Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 73

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 73 The Fake Blood

“Ada, don’t do this…” Ann said lowly through gritted teeth as she held Maeve’s furious attempt to take over at bay.

Ada chuckled lightly as she tipped over the potted plant on the floor near the door, and crouched next to it, shaking the ceramic pot free from the plant and examining it in her hands thoughtfully.

“Ada…” Ann tried again, her jaw clenching p@infully, but Ada didn’t respond.

Ann watched as she positioned herself in front of the large glasswindows and threw herself against them heavily, the blinds crumpling behind her back as she let out another fake scream that was so convincing, Ann’s hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

“Please, Ann! I know you hate me for everything that happened…I just want us to..NO!” Ada yelled suddenly before staring directly at Ann and bringing the plant pot crashing heavily down onto her head.

Ann watched the blood drip down the side of Ada’s face with an incredulous expression.

What the f*uc*k was happening?

As Ada imitated the sound of sobbing loudly, interspersed with bangs and wails as she hit her fists and feet against the sofa and floor to imitate muffled punches, Ann found herself unable to move. Even Maeve had gone quiet.

Ada smirked up at her from the floor with a knowing look in her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Ann? Cat got your tongue?”

Ann tried to open her mouth to reply but found that she couldn’t.

Her heart began to race in a mild panic as she realized that she couldn’t move either.

All she could do was watch this ridiculous attempt of Ada’s to frame her and listen helplessly to the rising commotion of the staff members outside of her office door.

“Miss Veritas! Is everything okay in there?” Eva’s voice drifted into Ann’s awareness.

But Ann couldn’t answer and she screamed internally at the helplessness she felt at this moment as Ada answered for her.

“Please! You have to stop her! She’s lost her mind!” Ada begged as she yelped and wailed as if Ann was physically a*s*saulting her.

“Step aside, Eva. We’ll get in to them.” The voices of Ann’s security team rose above Ada’s wailing as the door handle rattled hopelessly.

Ada yawned and stretched as she stood and sauntered over to Ann, smirking as she lifted her hand and brought it down hard across Ann’s face, screaming as if she had been hit herself.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Ada chuckled quietly, as she sank to the floor and arranged herself so that she was curled around Ann’s feet.

Ann’s fury rippled through her as the stinging p@in of the slap spread across her cheek.

She bit back the tears that pricked at her eyes, not because she was sad or hurt, but because of the unbearable frustration of not being able to react either verbally or physically and the anger that burned in her heart.

She glared down at Ada who continued to sob loudly at her feet as the heavy impact of the guard’s bodies against the door in an effort to open it vibrated through the air around them.

As the door splintered slightly, signaling that they were about to gain entrance at any second, Narcissa’s shrill, panicked cries could be heard over the grunts and shouts of the guards.

As if on cue, Ada yelped loudly before screaming loudly. “NO! Ann, please! Not my baby! Please! It’s innocent in all of this! Nooo!”

Ann’s heart felt as though it would sink through the floor as Ada imitated the pure terror that a mother would feel in this situation so perfectly, that Ann wondered how long she had been practicing for this.

For Ada, this was the performance of a lifetime. A perfectly planned and executed setup that was designed to frame Ann and destroy her character and integrity in the eyes of the public.

She watched helplessly as Ada smiled as she sobbed and reached into her top, pulling out a clear bag filled with red fluid. She tore the corner effortlessly as she lay on her back briefly, reaching into her jeans with her hand and placing the red fluid-filled packet between her legs. “You’ll never recover from this Ann, they’ll never believe you. All of your staff will see this and immediately think the worst.” She chuckled quietly as she lifted her head slightly to check her handiwork.

Her grin widened as the red liquid seeped through the white material of her jeans and she lay back down, turning onto her side once more and curling around her legs.

“It’s a stroke of genius really isn’t it?” Ada snorted quietly as the door to the office splintered again.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. Fake an attack and make people believe that you injured me so badly, even my unborn child’s life was at risk.” Ada sighed theatrically. “Even mother didn’t know about this, I wanted a genuine reaction from her so that it would be believable.”

As the door splintered and the guards rushed in, closely followed by Eva and Narcissa, Ada’s expression changed instantly and she sobbed quietly as she curled around Ann’s feet.

Ann felt the paralysis disappear almost instantly as her eyes took in the horrified faces of the guards and Eva, as Narcissa’s shrill wail of anguish pierced the air and she rushed to her daughter’s side.

Ann took a shaky breath as she stepped back and felt Maeve’s groggy and confused presence reappear in her mind.

‘What…’ Maeve whispered hesitantly, horrified at the sight of Ada curled at her feet and covered in what appeared to be blood.

‘You were right, Maeve. It was all a trap. She’s staged this… that’s fake blood.’ Ann murmured back in disbelief. ‘What?! Then tell them! Stop them looking at you like that and believing the worst!’ Maeve urged frantically.

Ann lifted her eyes slowly to the doorway and saw it now crowded with her office workers, all with the same expressions of horror written across their faces and eyes filled with disgust as they stared at Ann.

The only faces that seemed uncertain were those of the guard who spoke up against Narcissa earlier, and that of Eva, who hesitantly approached her.

“Ann, what happened?” She asked tentatively, ignoring the forms of Ada and Narcissa still huddled on the floor. Ann opened her mouth to answer but was cut off instantly by Narcissa’s furious voice.

“I think it’s pretty obvious what happened here, don’t you?!” She shrieked, “We all heard it, and not a word from Ann the entire time! Look at her office! It’s glaringly obvious she attacked my daughter and her unborn child!”

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