Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 71

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 71 Make Amends

Narcissa froze as Ann watched the confrontation with interest. She hadn’t really thought too much about how the population felt about a non-shifter inheriting the position of Luna Queen.

But this dialogue brought a slight smirk to her lips despite her attempts to suppress it. Maeve snickered gleefully inside of her head as they watched a murderous-looking cloud descend over Narcissa’s face.

Narcissa turned slowly to face him and glowered fiercely. “Bold words for a lowly ranked guard in an office.” She sneered, “I wonder how my husband will react when he finds out about the dissent amongst the lower ranks.”

Instead of backing off, the guard snorted and narrowed his eyes, the swirling irises of his wolf visible even to Ann at the distance she was from them.

“With any luck, the Alpha King will come to his senses and get rid of the things he should have done a long time ago.” He sneered.

Narcissa visibly paled as Maeve whooped excitedly in her head and Ann couldn’t help but share in her wolf’s jubilation.

However, whether they liked it or not, Narcissa was married to the Alpha King, and talk of this could result in the Guards’ arrest for treasonous disorder.

As much as she didn’t want to, she had to put a stop to this before he found himself in hot water. The guards had been good to her, and she would hate for them to be put in a difficult position.

“That’s enough,” Ann said sternly. “There is a time and a place for differing views to be aired in regard to the King and his family’s conduct. I suggest you air those opinions there.”

Narcissa sniffed haughtily and stalked forward, ushering Ada into Ann’s office and pushing past her arrogantly.

As soon as they had passed, Ann flashed a wink at the guard and a warm smile. He inclined his head slightly and the ghost of a smile played at the corner of his lips before he returned to his position.

Maeve grumbled her disapproval as Ann entered the office and shut the door behind her, bracing herself for the onslaught that she was sure to find herself at the mercy of in the next few minutes.

Narcissa had already settled herself on the sofa and Ada held the handle of the basket tightly, her knuckles turning white with the f0rce she exerted.

Ann sauntered past them casually and sat in her seat behind her desk as she leaned back and peered at them curiously.

“So, now that you have ruffled my staff and disrupted my work day, despite me making clear to you yesterday that I didn’t want to speak, nor see either of you, what do you want?” Ann questioned coldly.

Ada stole a furtive glance at her mother, whose face remained impassive before standing and placing the basket on Ann’s desk, removing the covering.

“I simply wanted to try to make amends with you sister…” She said quietly as Ann raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

Before she could stop herself, she snorted at her in contempt.

“Make amends? You f*uc*k my mate, fall pregnant with his child, try to steal heirlooms that weren’t ever rightfully yours, and then question the validity of my bond with my goddess-blessed second-chance mate in a public interview and in your delusional little world, you both think that a basket of sweeties and cakes will somehow make up for the irreparable damage that you have caused?” Ann hissed angrily.

Ada swallowed nervously as she took a step back and looked back at Narcissa for rea*s*surance, but Narcissa’s face was impassive as she stood and swept forward elegantly.

“Come now, Ann, don’t be a brat. You and I both know that Ada doesn’t thin things through fully before she opens her mouth… or her legs for that matter.” Narcissa observed dryly as she glared back at her daughter.

Her viciousness towards Ada left Ann momentarily taken aback, and the look of hurt that flashed across Ada’s face seemed to be pretty genuine.

“Please, if you can’t take it as a peace offering from my daughter, then at least accept it from me. I’m fully aware that our relationship has always been strained Ann, and I understand your hatred toward me, I really do. However, I’d like to put it behind us at least. For your father’s sake if nothing else.” Narcissa continued nonchalantly.

Ann was a little confused by this turn of events, and although she could sense the waves of hatred rolling off Ada towards her, Narcissa seemed to be pretty genuine in her stated wishes.

Narcissa sighed suddenly and smiled tightly.

“Let me go and help your secretary with the drinks at least. If anything perhaps I can improve my image among your staff…”

She turned and headed towards the door, flinging it open abruptly.

“Her name’s Eva,” Ann said loudly, causing Narcissa to stop in her tracks.

She turned and fixed Ann with a speculative look as she continued.

“She’s my a*s*sistant, not my secretary, and her name is Eva. Every person that works here has a name surprisingly enough, and if you want to take steps to ingratiate yourself towards them, then I would suggest treating them as equals, not as if they are below you.”

Narcissa frowned and then chuckled suddenly.

“This is where you and I are very different Ann. They are not my equal, and they never will be. I am their Queen, they are my subjects and they should respect me because of that.”

“Respect is earned, it is not a right,” Ann answered in irritation.

“For you maybe, but not me. I demand respect, or there will be consequences for those beneath me. However, as a gesture of goodwill, whilst I am in your workspace, I will play nicely.” Narcissa purred silkily, the sound sending an involuntary shiver down Ann’s spine.

Ann scowled as Narcissa turned and left the office, shutting the door behind her and leaving Ann alone with Ada.

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