Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 192

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 192 A Little Family of Their Own

Adam’s lips crashed against hers, devouring her hungrily as his hands found their way under her shirt, eagerly grasping at the places on her body that made her moan with delight.

The sensations threatened to overwhelm her as she fumbled with the zip on his trousers, desperately seeking the bulge that was growing within as the seconds ticked by.

“Ann, we should lock the door.” He murmured between kisses.

“I don’t give a f’*k if we’re caught, Adam… I need this… I need you in me.” She murmured as she finally freed the monster in his pants and wrapped her fingers around it.

Adam hissed lightly in appreciation and his head tilted back reflexively as she began to work her fingers up and down the shaft of his p***s, drinking in the sight of his muscular neck bared so elegantly before her.

She bent over and placed her lips along the beautiful lines of his neck and jaw, peppering kisses, biting, licking,

and sucking as she went, all the while working her hand firmly and gently along his shaft and drawing low, rumbling growls of pleasure from his chest.


She smiled gently as she continued her a*s*sault on his neck, but Adam had other ideas.

He sat up suddenly, his hands lifting her skirt around her waist and running his fingers over the material of her underwear that at this point was starting to become uncomfortably wet.

He chuckled darkly as he stood and Ann had no choice but to fling her arms around his neck, quickly wrapping her legs around his waist as he strode the few paces to the opposite side of the room and pressed Ann firmly against the wall.

The stone surface was cold through the thin material of the shirt she wore, but she didn’t care. She could feel the head of his c”k tormenting her at her entrance, and she tried desperately to lower herself to seek the release her body was begging her for.

Adam smirked against her lips as he tormented her aching n***’*s with one hand and squeezed the flesh of her a*s*s with the other, all the while relentless in his attempts to silence her moans with his mouth.

Without warning, he used the hand on her a*s*s to drive her downwards as he thrust upwards, his length sinking deep inside of her and drawing a gasp of pleasure from her throat.

Her back slammed against the wall as he railed her relentlessly before he evidently decided that it wasn’t enough.

He turned back towards the hard benches and laid her gently across the hardwood of the seats, moving her legs so that her feet were touching the wall above them as he pounded himself inside other, as he ma*s*saged her sensitive bud with his thumb.

Ann stifled the moans as best she could, but the slamming of the benches against the wall was loud enough for anyone that might have been passing to hear. There would be no doubt in any knees mind what was going on inside this room if they were overheard.

At one point, Ann would have been ashamed of something like this, but all that mattered now was Adam inside of her and filling her with his seed.

“f”k Adam… fill me… harder!” She begged as his darkened and he increased the strength of his thrusts, hitting the spot that she so desperately needed him to.

Before long the exquisite heat between her legs grew to an intensity that was almost unbearable and with a stifled wail of pure ecstasy, she came undone around him, her walls fluttering around his c**k and pushing him over the edge.

He stiffened above her briefly as he emptied himself completely inside of her, with a few more gentle strokes to ensure that he had filled her with every last drop that he had to offer.

“I could do this forever inside of you, my Queen,” he murmured as he sagged over her and Ann lowered her legs slowly to the side of them.

“If only we could,” she murmured as his lips landed on her own again. Ann groaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. “I don’t want to go to this meeting.” She pouted sullenly, “I want to go back to our room and f*’k until we collapse from exhaustion in a mess of our own sweat.”

Adam chuckled as he smoothed her hair away from her face.

“We should probably nip back and shower anyway before we attend this meeting, otherwise everyone is going to be able to smell exactly what we’ve been up to.”

“Let them. I don’t care. Nosy wolves.” Ann grumbled, “They should be pleased that we’re working on producing an heir for them to fawn over.”

Adam grinned brightly at the mere mention of pups and placed yet another soft kiss on her lips before he withdrew himself from inside of her and rearranged his clothes.

Ann sighed regretfully as she sat up and swung her legs over the sides of the bench, standing to pull her skirt back down and smooth out the wrinkles in her shirt.

“I should make it a law. Mandatory sexy time as and when the Alpha Queen desires it.” She grumbled to herself as they made their way to the door.

Ann grimaced as a surging pain rippled across her belly, and she grasped the doorframe for support. “f*uc*k…” she muttered under her breath as Maeve began to pace anxiously inside her head. “Ann! Are you okay? Did I hurt you?!” Adam asked, the panic clear in his eyes as he searched for anything external that could possibly be the source of her pain.

“No.. I mean, I don’t think you hurt me…” Ann answered vaguely as she battled to think straight through the fog of pain that was beginning to cloud her mind.

“Ann, tell me what I need to do… is it…” Adam froze as the scent of her musk hit his nose and Baldur growled possessively.

f**k. There was no way that Ann was going into any more meetings for at least a few days now.

“Adam? What is it?” Ann asked, blearily as she pulled herself upright, only for another wave of pain to force her to double over yet again.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I can fix this.” Adam said urgently as he gathered her in his arms and shoved the door open, racing through the corridors with her clutched tightly to his chest.

‘Maeve, what’s going on? Why is he acting this way?’ Ann asked, panic beginning to set in. ‘Hush Ann, it’s nothing to worry about, I promise. It’s perfectly natural. You’re in heat, that’s all. It looks like you’re going to get your wish of being secluded in your room whilst being ravaged by our mate.’ Maeve explained gently.

Ann blinked in shock. Already? Then that meant that in a short amount of time, she and Adam would be well on their way to having a little family of their own.

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