Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 76

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 76 She Planned This!

“Just because you ‘can’ say it, doesn’t mean that you ‘should’, your highness,” Adam growled. “Are you not even going to ask her what happened?”

Leopold laughed darkly as he narrowed his eyes where the two of them stood.

“What is there to ask? I’ve seen the results of her own handiwork with my own eyes! Why would I ask her what happened? Do you think I want to hear my own daughter lie to my face and make excuses for her despicable behavior?!”

Ann’s heart sank even though she had been expecting this reaction.

But she couldn’t say nothing. She had to at least try. “Father, please…” She said quietly with a pleading tone to her voice, but it fell on deaf ears.

“Isn’t that what Ada said to you when she was begging for you to stop your attack?” Her father answered coldly. Ann felt Adam’s strong arms wrap around her shoulders as she hardened her expression. She wouldn’t let her father see her cry. It solved nothing and just made her look weak.

“She said those words, yes. But I can a*s*sure you that I didn’t lay a single finger on her father. You have to listen to me. She planned this, all of this! It’s nothing more than an elaborate setup designed to drag my reputation through the dirt!”

Leopold scoffed loudly at his daughter’s attempt at an explanation.

“Don’t be ridiculous Ann! No one in their right mind would ever..” he protested disbelievingly, but Ann cut him off before he could continue.

“But that’s just it father! She isn’t in her right mind! She never has been! She’s a conniving vicious little b*tch who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, no matter who gets hurt in the process! She’s just like her damn mother!” Ann yelled furiously, the unshed tears threatening to spill out from where she held them tightly. Leopold’s eyes narrowed dangerously, but Ann noticed that she couldn’t sense even the slightest presence of his wolf anymore. There wasn’t even the faintest trace of a scent around him that she could identify as his wolf’s.

“Don’t you dare say another word against my wife Ann! If you keep going…”

“You’ll what, father? Disown me?” Ann snorted defiantly, “You haven’t behaved like a father to me since you betrayed my mother, your fated mate, for that vile woman! I’m curious to know though, at least with Brad, his wolf was furious with him when he slept with Ada. What about you? What about your wolf? Does he not care? Does he not grieve for the loss of his mate and the misery of his own pup?! Maeve said he hasn’t spoken to her since Narcissa and that b*tch of a daughter arrived in my home so I’m curious how he feels about all of this.” “THAT’S ENOUGH, ANN!” Leopold roared furiously, the veins on his neck bulging as he stepped towards Ann with a menacing aura.

Adam stepped in front of Ann protectively, but Ann refused to back down and pushed past him, meeting his fury head-on.

“No…no it is not nearly enough for all the damage that you have caused over the years father. Just as you wanted me to hear what you had to say, well it’s high time you heard what I have to say!” She hissed angrily as Maeve howled her approval and surged forward to sit side by side with Ann.

Leopold froze at the sight of the sudden change in his daughter’s eyes. He knew that Maeve sat with her, and her aura was strong, powerful, and confident in her conviction.

He gathered himself quickly realizing that Ann was possibly stronger than he had ever given her credit for and snorted at her in contempt. He didn’t remember his daughter ever being this brazen before.

“I don’t know what happened to you, Ann.” He sneered contemptuously, “I never thought you would be so vindictive as to take your jealousy out on an unborn child. I’m not interested in what you have to say, nor do I owe you any explanations for my personal life.”

Ann laughed coldly as she glared at her father.

“That’s right, when has the mighty Alpha King Leopold ever humbled himself for anyone? Not even his subjects are worthy of his benevolence anymore. You’re weak, father. You have grown old, complacent, and weak and it all started when Narcissa stole you away from your real family. You can’t even own up to your failings anymore.”

“Weak? Is that what you think? Is that what this is all about? You don’t think I’m fit to rule anymore?” Leopold mused quietly to himself, as he stole a furtive glance across at Adam, suddenly looking incredibly paranoid as he tapped his fingers relentlessly against each other and began pacing anxiously from side to side.

He suddenly burst into peals of laughter as he glanced between Adam and Ann, and pointed an accusatory finger at them both.

“You! The high and mighty Alpha Nocturne… you’re behind this!” He stated loudly, his eyes wide as he teetered on the edge of hysteria, “You’ve coveted my throne for years and now you managed to get your filthy paws on my daughter, you’ve twisted her into something she isn’t.”

Ann frowned as she watched her father give in to his delusions and Maeve too went silent.

Had he really lost his grip on reality completely? He looked positively unhinged at this moment in time. “Father…” Ann said hesitantly, a million unasked questions in that single word, but he brought his hand up to silence her with a manic grin on his face.

“It’s okay Ann, don’t worry. I won’t punish you for your crimes today, but know that I cannot have you around my family anymore.”

Ann blinked in shock as her mouth hung slightly open. “Father… what are you saying?” she all but whispered. “I’m sorry Ann, but whilst you are under Alpha Nocturnes’ control, whatever he has done to you, I cannot trust you. From this moment on, I hereby relieve you of your position within the company, and I will pet*ition the elders for the removal of your title. I cannot have an heir who is compromised by external malevolent f0rces.”  

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