Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 33

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 33 You Have To Suppress Your Wolves

“Right. I suppose it’s kind of like a scar, but it never disappears as the mark left is an acceptance of the claim and marks each partner as off limits to others.”

‘Doubt it would have stopped Brad… it didn’t stop your father either…’ Maeve muttered angrily.

Ann chose to ignore Maeveā€™s comment but she knew that Maeve was right. The mark wasn’t infallible, it just signified ownership if you really thought about it.

“Dad already explained what would happen if you tried to mark someone that wasn’t your mate, so I know that it’s not possible to do that alone. But, we were thinking, if we infused the mark on each of you with Dad’s binding magic and magic to prevent healing… he thinks that it might work.”

Ann chewed her lip as she thought Lexi’s words over. It wasn’t a bad idea in theory. They would be bound to each other and wear each other’s marks and it would scar as normal.

By all outward appearances, it was entirely possible that this might work.

“There’s just one catch though, Ann,” Lexi added hesitantly.

Ann frowned at the tone of her friend’s voice. For once, she actually sounded a little hesitant.

“Why do you sound so worried, Lexi? What’s the catch? Lexi was silent for a few seconds before she sighed heavily.

“You would have to suppress your wolves after you were marked so Dad can perform the required magic before it begins to heal.”

Ann’s heart sank. There was no way that Adam was going to go for this. An alpha without his wolf was an easy target and she doubted that he would consent to be made so vulnerable.

“I don’t know if he’ll go for that, Lexi,” Ann said, the disappointment in her voice inadvertently leeching out into her words.

Lexi sighed lightly.

“I know, sweets, but it’s the only option that we have. We don’t even know if this will work but it’s the best that dad could come up with. We can be discreet about it. Dad can come to you, and so can I, and you guys can do your thing, bite each other and then we’ll come to you and fix everything else.”

“Will your dad be ok surrounded by shifters though? Lexi snorted in contempt.

“I’m sure dad would eat these little shifters for breakfast in his true form Ann, no offense. An underworld is a big place, and so are the beings that inhabit it. He hasn’t been up here since… well… making me I guess, so he’s a little excited at the prospect of a holiday. It’s a bit sad really.”

Ann chuckled. She had next to no knowledge of the daemons’ worlds, only the histories of her world, and they did not speak kindly of the daemons that had infiltrated society with the help of the Midnight Covens all those years ago.

“Okay, I’ll try and catch him to ask what he thinks. If we don’t have any other options then he really doesn’t have a choice. I cannot answer for him though.”

“No worries, sweets. By the way, what time are you arriving at the disaster of an engagement banquet tonight?” Lexi asked casually.

“Goddess, I don’t know, maybe six? I can’t be late, I don’t want to upstage anyone and really, I should be there to greet the guests as well.” Ann sighed.

“S*cks to be you.” Lexi teased.

“Don’t remind me.” Ann snorted before her face suddenly brightened as she realized that Lexi had no idea the state that Brad would be in tonight.

“By the way, don’t be surprised if Brad is a little worse for wear when you’re taking pictures.” Ann sniggered. “Oh? Do you have some juicy gossip for me?”

“I think I’ll leave it as a surprise for you. Let’s just say that he turned up at my office earlier and Maeve made an appearance.”

Lexi squealed in jubilation at the mere thought of Maeve getting her revenge.

“Oh my gosh, I would have paid to have seen that.” She groaned regretfully as Ann chuckled.

“I’m sure it will make for interesting photo’s tonight for you anyway,” Ann laughed.

“I can’t wait!” She shrieked excitedly, before the sound of her hand over her speaker and muffled words could be heard.

“Ugh, sorry, Ann, I have to go. People are incompetent and need me to do their jobs as well as my own. Catch you later!”

Ann grinned to herself as she hung up and threw her phone on the bed. 

She supposed that she should really start looking at a k*il*ler outfit for tonight. She knew that the gossiping socialites wouldn’t make it easy for her. Speculation would be rife as to why she and Brad had parted ways and why he was now engaged to her sister.

She was interested to see how it would all play out. As much as she didn’t want to go tonight, she would make damn sure that she would knock them dead with her appearance.

Ann arrived back at the Alpha King’s palace to much fanfare. Reporters were lined up outside waiting and the flashes of the cameras began snapping furiously the moment that she stepped out of the car that had been sent to collect her.

The security personnel followed her closely as she made her way up the gold-embroidered red carpet that had been laid at the entrance and ran up the steps.

She waved and smiled demurely, ignoring questions shouted at her as she made her way to where her father and stepfamily stood waiting for her.

Ann had been very careful with selecting the outfit that she had chosen tonight. She wanted to make a subtle statement that she was no longer a woman that was reliant on her father’s good graces and that while still loyal to her father and their royal lineage, her priorities were different.

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