Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 31

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 31 You’re a Pervert

Ann whimpered as he began circling her nub at a torturously slow pace, and she bit her lip as she fought the urge to push against him, desperately seeking the sweet ple@sure and the sensation of him filling her inside.

Adam lifted a hand to cup her face as he began to attack her lips, swallowing her m*oa*ns as her legs quivered with the sensation that he was slowly building inside her.

Without warning, he removed his hand from her p*uss*y and ended his a*s*sault on her lips, splaying his hand across the surface of her folds and pressing down, as if attempting to seal it.

Ann shuddered at the delicious pressure and simultaneously whimpered at the sudden removal of his attention.

He smirked at her and repeated the question yet again. “The name, Ann… just tell me the name, and I’ll give you what you want?”

Ann’s cheeks flushed furiously as she fought with the desire he had @roused in her and battled with her conscience.

She was torn. Maeve had already sent him away with his tail between his legs, and with the p@in of the rejection and his wolf refusing to help him, she wasn’t sure if he deserved the punishment that Adam would dish out. 

Although she had pushed Maeve’s chatter away, she could still feel her disapproval and anger ripple through her at Ann’s hesitance to punish Brad further for his transgressions.

She bit her lip and looked up at Adam hesitantly.

“You can do it, Ann,” He coaxed again as he brought his right hand up under her blouse and found his way under her bra, rolling her n*pples gently between his fingers.

She gripped the table for support as her legs began to feel shaky and unashamedly pushed her hips forward, desperately seeking him inside her now.

Adam chuckled as he began to slowly circle her throbbing nub again and Ann m*oa*ned loudly as her head tipped backward.

“f*uc*k… Adam… I want you inside me…” Ann whispered huskily as Adam growled in frustration.

“Name, first…” Adam snarled as she whimpered under his touch.

“Oh… f*uc*k… okay…” Ann panted as he increased the speed of his attention on her nub.

As she felt the fire build inside her, she struggled to catch her breath and without warning, Adam pushed 3 fingers inside of her as he squeezed her n*pple firmly between his fingers.

“IT WAS BRAD! OHHH, f*uc*k!” Ann yelped at the sudden intrusion inside of her.

“Good girl,” He smiled as he curled his fingers inside of her and pumped his fingers in and out of her relentlessly. She felt his hands remove from her bre@sts momentarily and the sound of his zipper being undone filled her with anticipation.

In one fluid movement, he removed his fingers from her dripping w*et p*uss*y and flipped her around so that she was bent over the desk, pulling her skirt up and around her waist.

Adam positioned himself at her entrance, her p*an*tie*s pushed to one side as he gripped her hips on either side. “Good girls always get rewarded Ann… do you want your reward now?” He growled huskily.

“Yes! Oh, yes! Adam, I want you…”

Adam pushed forward into her, the bulging tip of his c*oc*k stretching and filling her as he pushed forward slowly inside her, his hands firmly guiding her back.

“Ann… you’re so tight!” he hissed as he filled her completely.

Ann whimpered as he began moving in and out of her and she grasped the table for support. His chest pressed against her back as he reached forward and slipped his fingers between her legs, rubbing at her sweet spot as the speed of his thrusts increased.

She bucked forwards against his fingers as his c*oc*k slammed into her until she had his hand trapped against the desk, his fingers working frantically as she panted and m*oa*ned loudly.

Adam grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head upwards, turning her face towards him as her back curved into an arch to meet his demands.

Adam’s mouth covered her own, devouring her swollen lips, the motion of his lips and tongue inside her mouth almost matching his thrusts as he swallowed all of her m*oa*ns.

He suddenly tipped his head back and growled.

“f*uc*k Ann, what are you doing to me?! I just want to be inside of you, forcing these m*oa*ns from you in every way possible all of the damn time.”

Ann whimpered helplessly as she felt herself about to come undone. Her breath caught in her throat as she m*oa*ned and stiffened slightly and Adam began to pound into her with such a ferocity that she was left breathless. Adam stiffened and grunted as he slammed her back onto him and her climax came at the same time as he emptied himself inside of her. The walls of her p*uss*y milked him of every last drop as he shuddered behind her, panting hard.

She couldn’t believe that she had just allowed him to f*uc*k her in her own office. She had to work at this desk, and now she would be forever reminded of this moment whenever she sat here.

Adam pulled out of her and tapped her n*ake*d a*s*s, smirking as she turned around to glower at him with flushed cheeks.

He slipped a finger around the waistband of her p*an*tie*s and flicked the elastic playfully against her skin.

“I’m going to need to take these.” He said, pulling his trousers back up and fixing her with a charming grin.

Ann’s heart seemed to flutter in her chest as she took in his playful appearance and instantly erased the feeling, scowling at him as she stood upright.

“Not a chance, why on earth would I give you those?!” Ann glowered as she began to pull her skirt back down.

Adam quickly grabbed her wrist and stared into her eyes intently, his irises still black with desire.

“Because if you don’t, then I intend to turn up here every day that you’re at work and repeat today’s encounter as many times as I see fit.”

Ann paled slightly and begrudgingly slipped them down over her legs, bending and picking them up gingerly.

They were soaked through with her w*etness and she grimaced as he took them from her hands with a grin, and shoved them into his pocket.

Ann curled her lip in disgust as Maeve purred happily inside of her.

“Your musk is addictive Ann…” he shrugged nonchalantly.

“You’re a pervert…” She muttered angrily.

“Yes. Yes, I am, and you love it, Ann..”

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