Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 24

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 24 I Want All Of You

The fact that he had managed to get the head of his c*oc*k inside her was a miracle and he was losing the fight against the urge to bury himself balls deep inside of her.

He stilled his movements, lifting her legs a little and spreading them wide before him. He leaned forwards and kissed her softly, deepening the kiss as he palmed her bre@sts gently. As her body relaxed underneath him he moved his hands to her waist.

It was now or never.

As her eyes fluttered shut and her walls pulsated around him he pulled her waist downwards towards him as he thrust forward with all his might.

He swallowed her scream as he felt the head of his c*oc*k slam into her cerv!x and smiled to himself in satisfaction. Once Ann had gotten over the initial shock she was furious with Adam. As the p@in subsided, she clenched her fists and brought her hands up in a furious attack, landing almost a perfect right hook on the side of his face.

For a second, Adam was stunned and he reacted slowly, pressing his body against hers as he grappled with her to contain her flailing arms.

When he finally got a secure hold on them, he pinned her arms above her head and managed to restrain her successfully. His eyes were almost fully black as he glared down angrily at her furious face.

Ann glared back at him furiously, the heat from her gaze scorching as she tried her best to wriggle free from underneath him, but every movement made her wince p@infully with his enormous c*oc*k still speared inside her. “That was f*uc*king unnecessary you beast.” Ann hissed angrily.

“I disagree. I warned you at the beginning that there was no turning back once we started, and this way at least, we aren’t prolonging your p@in.” Adam hissed back.

They glared at each other for a few moments, neither one of them saying a word, before Adam’s furious gaze softened suddenly.

He wasn’t sure how to resolve this with his d*ic*k still buried inside of her. The whole situation was more than a little awkward.

He moved his hips slightly and began to withdraw his c*oc*k from inside her slowly and she screwed her eyes up in p@in.

He gritted his teeth against his conscience as he pushed himself back inside her and she m*oa*ned slightly, her eyes fluttering closed.

“I’m sorry Ann, it really was the easiest way. It won’t hurt for long, I promise…” He murmured as he lowered his head towards her bre@sts, taking a n*pple in his mouth and nibbling at the tips as he began to move inside of her.

Ann’s anger quickly turned into a strange mix of ple@sure and disdain. She wanted Adam to simultaneously get as far away as possible from her, but also pound into her relentlessly until she was full of his s*eed.

Before long, Ann was panting alongside Adam as he fulfilled her wish and pounded his full length into her as if his life depended on it. With each stroke he had constant pressure on her G-spot and slammed into her cerv!x, keeping her on a rollercoaster of p@in and ple@sure the entire time.

He had been right, the excruc!@ting p@in at the start didn’t last for long and soon she was begging for him to bury himself inside her deeper and harder with each powerful stroke.

“f*uc*k… more, Adam! I want all of you!”

“I’m not going to last long, Ann… you’re so f*uc*king tight …” He ground out with his jaw clenched.

“I don’t care… just f*uc*k me… f*uc*k me as hard as you can.” “But if I empty inside of you…”

“I want you to… f*uc*k… fill me with your c*um… I’ll take it all… every last drop…” She m*oa*ned loudly.

With a possessive snarl, Adam increased his pace to a furious speed, the loud pants, and m*oa*ns of them both punctuated by the slapping of flesh until finally, with the last few strokes he froze inside of her and emptied his s*eed deep within her p*uss*y.

He bent his head forward and licked the side of her neck, taking a grip on it with his teeth. Ann’s chest filled with panic as she pushed him away abruptly and yelped as the loss of his c*oc*k from inside her left her feeling empty. She moved across the bed slightly and pulled the covers around her, determined to cover her n*ake*dness and put some distance between them.

“Don’t you want my mark? We’ll be together for the next few years at least…” Adam said quietly as he stared at her intensely, trying, and failing, to keep the hurt from his face.

Ann shook her head gently. 

“Adam, I’m happy to do whatever it takes for now, but what if you find your true mate? I don’t want to ruin that for you. At least… let’s wait a while.”

“And the Elders? How do we explain the absence of the mark?” He asked scowling deeply as if he was taking the rejection personally.

“I’ll think of something. Until then, let’s wait for a little and see if we can find another way, okay?”

Adam nodded reluctantly as he lay back in the bed. Ann pulled the duvet under her chin and turned on her side, facing away from Adam.

That had not been part of her original plan at all, but she was glad that she had gone through with it. At least now she knew what l*st felt like. Was that how Brad felt with Ada when he f*uc*ked her every night?

She froze as she felt Adam’s arm dr@pe lazily over her, and listened to the sound of his breathing grow slower with each passing moment.

Before long Adam was sleeping soundly and she was safely nestled in the shelter of his arms. I

A strange feeling of contentment washed over her and for once, Ann truly felt like she had found her home.

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