne’s Dark Moon Pack.

He lead the most powerful Pack in the kingdom, aside from the Alpha King himself. Their combined f0rces would have been unstoppable and an invaluable asset for what the coven had been towards for such a long time.

But her stupid daughter had to ruin it all and give in to her own petty vendettas and stole away the perfect distraction for Ann.

Narcissa’s eyes snapped open and she gritted her teeth furiously as she tried to contain her anger.

She turned abruptly and swept into the room, pushing the door open f0rcefully and continuing through unfazed as it slammed against the wall of Ada’s room.

The loud banging of the door startled Ada and she visibly jumped, her hands fumbling for her phone that she had lost her grip on.

She looked up at her mother with furious eyes as she clutched her chest.

“Was there really any need for that? I’m still recovering you know.” Ada protested pitifully.

“Are you, though?” Narcissa snorted as she scowled down at her daughter.

Ada visibly blanched and swallowed nervously.

“I don’t… what do you mean mother? You saw what happened…”

“No, Ada, I did not and you are fully aware of that. Only you, and Ann, know exactly what happened in that room and I’m not sure that I believe your version of events at all.” Narcissa answered coldly.

Ada feigned an expression of shock and hurt as she covered her mouth with her hands, but Narcissa didn’t buy it. She rolled her eyes to the ceiling momentarily and glared furiously at her daughter’s guilty face.

“Drop the act, you stupid little girl. I can see right through it.” Narcissa hissed furiously, sweeping her eyes over her disdainfully.

Ada seemed to shrink back into the pillow but there was no escaping her mother’s fury, or her soul-piercing glare. “Did I not warn you after your idiotic little trick at the banquet? Have you forgotten what’s at stake here?” Narcissa continued, the dangerous undercurrent in her voice chilling Ada to the bone.

She shook her head furiously and bit her lip as she looked up at her mother warily.

“No, mother. I haven’t forgotten.” Ada almost whispered in a trembling voice.

“Then tell me WHY you keep disobeying me!” Narcissa roared as she slammed her fists onto the bed and leaned over her imposingly.

Ada flinched and screwed her eyes shut as she held her breath, expecting the harsh sting of a slap from her mother’s hands, but nothing came.

She tentatively opened one eye and exhaled slowly as her mother’s face sat only centimeters away from her own.

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