Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 60

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 60 Two Lovebirds

“Stop looking at my Luna.” Adam snarled angrily as Allen stared at him with disbelief.

He twisted suddenly and broke free of Adam’s grip before he darted a short distance away from him and stood looking between the two of them.

“Since when did you get so possessive?” He asked, eyeing him warily.

Adam responded with a snarl as Alien’s eyes drifted to the obvious mark on his neck and he pointed excitedly, with his eyes wide open in stunned disbelief.

“When… What… Wait! You’re marked! What?! Are you..?! No…” He stuttered as a myriad of emotions and questions fluttered across his face.

Ann chuckled and made her way over to Adam with the sheet still wrapped tightly around her. Adam growled warningly and pulled her into his side and wrapped his arm around her as he scowled at Allen dangerously.

Ann rubbed her fingers backward and forwards gently over the back of his hand, hoping that he would be calmed down a little by the sensation. She half wished that by some miracle, those telltale sparks would appear under her fingertips, but they didn’t and she felt her heart sink in disappointment.

“When did you two mark each other? I didn’t… does this mean that you’re actually mates?! You weren’t even in here last night when I came back to speak to you, Alpha! Where were you!” Allen demanded suddenly, with a look of incredulity on his face. 

Adam growled lowly, the deep rumble seemingly vibrating through the air, and Ann sighed lightly.

“Don’t worry about the marks, that’s our business and no one else’s.” Adam snarled.

“Adam, Allen is only concerned. Be reasonable.” Ann said soothingly as she smiled lightly at the confused Beta in front of them.

“We decided to take our wolves for a run last night Allen. That’s all. They needed a little break and to stretch their legs, that’s all. I’m sorry we worried you.”

‘It would be nice if you actually did let us out for a run..’ Maeve grumbled

‘I will when it’s safe to Maeve, I don’t want anything to go wrong here.’

‘What?’ she snorted derisively, ‘You don’t think that I can protect you?’

‘Not at all, I know you’re more than capable, what I’m worried about is you being susceptible to outside influences again and being f0rced into doing something regrettable.’ Ann explained calmly as she felt Maeve descend into a sulky silence at her words.

Allen looked between the two of them warily before sighing and gesturing wildly to the new marks on their necks.

“Whatever this is… I just hope that you don’t regret any of it. It should be enough to shut the Elders up anyway. I don’t know what’s gotten into them lately. They’re currently,milling about downstairs waiting to catch a glimpse of the Luna and her mark.” He said as he sighed and rolled his eyes.

“If they lay one hand on her…” Adam snarled.

“Yes… they will be appropriately punished Adam, I know.

I certainly didn’t expect them to challenge your authority so openly anyway. I was pretty shocked if I‘m honest.” Allen said as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“Anyway, breakfast is served downstairs. They seem to have gone all out this morning. There’s chatter amongst some of the omegas that you two might end up with pups at some point soon…hence the huge breakfasts.” He grimaced.

Ann blinked in surprise.

“They think I should be pregnant soon?” Ann said carefully as Maeve jumped around excitedly in her head. “Well, no offence… but… you two aren’t exactly quiet when you’re going at it. Contracted or fated mate… whatever you two are… you certainly give the bonded mates a run for their money.” Allen sniggered as Ann’s cheeks blushed a beautiful shade of scarlet.

Adam grinned widely.

“I suppose it would be nice to have a few little ones running around, don’t you think?” He said grinning as he turned to smile at Ann.

The expression on his face froze before it slowly faded at the look of uncertainty on her face.

Did she not want this as much as he did? After all, he was expected to bear heirs at some point, and now with the mark in place, there was no disputing their bond.

The first thing that mated couples normally did was to try for their first set of pups.

They rarely waited unless there was some sort of strife in the pack or the packs that they were allied with that carried the risk of violence.

“Do you not think we should wait a little, Adam?” Ann asked hesitantly. 

Adam frowned at her and she swallowed nervously.

“I just mean, with so much going on at the minute and the… uncertainty… about certain issues,” She said looking meaningfully between Allen and Adam, “I’m not sure it would be safe for me to be pregnant at the minute.”

Allen hummed thoughtfully.

“She’s not wrong, Alpha, she could become the target of any attacks… as well as your unborn pups. Whether your bond is real with her or not, the bond with your pups is a blood bond. It would devastate you and leave you open to further attacks.”

A cold chill swept over Adam. They were right. He hadn’t considered that his own unborn children might become casualties of whatever was going on in the shadows.

He sighed heavily.

“Okay. Point taken.” He said brusquely as Ann seemed to let out an audible sigh of relief, which for some reason, made Adam’s heart hurt p@infully.

“Come on then you two lovebirds, hurry up and come down for breakfast. Let’s see what these old farts have been plotting.” Allen said as he smiled tightly.

One thing was for sure, today seemed like it was going to be a difficult one.

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