Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 28

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 28 Accept The Rejection

Maeve smiled in satisfaction as she watched the man before her crumble.

“Now you know what I went through every time you sank your c*oc*k into that little WH*ORE’s well-used hole. You weren’t her first… and you certainly won’t be her last.” She chuckled.

Maeve stared intently into his eyes and he shrank back as far as he could. Maeve was dangerous and he knew it. “How was it? Did you enjoy a taste of your own medicine? The soul-shattering p@in as your fated comes undone at the hands of another is excruciating isn’t it?”

Brad nodded weakly, his eyes filling with tears as he clenched his jaw p@infully.

From what Maeve could make out, his wolf had turned his back on him and refused to share in his p@in, and withheld the ability that would enable him to heal quickly. She smiled sadly at the last show of camaraderie between her and her former fated.

Maeve stroked Brad’s head and shushed him, her face so close to his, that he could feel her gentle exhalations as her bewitching scent filled his very being.

“Don’t you want this p@in to end?” Maeve coaxed gently, “Because I can a*s*sure you that I will encourage Ann to take every opportunity to bear pups with the strongest alpha that we can find. It will never be you… you are not worthy of either one of us..” 

Brad stared at her wide-eyed as she smiled sweetly.

“Just let us go… accept our rejection. For what it’s worth Octavius… I wish that things had been different. You’re a strong wolf, but you need to handle your human properly.” She purred.

The tears and p@in of his wolf were released in a mournful howl as Brad shakingly accepted Ann’s rejection.

Maeve would never show it, but she grieved for the loss of Octavius too. She had loved him deeply and he was an innocent casualty in all of this mess. Maeve would make sure that Ada suffered for the p@in she had caused, one way or another.

As Brad collapsed on the floor, sobbing helplessly and clutching his hands to his chest, Eva appeared at the doorway, with the security detail at her side.

They eyed Maeve warily as she stared sternly back at them.

“I will not harm you for your failure in your postings, but you should know that he almost k*il*led Ann. I took control before she lost consciousness completely, but she is still not yet fully awake. Get this waste of space out of my sight and if anything like this ever happens again, I will personally have your heads, do you understand?” She snarled furiously.

The men nodded curtly and moved quickly to drag him away.

“I’m sorry,” Eva murmured weakly, the bruising to her face already starting to show.

“There is nothing to be sorry for. You did your best and I am thankful. I will not show mercy to those that injure my family Eva, and you, are as good as one of my own. Take the rest of today off to recover.”

“But…” Eva began to protest but stopped immediately at the fury in Maeve’s eyes.

“No arguments, Eva… however, I would appreciate it if you would arrange a ride for us back to our new home … the number is in Ann’s phone. You’ll want to call Adam Nocturne.”

“Adam?!” Eva gasped in shock. Maeve shot her a steely glare and Eva swallowed nervously.

“Yes, Maeve. I’ll see it done.” she nodded meekly, making a mental note to ask Ann about the startling turn of events when she next got a chance.

“Good girl” Maeve nodded as she seated Ann’s body in the chair that she loved so much.

Now all she had to do was wait for Ann to recover and hand control back. She was curious just how much of this Ann would remember.

When Ann finally came back to her senses, she was still in a little disbelief about what had just happened. Maeve had retreated back to her haven and was currently sitting, preening smugly at how effortlessly she had handled obtaining Brad’s acceptance of their rejection. ‘I still think it could have been handled with a little more diplomacy and tact Maeve. You don’t always need to fight your way to a solution.’

‘Correction… You don’t always need to fight your way to a solution. I enjoy it. The adrenaline makes me feel like life is worth living.’

Ann grimaced as Eva scurried into the doorway and paused, eyeing Ann a little warily.

‘See? You’ve even managed to freak Eva out. Honestly, I worked so hard with her 

 ‘I told her that I wouldn’t hurt her…’

‘After you’d just effortlessly destroyed an Alpha Male in front of their very eyes!’ Maeve sighed happily.

‘I did, didn’t I?’ she grinned smugly.

Ann rolled her eyes and swore at Maeve’s arrogance, before smiling warmly at Eva and beckoning her in. “Eva, I’m sorry about Maeve she’s a little…” Ann paused, trying to think of a suitable way to describe Maeve’s character and personality.

‘Spicy?’ Maeve offered with a smirk.

“Willful and arrogant sometimes.” Ann continued loudly, trying to ignore Maeve’s chatter.

‘Rude of you…’ she retorted before Ann shut her out completely.

“She doesn’t always think before she acts, but I promise you, she would never hurt you.” Ann finished, managing to keep the irritation out of her expression at Maeve’s constant interruptions.

Relief seemed to wash over Eva and she bounded into the room with a worried look on her face.

“Are you okay though, Ann? I tried my best to keep him out, but when I tried to stop him… he was just so strong …” She said forlornly, hanging her head in shame.

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