Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 32

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 32 The Bite Mark

Adam had disappeared shortly after their steamy session with his Beta, Allen, leaving behind two of his men as protection, despite Ann’s protests.

Ann wanted to talk to Adam about Lexi and get an idea of how he felt about any possible solution they might come up with regarding the lack of a mating mark.

Although it wasn’t an issue now, she knew it would be in the future. The elders weren’t stupid, and neither were the pack members. Having a temporary fix would at least shield them from suspicion for that issue.

She had to admit she was incredibly curious about his particular curse though and as they arrived back at the pack house, she resolved to ask him about it once things had settled down a little.

She would have to get through the stupid engagement ceremony relatively unscathed though. Ann couldn’t understand why her father would want to rub her mate’s betrayal in her face like this. It was such a cruel thing to do in her mind.

If she hadn’t ended up entangled with Adam, she wasn’t sure what sort of emotional state she would be in right now.

‘I don’t know why we have to go listen to them gloat anyway’ Maeve grumbled testily.

‘It won’t look good if we don’t go. Try to remember that I’m still a member of the royal family by birth whether they like it or not. It’s expected that we attend all of the official functions.’Ann sighed, as she made her way through the common areas of the house and took a seat at the kitchen table, flicking her phone out.

‘Well, I expected my former mate not to shove his d*ic*k where it didn’t belong buuuuut…’

‘Yes. I know, Maeve, we’ve been over this so many times. It’s over and done with now, we have to move on. Geez, you’re like a dog with a bone…’

‘I’m a wolf… we are canines… we like to eat.’?Maeve answered as quickly as a flash.

Anne groaned internally as Maeve sniggered.

‘Okay, that was the wrong terminology there, I walked straight into that one.’

‘Maybe you’re more like Brad than I thought seeing as how…’

‘Alright, stop. Look, if it makes you feel any better, at least by going tonight we can inspect your handiwork and see what state he’s in. You know as well as I do that the rejection is going to be all the more p@inful thanks to his wolf’s refusal to help.’

Maeve’s ears picked up and Ann could feel her slowly coming around to the idea.

‘Come on, Maeve, I’m not happy about this either, but at least you’ll get to see how much he’s suffering.’Ann coaxed gently.

With a snort, Maeve agreed, suddenly anticipating witnessing the misery that Brad would be in.

Ann rolled her eyes at Maeve’s sad*stic tendencies and scrolled through her phone, catching a message from Lexi purely by coincidence.

‘Hey! Call me when you’re free, I have a solution but it depends on how your tasty piece of muscle feels about it.’

Ann snorted and picked her bag up, deciding to head to her bedroom. She had a feeling that this sort of conversation wasn’t one that she wanted to be overheard by any of the pack members that might be milling about.

She hesitated at the door to Luna’s room and looked guiltily at the door to the bedroom that she and Adam now shared.

Really, she could do with having an office at the pack house for sensitive calls. She didn’t really want her work -related calls to be held in public either and she preferred to separate her workspaces from her personal spaces.

‘Adam doesn’t seem to care where his personal spaces are for intimate business…’Maeve smirked

‘I’m fully aware, thank you, Maeve.’she answered as her cheeks flushed furiously at the reminder of her morning’s activities.

Ann pushed the door to Luna’s room open, running her hands over the beautiful engravings of the door as she did so and found herself wondering about the former Luna’s.

She shut the door behind her and took a seat on the bed as she dialed Lexi’s number.

“Hey, gorgeous, what’s up?” Lexi’s voice answered breezily from the other end of the phone.

“You said to call so…” Ann trailed off.

“Ah yeah! Sorry sweets, I’m absolutely rammed with work at the minute. I completely forgot I sent you that.

• • •

‘We were getting rammed not so long ago..’ Maeve commented in a perverted tone in her head. 

‘Shut up, Maeve…’Ann hissed in reply.

‘You’re no fun.’ she wailed miserably.

“Hey! Tell Maeve I said hi, but, also to pipe down, will you? I hate repeating myself and I need to let dad know what your answer is as soon as possible.”

‘Tell her to go blow goats.’ Maeve answered sweetly. “I won’t tell you what she replied Lexi. Honestly, she was so much quieter before we moved here and now all of a sudden it’s like she’s transformed into a perverted she-wolf in heat.” Ann groaned in frustration. “Excellent. It’s about time you got laid!” Lexi snorted. ‘See! I’m not the only one who thought so!’ Maeve sniggered triumphantly.

“Oh my god, will the two of you shut up!” Ann exploded angrily.

The sounds of Maeve and Lexi sniggering in tandem had Ann fuming in silence.

“I thought you were busy” Ann snapped testily at Lexi. “I am, but I’ve missed teasing you.” she sighed happily, “Anyway, dad says he might have a solution, but I don’t think either one of you is going to like it.”

Ann listened intently as Lexi explained the options that she and Adam had available to them.

“So, dad thinks a normal binding won’t do the trick by itself. We talked about the possibility of a tattoo to hold the magic weave and perhaps an item, but you both need an actual physical manifestation of the bite mark, right?” Lexi explained.

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