Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 142

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 142 Get on Your Knees and Bend over

[Mature Content]

Ann whimpered against the touch of his hands that roamed freely across her body, sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body.

She gasped as she felt him pressing his c**k between her butt cheeks, directing it downwards so that it slipped between her folds.

Very slowly, Adam thrust his hips against her, teasing her mercilessly as he allowed the swollen head of his c**k to glide over her entrance and along her w*etness until it nudged insistently against her c******s.

Ann couldn’t stop the deep, throaty m*oa*n that fell from between her lips as her already overly sensitive nub was repeatedly a*s*saulted by his manhood.

The feeling of his lips against the back of her neck, his hands giving their undivided attention to both of her b*reas*ts as his fingers worked their magic on her n**‘**s sent her into sensory overload as the arousal that coursed through her crashed over her like a tidal wave of desire.

“Please…” she begged as her p***y seemed to throb almost painfully with a desperation that was driving her insane.

Adam chuckled darkly as he continued his delicious torment, his c**k slipping through her juices that replenished as quickly as the water from the shower washed them away.

“What’s the matter, princess?” He growled huskily against her skin. “Is something wrong?”

“Oh, goddess… no… I just… oh my god… Adam!”

She wanted to beg him to rail her as hard as he could, but every time she tried to speak, his fingers would pinch and twist a little tighter or his teeth would nip the area that her mark lay, chasing all coherent thought from her mind and robbing her of her ability to speak.

“Say it, princess…” He urged darkly, his own voice thick with desire too, but he was enjoying this.

She had challenged him and he wanted to make sure that she knew that when it came to her, he would never make a statement or a promise that he couldn’t keep.

“I need…” she panted between m*oa*ns, unable to finish the sentence.

“You need what?” he asked as he drew back slowly again pausing at her entrance to allow her the opportunity to speak.

“I need you to f**k me, Adam… I need you deep inside of me… filling me…” she m*oa*ned breathily.

He grinned against her skin as he simultaneously thrust inside of her and pinched her n*‘***s between his fingers, whilst biting down on her sensitive mark.

Stars erupted in Ann’s eyes as the scream of her ecstasy echoed within the bathroom and it was all she could do to bring her hands up against the wall to steady herself against Adam’s furious pounding inside of her.

“MORE! Oh, f*uc*k… Harder Adam!” she begged as her p***y continued to throb, still unsatisfied with the frenzied f*‘***g that she was currently subjected to as his length pounded inside of her savagely.

“You want it harder, princess?” He chuckled, withdrawing his teeth from her skin and suddenly pulling away from her, leaving her whimpering from the loss of his touch.

“Get on your knees and bend over,” Adam commanded and Ann hastily moved to obey his commands.

At this point, she would do anything just to feel him inside of her again, the removal of his touch had left her with an almost painful sense of loss.

“Good girl,” He growled as he knelt behind her, positioning himself at her entrance and using his hand to f*orc*e her upper body lower to the ground so that she was fully exposed to him from behind.

He growled possessively as he took hold of her hips and slammed himself into her, causing her to cry out again in ecstasy.

Ann curled her fingers into the palm of her hand as he pounded into her with a violence that felt so wrong, but so right at the same time.

His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips as he pulled her back onto him with each inward thrust, ensuring that his full length was buried as far inside of her as he could possibly go.

She m*oa*ned and whimpered helplessly on the floor as he took everything he needed from her and gave her everything that she had desperately begged him for, all the while being bombarded by the sensations of the warm rivulets of water from the shower cascading down upon her back.

Eventually, as her c****xto built to the point of no return, his furious pounding finally pushed her over the edge and her walls fluttered around his c**k as she wailed her release.

Seconds later, Adam seemed to stiffen slightly in his movements behind her, and they became more erratic as he thrust inside of her.

With a final grunt and a low, drawn-out exhalation as he f*orc*ed himself as far inside of her as he could go, the head of his c**k banged against her cervix almost painfully as she felt him release inside of her.

Adam collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily for a moment before he pulled her up so that her back was flush against his chest, and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck lovingly.

Ann marveled at the fact that he was still hard inside of her, despite his release, but she should have known from her previous sessions with him that he wasn’t just a one-trick pony.

“My beautiful mate,” he murmured softly in her ear as he again began to move himself inside of her again, but this time more slowly, more lovingly, “My world, my queen…”

His honeyed words fell upon her as if she were the most precious person in the world and his hands caressed her skin softly as they made their way down to her soaking folds.

“I haven’t finished with you yet, my love, but I will take it a little slower this time and make sure that I fill you full of my s*eed, and perhaps, if the Goddess is good, then in a few months down the line, we will have our very own heir to the throne.”

Maeve howled her approval within Ann’s mind and for the first time since this conversation had been brought up, Ann couldn’t think of anything that she would like more than to have a pup or ten of their own.

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