Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 55

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 55 The Dark Witch

“Have you thought that perhaps the people who murdered your parents wanted to conceal your mate from you so you would be f0rced to take a chosen mate?” Lexi said suddenly through a mouthful of food as she plonked herself down on a chair next to them.

Adam frowned.

“But why? Taking a chosen mate isn’t a rare occurrence. Sometimes an Alpha doesn’t find his true mate and not having an heir weakens the Pack, so it’s seen as a necessary evil in most cases.”

Lexi nodded slowly, as she sat forward and rested her chin on her hands with a thoughtful expression.

“True, but have you considered that a concealment curse would be the best fit because they also wanted to conceal the ident*ity of your parent’s k*il*lers?”

Lord Brarthroroz chuckled.

“Very clever, Lexi… yes… it’s entirely possible. Perhaps the k*il*lers intended to have someone of their choosing take a place at your side as a chosen mate. It would make sense. You were present when your parents were k*il*led?” Lord Brarthroroz asked suddenly very interested. “I’ve already said I don’t remember!” Adam exclaimed loudly in frustration as his hand tightened around Ann’s. The silence extended between them for a while before his shoulders sagged and Adam sighed heavily.

“I don’t remember… but the Elders say that I was present when they died. I was unharmed but dazed. I spent almost a month in an allied Packs hospital as shortly after my parent’s death, the Pack was attacked. Our old allies sent reinf0rcements and ensured the Pack’s territory was held, but… the losses were devastating. My Beta’s father ran the Pack until I was old enough to take over but… it was a mess when I finally took the oath.”

Adam seemed exhausted by the time he had finished speaking and Ann’s heart shattered at seeing him in such emotional turmoil.

Adam suddenly lifted his head and looked at Ann with a strange expression on his face.

“That’s not all… There have been some odd occurrences in Ann’s life too. Her mother’s death…”

“Adam… don’t,” Ann said softly.

“Ann, if there’s more going on here then perhaps we can help. We need to know and if it’s a Dark Witch suddenly making a lot of moves and attempting to seize power… then that usually means something much bigger than her is lurking behind the scenes.”

Lord Brarthroroz nodded with a strange look on his face. “Dark Witches with this sort of old, and ancient magick usually either take it from Daemons by f0rce, or they are gifted it in exchange for contracting to a Daemon… this… could be quite messy if it’s going where I’m thinking it is.” Ann exchanged a look with Adam as Lexi snorted.

“I bet it’s that little skank and her WH*ORE of a mother.” “You might not be wrong, Lexi,” Adam said suddenly, earning a look of surprise from all of them as he stared murderously ahead.

“When Ann attacked Ada at the engagement banquet, Maeve was adamant that she didn’t come forward willingly, she said she was f0rced forward.” Adam abruptly explained.

“Who’s Maeve?” Lord Brarthroroz asked with a frown. “Ah, that would be my wolf… sorry,” Ann said sheepishly. “Adam’s right, it’s not just that incident though. Recently, my wolf has been very loud. I had just a*s*sumed when I lived at the palace that she was more of a quiet-natured wolf, but since I’ve left the palace, she’s been anything but quiet.”

Lexi sniggered.

“She’s a feisty little wolf, Papa, you’d like her,” Lexi interjected.

Ann grimaced,

“Yeah, it’s like having two Lexi’s. One that lives inside of you and one that you only see occasionally when you feel like you can handle her for an hour or two.”

“Hey! I’m a f*uc*king delight to be around!” Lexi objected as she crossed her arms indignantly in front of her.

Lord Brarthroroz chuckled indulgently and Ann grinned across at Lexi before continuing seriously.

“When I went back to the palace for the engagement banquet, Maeve had been present for most of the day, and then suddenly, it was like she disappeared completely.”

‘I didn’t disappear, I… I think I fell asleep… everything that happened at the palace is always foggy, all I know when I’m able to talk to you again, is that before… it’s like you aren’t there anymore and… and I’m alone…’ Maeve whimpered sadly.

Lord Brarthroroz frowned slightly as Ann appeared to freeze mid-conversation and Lexi sent him an understanding nod.

“They do it a lot, Papa, you’ll get used to it. If they suddenly zone out, it’s because their wolf has something to say,” Lexi explained as she reached across to pat his gargantuan forearm rea*s*suringly

“I see…” Lord Brarthroroz replied with the barest trace of amusement in his voice.

“Sorry…I know it’s a little strange when you first see it.” Ann grimaced.

“Not at all, it’s not the first time I’ve interacted with shifters. It has however been centuries since I’ve had much interaction at all with them. Things tend to get forgotten over the millennia unless it’s immediately relevant.” He replied nonchalantly, “So what did she have to say? Was it anything relevant to the situation at present?” He continued, leaning forward with interest. “Well, Maeve said that when we’re at the palace… she thinks she’s asleep, but she doesn’t know. It’s as if she can’t find me anymore. Almost as if she’s completely alone. In addition to that, she hasn’t been able to talk to our father since he moved them in.”

“And Ada f*uc*ked your mate…”

Adam growled warningly at Lexi and for a second she was shocked. She recovered quickly and laughed lightly. “Ok, Wolfy, no need to be so sensitive. Ann’s ex-mate. Ada f*uc*ked her ex-mate.”

“He also claims that he has very little memory of the event. Yet she’s now pregnant with his pups and he’s taken her as his chosen mate.” Ann nodded in agreement with Lexi’s words as she explained a little further.

“Yeah, while still desperately pursuing you.” Lexi snorted. Adam’s head whipped to look at Ann and a low warning rumble emanated from his chest as he narrowed his eyes.

“He’s still pursuing you?” Adam demanded furiously.

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