Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 72

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 72 Nothing But A Trap

Almost instantly Ada’s face seemed to darken at the sound of her mother’s footsteps click-clacking away from the office and disappearing down the corridor. Her pouty lips curled into a sneer of disgust as she narrowed her eyes at Ann.

“You think you’re so f*uc*king perfect don’t you?” Ada spat furiously, the full f0rce of her hatred burning clearly in her eyes as she glared at Ann intently.

Ann laughed suddenly, an ironic sound that seemed harsh in the quiet of her office, and completely out of place given the statement that Ada had just made.

“And there she is.” Ann smirked, almost triumphantly, “I knew the real you was hiding under there. What is this? Keeping up the pretense of a remorseful, vulnerable woman so that my staff takes pity on you?” “Shut up! I don’t know how you got Adam wrapped around your little finger, but he was supposed to be mine!” Ada hissed furiously.

Ann laughed again as she raised a mocking eyebrow at her.

“Adam was supposed to be yours? In what fragmented reality was this supposed to happen? So you mean to tell me that despite having your heart set on someone else, you still went after my fated mate and took it upon yourself to seduce him for yourself?”

Ann tutted slowly as she swept her gaze over her.

“Now that wasn’t very smart, was it? Don’t you think you’re being a little greedy? You know how Alpha’s are, Ada. They don’t share, and very rarely do they accept the spawn of their partner if it isn’t theirs by blood. Especially in your circ*umstances…there’s no way that Adam would ever accept your accident resulting from your duplicitous scheming as an acceptable excuse for having a child.”

“You watch your mouth you arrogant little WH*ORE!” Ada hissed as she stamped her foot angrily.

“WH*ORE?” Ann said disbelievingly, “That’s a bit rich coming from you, don’t you think?”

“What would you f*uc*king know? The perfect little princess with a perfect life, you never had to struggle for anything!”

“Ah, so we’re back to the jealousy again,” Ann exclaimed in mock surprise, rolling her eyes as she did so. “Ada, seriously, don’t you think it’s time you grew up and got over whatever chip it is that you have on your shoulder? You’re going to be a mother. Are you really going to bring a child up with such bitterness in your heart?” Ann sighed internally.

So much for her stepmother and step-sister being on the same page when it came to putting on a united front for her father’s sake.

She knew that she was being harsh with Ada and coming off as unfriendly but she wasn’t going to let Ada think that she could walk all over her anymore.

Ann eyed her warily though, still acutely aware of the potential for Ada to twist this situation into something that could ruin Ann’s reputation, and Maeve’s warning still rang loudly in her head.

‘I f*uc*king told you not to trust her.’ Maeve hissed angrily.

‘Don’t blame me when the consequences of your irrational stupidity hit you square in the face.’

Ann grunted slightly in response to Maeve, her attention focused entirely on Ada. Something seemed to have changed in her demeanor and a bad feeling rolled in the pit of Ann’s stomach.

As she tried to shake the feeling off, her mouth set into a grim line as she wondered if it was an early premonition of things to come, i

“Don’t think I wanted to come here today either Ann.” Ada sneered as she wandered over to the desk and idly ran her fingers over the basket handle as she flicked her gaze up to stare at her icily.

“Then why bother at all, Ada? I’m purposely staying out of your way, so why do you insist on bothering me constantly? Just forget about me and move on.” Ann answered in a bored tone.

This was getting really old, really quickly, and quite frankly Ann was tired of it all. All she wanted now was to have both her vicious step-sister and her stepmother out of her workplace so that she could work in relative peace.

Ada snorted.

“Do you think I really have anything that resembles a choice now? I’m just doing as I’m instructed…” Ada said, her voice tinged with sadness as she glanced down at her belly and ran a hand over it.

Ann frowned deeply at the abrupt change in Ada again.

That seemed to be the first real emotion that she had ever shown in front of her other than anger.

Her heart lurched uncomfortably.

Why was she like this?

Why did she care whether or not Ada was in a difficult position or not?

Ann’s conscience pricked as Maeve swore furiously at her in her head as she took a deep breath and took a tentative step towards Ada.

“Ada…if you need help…I can help you, you know? Life doesn’t have to be difficult for you…we don’t always have to be at each other’s throats…”

Ada suddenly lifted her eyes to glare at Ann and laughed a little manically.

“Difficult? Oh, Ann, you have no f*uc*king idea what my life is like. The last thing I will ever do is accept help from a pathetic, mangy fleabag like you! By the time I’m done, you’ll be begging for my forgiveness!” She hissed menacingly as an unhinged fire seemed to light in her eyes.

In one fluid movement, she took the basket and lifted it into the air dangling it in front of Ann mockingly.

“You can beg for my mercy and my forgiveness, but you’ll never have it, Ann. I won’t ever stop until I’ve completely destroyed you.” Ada warned in a sickly sweet voice, as she threw the basket at the door with as much f0rce as she could muster.

Ada grinned widely as she let out a loud and blood¬curdling scream and ran her hands through her previously immaculate hair, intentionally messing it up as she sauntered across to the wall closest to the door and looked towards Ann.

“Ann, please! I’m sorry! Please don’t do this!” Ada wailed loudly with that same smile plastered on her face as she leaned forward and locked the office door.

Ann’s heart sank as she realized just how foolish she had been to think that Ada could ever want to have repaired the relationship between them.

Maeve was right, this was nothing but a trap.

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