Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 56

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 56 The Unfamiliar Territory

“Not actively… he’s tried… but…” Ann tried to explain as she glanced across at Lexi in annoyance and noticed a strange expression on her face as she looked thoughtfully at Adam.

Lord Brarthroroz didn’t let the conversation go further though as he cleared his throat loudly and spoke.

“So a large amount of concealment is going on then, around both Alpha Nocturne and yourself it seems. I must say, this is all very curious. I don’t know of any active plots among the renegades that are going on in your realm, and the lords are not willing to move against your realm again.”

“Do you think we can help them with this too, Papa?” Lexi asked suddenly.

“It will require some reconnaissance on my end. I want to know exactly who I’m dealing with. It may be Witches but this has the taint of daemons behind it. There is clearly something more going on here.” Lord Brarthroroz frowned.

“Can’t we just k*il*l the b*tches and get on with it?!” Lexi exclaimed suddenly, hitting the side of the armchair violently as her eyes flared red.

“Patience, daughter, now where would the fun be in that? I want to know exactly who they are working for and when I find out, I am sure that there will be no objections from the rest of the Daemonic Council when I imprison them and spend the next few centuries making them pay for their crimes.” He grinned wickedly with a ruthless glint in his eyes.

Ann understood at that moment, that this wasn’t just Lexi’s Papa, this was a Daemon Lord that was perfectly capable of bringing a world to ruin if the urge took him. She swallowed nervously.

“So, what do we do now then?” She asked, failing to keep the trembling out of her voice as Adam squeezed her hand rea*s*suringly.

“Simply wait. I will do what I need to do and I will let you know when you can move ahead. Is that agreeable, Alpha Nocturne?” Lord Brarthroroz asked calmly, his previous malice had vanished without a trace.

Adam nodded curtly.

“Excellent. Now that’s out of the way, I believe we should discuss your false mark.”

Lord Brarthroroz looked intently between Ann and Adam. “I will make this clear before we go any further. This is not something that I take lightly and I do nothing of this magnitude without serious thought. However, after talking with you just now, I feel that your fates are inevitably intertwined at this point and if you are not fated… then you damn well should have been. I don’t know what your ‘Goddess’ has planned for you but I do know that at this time you both deserve to be able to work through this… interference… with an ally at your sides.”

Ann glanced across at Adam and smiled rea*s*suringly. She could see the barest hint of fear in his eyes as they both knew what was coming.

“This is not a normal binding and will be made infinitely more complex by the darkness inside of you, Adam. So the plan will proceed as follows. I’m aware that mating and marking binds your wolves together, and neither of you has yet tried this yourself for fear of the mark healing badly and being exposed, and also for offending either your true mate in your case Adam or in your case Ann, your second chance mate.”

Lord Brarthroroz stood and walked to the table, pouring himself a glassof wine and offering it to Ann and Adam, who politely refused.

When he retook his seat, he took a long gulp from the overlarge glassand stared at them intently.

“As soon as you have mated and marked, you need to drink these,” He said as he snapped his fingers and two small shot glasses filled with a clear liquid appeared on the table in front of him.

“What’s that?” Adam asked suspiciously.

“A sleeping draught that will render you unconscious.” “And cut us off from our wolves?”

“Do you usually converse with your wolf when you’re unconscious?” Lord Brarthroroz asked wryly.

Adam snorted but said nothing further.

“Having seen the darkness within you, I think that the p@in may be a little too much to bear, even for a big strong Alpha like you.” Lord Brarthroroz teased as he winked at him.

For the first time ever, Ann witnessed Adam squirming uncomfortably as his cheeks flushed a little red and she had to stop herself from giggling nervously.

“Well, whenever you two are ready, you can make your way through to the bedroom. I would suggest eating a little food before you go through though, the shot of sedation has the nasty aftereffect of making you ravenously hungry afterward. Having a little bite to eat beforehand can often help.”

After they had eaten a light meal they made their way through to the bedroom, both of them feeling a little uncomfortable with the situation.

As Ann closed the door behind them, Adam did a perfunctory sweep of the room, and she sighed, smiling lightly as she looked at him.

“Adam, I think you can relax…”

“I can’t help it. Call it instinct or whatever, but… this is unfamiliar territory, my wolf is a little uncomfortable and if I don’t settle his anxiety then I very much doubt I’m gonna be able to even get it up properly.” He snapped tightly as he prowled around the room.

“Oh, nice. So the thought of f*uc*king me doesn’t appeal to you anymore, Alpha?” She asked huskily as she looked up through her lashes at him.

Adam paused in his frantic pacing and looked over his shoulder at her with a dark look in his eyes.

“The thought of f*uc*king you drives me insane for the majority of the day, and hearing you call me Alpha…” He trailed off as he stalked towards her.

Ann smirked and made her way slowly towards the bed, turning her back to him and slowly removing her clothes as she moved away from him, dropping them on the floor.

Adam rumbled lowly in his chest and before she knew what was happening he had lifted her legs from under her and threw her on the bed, hurriedly climbing above her and trapping her between his arms as he stared down intently at her.

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