Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 27

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 27 Who Was In Between Your Legs!

She had only taken over this position late last year and was still sifting through the enormous amount of administration that her predecessor had willfully neglected.

She had come across an email from one of Alpha’s Nocturne’s departments regarding a potential collaboration on a large project from a few years ago and pursed her lips thoughtfully.

Ann didn’t know the full extent of his business interests, but she really should start to take an active interest. All she remembered was her father’s frequent bouts of fury over the fact that Adam’s interests often overlapped with his own, and he had lost out on more than a few lucrative contracts because he was able to provide better offers.

The world wasn’t as it used to be, where family favor won you contracts. If you wanted to do business with the humans as well as the supernatural’s, you had to prove that you had a talent for what you were employed to do, and not just rely on the fact that you had a big name backing you.

Reputations were easily tarnished with the rise in popularity of social media and Ann had become adept at navigating the ins and outs of gossip columns. It was something that her father and step-family were vastly underprepared for.

The picture caught of Brad and Ada together just proved their inept*itude.

Ann snorted to herself. That was sure to be a car wreck as the years went by. She felt sorry for the child growing in Ada’s belly. She hoped that Ada would rise to the challenge of motherhood and put her selfish nature behind her. i

She frowned as she could hear what sounded like raised voices from the other side of her office door. The sound was muffled but it was definitely much louder than the usual buzz of conversation that kept her company throughout the day.

The sound of a large crash f0rced Ann to stand abruptly and place her coffee on the table quickly. She began to make her way around the desk in order to find out what was happening.

Maeve was tensed and ready to make an appearance if necessary, growling apprehensively at whatever threat she perceived was behind the door.

Without warning, the door to her office flew open and it barely missed her face as she leaned backward reflexively.

The disheveled figure of Brad stood outlined in the doorway, his eyes slightly wild as he stared at her furiously.

“There you are…” Brad hissed furiously as he glared menacingly at her.

Ann froze in shock. She was utterly lost for words at his bedraggled appearance and the menacing aura that radiated from him in waves.

She quickly flicked her gaze to glance over his shoulder at the area in the office behind him and swore internally at the mess he had made. Eva was picking herself up off the floor, clearly dazed, and clutching her head as she staggered forward. A male employee had rushed over to steady her and as she pointed towards Ann’s office, she could see the panic in her eyes.

Ann flicked her gaze back to where Brad stood panting furiously and folded her arms defensively in front of her, her lip curling at the edges despite her best efforts… “What the f*uc*k are you doing here?” she asked levelly. “Who was it?” Brad growled menacingly, his teeth bared. Ann snorted.

“Did you take a stupid pill at breakfast or has all the time you spent f*uc*king Ada finally destroyed any intelligence that you had left? If you want me to answer anything you need to talk in coherent sentences.” She sneered viciously.

Brad snarled furiously at her and launched himself towards her, his arms extended and his hands closed swiftly around her neck, his powerful fingers squeezing furiously.

“YOU LITTLE WH*ORE! ANSWER ME! WHO THE f*uc*k WAS INBETWEEN YOUR LEGS LAST NIGHT?!” he roared furiously as Ann clawed at her neck frantically.

What the hell was happening?! Had he seriously lost his mind?


‘The f*uc*king idiot doesn’t like it when he’s on the receiving end of the p@in does he?” Maeve snarled angrily as she felt Ann’s consciousness begin to waver. ‘All those years that I took the p@in in your place, this is his karma. Now he knows exactly how it feels when your fated mate lays with another. I’ll fix this, Ann, don’t worry.’ She murmured soothingly. 

Maeve surged forward as Ann’s consciousness slipped away, her golden irises flaring like brilliant fires of demonic vengeance, where Ann’s calm orbs once sat.

She grinned wildly at Ann’s skin and reached her foreign -feeling arms upwards, effortlessly prising Brad’s fingers from around her neck and bending them backward, causing him to yell out in p@in.

“How do you like it, Brad?” Maeve snarled as she exerted a fraction of her strength to push him back, pinning him against the wall with her arm at his throat as she held his hands firmly.

Brad whimpered loudly as he fought to maintain his human form.

“No answer?” She sneered as she abruptly snapped one of his fingers back and to the side, the cracking sound echoing loudly in the now deathly silence of Ann’s office. Brad screamed his p@in as she chuckled darkly.

“I don’t blame your wolf, just so you know… I’m fully aware that you don’t listen to him at all, Brad. I pity him being paired with a weak human counterpart like yourself…” Maeve mocked with a smirk of contempt.

“But our glorious future?” She sighed, almost wistfully, before she continued. “That will never happen now. You ruined that Brad! You fathered a pup with another woman… not even a wolf… and spurned your goddess fated. I hope your wolf abandons you.” she hissed as she forcibly snapped two more of his fingers and Brad’s scream filled the air again.

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