Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 169

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

CHAPTER 169 Do Everything to Make You Happy

[Mature Content]

Ann allowed Adam to gently remove her top and slip her trousers off as she lay sideways on the bed. Her heart felt as though it were about to burst with the almost reverent way that he handled her.

His wolf flickered in his eyes as he drank the sight of her near-n*ake*d body in, and a soothing rumble emitted from his chest.

Ann stared up at this beautiful, yet powerful man as he caressed every inch of her body, his fingertips gentle, yet insistent as he awakened the fire in her belly with ease.

She gasped lightly as he bent his head forwards and sealed his mouth around her n****e, flicking gently with his tongue as he slowly traced his fingers around her other b*rea*st and gradually slipped it lower, running his fingers around the hem of her panty line, sending delightful shivers of anticipation through her.

She struggled not to moan loudly, knowing full well the guards stood just outside their bedroom door, as he moved his mouth to her other b*rea*st, the sudden warmth that encapsulated her n****e drew another gasp from her as his fingers descended lower.

Her eyes flickered closed and she moaned as his fingers brushed over her almost throbbing cā€œā€œ**s, flinching slightly as he focused his attention on it for a few moments before slipping his hands out of her pants and leaning back, in order to pull her panties down off her legs.

She bit her lip to stop the whimper of disappointment that slipped out and Adam chuckled darkly as he raised an eyebrow at her.

“Don’t worry, my Queen, you’ll have your needs sated soon enough.” He murmured with a lopsided grin as he slipped his trousers and boxers down quickly before returning to his position between her legs.

Ann reached for him, but he sat just out of reach, smiling down at her with lust darkening his eyes as he ran his hands up her thighs and worked his way slowly around to the area that throbbed with an almost unbearable need.

“You’re so wet for me already,” Adam grinned as he began ma*s*saging her swollen nub with his thumb and slipped a finger inside of her. “Are you ready for me inside of you already?” he chuckled.

Ann struggled to think straight and form a reply as his fingers worked their magic down there. He slipped two more fingers inside of her and then slipped another finger inside, curling all four of them upwards and ma*s*saging herg-spot gently.

“f**k, Adam… I don’t… please… I want you inside of me…” She begged between moans, as she reached for his hands.

Adam smirked down at her.

“Right now?” he teased playfully, “Don’t you want to wait a little more?”

“Goddessyes! I mean no… f**k! Adam… right now… I need you inside me right now, Adam… please!” She pleaded as she tried to pull him towards her.

With a final thrust of his fingers inside of her, he removed them entirely and positioned himself at her entrance, lifting her legs over his shoulders.

“As you wish.” He chuckled as he held her legs tight to his chest and thrust himself inside of her.

Ann moaned with relief as she felt him sheath himself fully inside of her and began gently moving his hips against her, the sound of their flesh slapping together the only sound other than Ann’s breathy moans.

The feeling was indescribable. It was as if he quenched the need that had begged to be sated within with each thrust, the bond intensifying the sensations as he slid in and out of her with ease, but it still wasn’t enough for her.

“I need it deeper Adam… please..” She whimpered as he leaned over her, her legs still over his shoulders as he pushed himself further inside and she moaned appreciatively.

“f**k yes Adam… f**k me… fill me with your seed… I want it all!”

Those last few words seemed to snap something inside of him and he began moving as if possessed. His thrusts became more insistent, faster, and harder as Ann’s moans began to increase in volume.

As her eyes fluttered open, she gazed directly up into Adam’s eyes and saw the possessive stare of his wolf staring back at her. Maeve howled in happiness inside of her as a possessive growl erupted from Adam’s chest. “Mine…” he murmured softly as he buried himself inside of her over and over again, Ann’s cā€˜**ā€˜x building with each thrust until finally she came undone around him.

“MINE!” Adam roared, as he bent forward and clamped his teeth down on her mark, extending hero****m to the point she briefly saw stars in her eyes as she felt him stiffen and release inside of her.

They lay there, with their bodies locked together as Adam peppered her neck with soft kisses and licks, as they both fought for their breath.

She could feel him still hard inside of her and wondered briefly if this would be the time that she fell pregnant with their pups. Quite honestly she was amazed that it hadn’t happened already, but that was how it was with their kind.

It was so rare for them to conceive outside of their heat that very little thought was ever given to contraception. Perhaps they would be amongst the lucky few that managed to conceive against all odds.

Adam pushed himself up from her slightly, and he carefully lowered her legs onto the bed beside them, yet remained fully sheathed inside of her.

Without another word he lowered himself above her, to gently cover her mouth with his own, placing a tender kiss on her lips.

“I love you Ann, my Queen. Until my dying breath, I will do everything I can to make you happy.” He murmured as Ann wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, increasing the intensity of the kiss.

Her desire for this man consumed her and as the passion of the kiss intensified, Adam began moving inside of her again.

For once, the entirety of their focus was on the love between themselves and, for the time being, at least, all thoughts of Narcissa and her coven were pushed to the back of their minds as they gave in to the call of the mate bond and indulged in each other’s bodies over and over again.

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