Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 36

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 36 Out Of Control

She grimaced and shrugged, as she focused intently on the digital screen of the camera she had brought along. “They wanted a journalist from the agency to report, so here I am. If they don’t like it, they can eat my a*s*s.” She snorted as she frowned in concentration.

Ann watched her struggle with the camera for a little while as they made their way to a quieter area of the ballroom. She grabbed a drink for them both from one of the passing waiters and they took their places unobtrusively on a little chaise lounge at the side.

“Ah, Jesus… finally! God, I hate these things sometimes.” Lexi muttered as she turned her attention fully to Ann. “Okay, sorry about that, these damn cameras can be a nightmare sometimes. Now. Maeve. Brad. Spill.”

Ann chuckled. She wasn’t sure it was a good idea to discuss that with her here. If the wrong person heard even the slightest whisper of what had gone on, she was sure that the resulting PR disaster would not be pretty. “I think, I’ll probably need you to read between the lines a little bit here, Lexi. You know our hearing is better than most so… bear with me.” She grinned.

Lexi nodded along as Ann gave her a very much diluted chain of events up until now. When she had finished Lexi’s face had morphed through so many emotions that Ann was emotionally exhausted just from watching her.

“I don’t know what Brad was even thinking, but f*uc*king hell Maeve. Well done. I swear, if I had a wolf, I would want her to be just like Maeve.” She whispered in awe. “How’s she coping with tonight?” Lexi continued, her brows creased in worry.

“Actually, she’s a little quiet. I thought she’d have more to say about all of… this…” Lexi grimaced, gesturing wildly at the ballroom around them.

“Yeah, me too. She’s very quiet actually. I’m not sure if she’s angry at me or just depressed with the whole situation. She was a little snarky when we arrived but that’s about it.”

Lexi frowned and stared at Ann intently. She laughed awkwardly and pushed Lexi on the shoulder lightly with a grin.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Nothing. It’s probably nothing. I was just thinking, that’s all.” Lexi replied finally after a bit of a long pause. She sighed and stood up, looking around them with a trace of disdain.

“Well, I suppose I’m going to have to actually do some work while I’m here… don’t particularly want to show any of this in a good light because of how f*uc*king awful they’ve been to you.” She grimaced.

Ann smiled softly and stood, moving closer to her and squeezing her arm rea*s*suringly.

“Honestly, it’s fine.” She grinned. “I’m pretty much over it. I have my Alpha… for a little while at least and who knows… maybe things will finally turn out for the better.” She grinned.

Lexi returned her smile and covered Ann’s hand with her own.

“Listen, If that Alpha does anything to hurt you… I’ll personally rip his balls off.” She said seriously. 

“Oh, my days… what is it with you and Maeve?!” Ann laughed loudly, causing more than a few heads to turn toward them in curiosity.

As they were about to separate whilst Lexi mingled, and Ann began to return to stand at the dais, a loud commotion arose from the entrance behind the dais that led to the banquet hall.

Lexi hurried over to Ann, changing the direction of her attention almost immediately.

An audible gasp rose from those gathered around the dais and Ann and Lexi hurried forward, the sea of people parting before them in order to let Ann through.

Ann gasped as the more than disheveled figure of Brad emerged from behind the chairs that the happy couple was supposed to sit on.

“No f*uc*king way…” Lexi exclaimed gleefully as she raised her camera to her face and began snapping away merrily, a jubilant grin plastered across her face.

Brad looked awful. His hair was a mess and he continuously fidgeted with his clothes. His skin was sickly pale and he looked like he hadn’t slept for weeks. Ann felt a brief pang of guilt as she took in his appearance. Rejections hurt and they put you through hell physically as well as emotionally and that was exactly what Brad was experiencing right now. If she hadn’t had a good reason for rejecting him, then she too would be experiencing the exact same p@in that he was now.

Brad’s eyes found hers in the crowd, and he held them sadly. Ada tried desperately to get his attention but he barely looked at her, his attention focused entirely on Ann.

Ada whipped her head around following the direction of his gaze and after a few seconds, she found me. The fury and loathing in her eyes made my stomach turn.

“You!” She screeched as she turned and pointed to me, forcing everyone else to turn and stare too.

“You did this!”

There were audible gasps from the people around Ann as they stepped back and away from where Ann stood, and Ann heard Lexi’s hiss of anger beside her.

Ann’s father, the Alpha King stepped forward hurriedly and pushed her arm aside angrily. The words he whispered furiously were heard by everyone, despite his intentions.

“Control yourself, Ada! Now is not the time!”

Accusatory eyes swiveled between Ann and the group on the dais, already everyone was quickly forming their own opinions and the whispering had begun.

Narcissa joined the Alpha King in attempting to calm Ada as Brad shuffled and staggered his way forward, to take his seat on the chairs. He slumped down on one with his head bowed as Ada pleaded with her parents to fix it and make it better. 

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