Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 29

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 29 Fake A Mating Mark

Ann chuckled.

“I’m proud of what you did though, Eva. Do you know how many females would have just rolled over and done as he asked? The fact you stood up to him says a lot about you.”

Eva’s face lit up.

“Thank you, Ann. That means a lot.” She answered happily before a look of realization crossed her face. “Oh! I almost forgot, I came here to tell you that Alpha Nocturne will be here to pick you up shortly.”

“What?!” Ann exclaimed loudly. “Why?! f*uc*k!”

Eva looked at Ann in confusion.

“I’m sorry, Maeve said to call him to come and collect you… should I not have called him?”

Ann was positively fuming. She couldn’t believe that Maeve would reach out in that way and make it appear as if she couldn’t take care of things herself. How was she ever going to get him to take her seriously if he had to run to her rescue when things got a little difficult?

Ann sighed heavily and tipped her head back in frustration, her shoulders sagging.

“Did you want me to call him back and tell him that it’s not necessary?” she asked quietly.

“No, it’s fine Eva. Don’t worry. I’ll handle it.” She said wearily. 

“He’ll be about half an hour anyway. I’ll fetch you another coffee while you wait.” Eva said decisively.

Ann watched her leave before she turned to stare angrily out of the window.

This wasn’t shaping up to be the best day today. Even with her run-in with Brad, she was still going to be expected to attend the stupid engagement party.

Ann snorted.

How delightful that was going to be. She wondered idly what sort of reception she would receive from her stepmother and that conniving b*tch of a step-sister but eventually decided that it wasn’t worth worrying about. Whatever happened, she just had to make sure that she stayed calm, and kept Maeve under control. The thought of Brad in bandages at his own engagement party did bring a small smile of satisfaction to her face though.

As Eva dropped her coffee off and they chatted about trivial company matters, Ann’s phone rang. Eva excused herself and made her way out of the office, closing the door behind her.

Once it was closed, she answered the call.

“Hey, sugar t*its how’s things?” Lexi’s voice chirped out brightly.

“God I wish you wouldn’t call me that, Lexi, it’s so crude.” Ann grimaced, rolling her eyes.

The sound of Lexi’s amusement rang out clearly from the speaker

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. You know I love teasing you. I can’t stop long actually I just called to let you know, I have the dubious ple@sure of covering your godawful step-b*tch Ada’s engagement party tonight. I didn’t want you to think I’d gone there willingly.”

Ann snorted.

“I’ll see you there then,” Ann answered drily.

“f*uc*k off. Are you seriously going?!” Lexi shrieked angrily. “Before you start… yes, I am. My dad wants me to go apparently and if she wants to gloat, she can do so with ple@sure. She’s going to be pissed when she sees the state of him anyway.”

“Why do I feel like there’s a story that I need to know behind that statement? What happened?” Ann smirked


Loud hoots of approval were thrown loudly from the other end of the phone and Ann couldn’t help but laugh. “Ah Ann, I really love your wolf you know? I know that you’re in good hands when I’m not around to kick b*tt for you.” Lexi sighed happily.

“Oh f*uc*k! Lexi, I need to ask you something actually. If you don’t have time now, it’s fine, but can we arrange a time to meet up and chat about it?”

“Sure. What did you want to know? I’d prefer a little heads-up if I’m going to need to find out more. I might be part Daemon and witch but sometimes I wish I had seer abilities too… it would make my life so much simpler sometimes.”

Ann chuckled.

“Well, it’s a long story but I wondered if there was any possible way to fake a mating mark between two people. Obviously with both of their consent to the fake marking, but, I mean, is it possible?”

There was a long silence from the other end of the phone and Ann could almost hear the wheels turning in her head.

“I guess it’s possible. I’d have to speak to my dad about it if I can get hold of him. It doesn’t sound like it would be too different from a standard binding, or blood contract…. wait… why are you asking this?”

Ann laughed.

“This is why we need to arrange to meet up so we can have a good chat about it. Find out what you can do for me, and if you know anyone that can do it, we’ll arrange lunch or something. How does that sound?”

Just then, a knock at Ann’s office door reverberated around the room.

“f*uc*k, I have company, Lexi. I’ll see you tonight then I guess.”

“No worries sugar t*its! Love you!” Lexi sang happily as she hung up. Ann sniggered and shook her head. Lexi would never change and for that, she was immensely grateful.

“It’s open!” Ann yelled as she placed her phone on the desk.

After a few seconds, the door opened and Alpha Adam Nocturne marched into the room with his Beta Allen and 5 burly men following behind.

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