Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 17

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 17 Welcome To The Pack, Luna

Adam waited at the top of the set of stairs that led from the pathway to the veranda that spanned the width of the building.

Ann was a little impressed with the size of the main house. Its grey and white brick were accented with black slate rooftops and white pillars ran the length of the veranda, various flowering plants climbing languidly along the screens placed intermittently between them.

It probably had more in common with a small palace rather than a mansion, just because of its sheer size. It certainly reminded her of the royal palace, although the architecture and design of this house were far more modern.

Ann was a little curious about the need for a 4 storey house, but after the frosty reception she had with her questions about the education provided, she thought she would wait a little longer before she asked anything else. Adam’s demeanor was a little off, and he seemed to be a little cold toward her compared to his earlier warmth. He took her hand firmly, with no trace of a smile on his face.

“I would prefer it if you would at least attempt not to contradict me in front of the pack. I appreciate that you have different ideas of how to do things here, but any discussions will be held in the privacy of our room, or offices. A united front is imperative.” He stated in a very businesslike tone. 

Ann nodded meekly as her heart sank a little and her wolf tutted in displeasure at her.

‘We haven’t even been here an hour and you’ve already pissed him off.’

‘I agreed to marry him. I never agreed that I would make him like me.’ Ann grumbled.

‘He is a strong male who can’t find his mate, you rejected yours…I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to try to get closer to him.’

‘So you want me to roll over and agree to everything he wants like a good little wife?’ Ann snorted in disbelief.

‘I never said that. Alpha’s are touchy at the best of times. Telling them they’re wrong is the same as putting a gun filled with silver bullets in their head. You have to be smarter than this Ann.” Maeve snapped.

Ann bit back the sarcastic replies that formed on her tongue and f0rced a smile on her face.

“Of course. I may have differing opinions, Alpha,” She began, biting the last word out coldly, “But I am not stupid. You might not be aware of my background, but I’m fully aware of how successful leaders conduct themselves within a pack.”?

“I’m very aware of your background, princess. I don’t think much of your father’s choices, his policies, nor the alliances he tries in vain to forge. It seems to turning your backs on your fated mates is a common theme within the royal males and the men they choose to ally with,” He replied coldly without batting an eye.

Ann almost felt as if she had been struck across the face. She fumed silently as the front door was opened and he instinctively reached for her hand to pull her through the doorway.

A group of staff were gathered in the hallway, lined up in a uniform manner, and bowed deeply speaking their greetings in unison.

As they straightened up and curious glances were cast toward her, she plastered on her face the most welcoming expression that she could muster. She had taken a few years to master this to perfection, but she had succeeded eventually.

She had been expected to meet the foreign dignitaries that attended her father’s court and it provided a better impression for the daughters of the Alpha King to sit quietly and demurely, speaking softly to showcase their ability to rule with grace and nobility, nothing more than pretty little dolls who could be easily moulded into what was needed for the royal line of succession.

Ann had hated every second of those meetings. She was always complimented on her submissive nature in diplomacy yet fierce nature on the battlefield. With her and her wolf two halves of a whole that perfectly complimented each other, n

If they had known the fiery nature of her personality there would have been an uproar. The question remained whether she would be true to herself from the beginning here, or whether she would keep her mouth shut. After all, it was only for 5 years.

Adam introduced her to the omega staff and she greeted them happily while her mind overflowed with conflicting desires.

“Welcome to the pack, Luna. Please bear with us while we get to know your likes and dislikes. We will work our hardest to ensure that everything is to your liking.” One of the staff spoke out from the line before her.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t think you’ll need to put any extra work into accommodating me or my needs. Please, continue to do as you would normally and if I have any specific requests or needs then I’ll find someone to speak.” Ann answered warmly with a smile. The omega who had spoken merely inclined her head and answered quietly.

“As you wish, Luna.”

“Let me show you to your room for tonight, my love,” Adam said, wrapping his arm around Ann’s shoulder with a smile.

He was doing a great job of imitating affection but as Ann stood closest to him, the fond gaze that he was attempting to mimic wasn’t actually filled with warmth as it should have been.

It was ever so slightly indifferent.

As if that small disagreement they had in the car really had changed his att*itude toward her completely.

She returned his gesture and leaned into him, her performance of adoration much more convincing than his had been and for a moment, an unreadable look passed across Adam’s eyes.

He cleared his throat and took her hand in his own and with quick thanks to the staff a*s*sembled, guided her up the stairs.

Ann grinned to herself. If he wanted to punish her by shutting her out then she would show how little it mattered to her.

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